Street Wraith


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Common
Future Sight Uncommon

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Street Wraith

Creature — Wraith


Cycling-Pay 2 life. (Pay 2 life, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Street Wraith Discussion

PickleNutz on Death's Awakening (Primer)

4 days ago

Hey zogg2000, once upon a time this was a more traditional Death's Shadow deck that used some of the pay life cards. Now, in this style, Street Wraith offers almost no advantage over other cards already in the main board. It's a five cost with two devotion card to play, only offers cycling, and is a five cost scavenge card as well. in a more traditional death's shadow deck it works, here it does not work well at all.

zogg2000 on Death's Awakening (Primer)

4 days ago

Street Wraith seems pretty "free" in this style of deck, and gives you extra scavenge late game.

ej133 on Cloaked Under the Shadow of Death

1 week ago

Well, I believe some Street Wraith instead of Reunion or Whispers would be more consistent.

Also, Gut Shot is very nice with Death's Shadow.

LeaPlath on Corpse bride

1 week ago

You are having to 1) Discard a 7/7 or get the 7/7 into your hand using your 4 mana tutor, naturally drawing it, 4 mana tutor and entomb, or your dredge card that you need your 4-5 mana tutors to put into the graveyard to dredge away a griselbrand, after you've drawn the reanimator card. 2) Play a 3 mana 1/1 or a 4 mana 1/1. 3) Have it survive a turn, and activate it. 4) Put a 7/7 lifelinker who draws you cards into play.

And your pay off is you make a 1 mana card good. Like, first of all, the steps to get the 7/7 out anyway are bad. There are easier better ways of doing it if you focused on the reanimaton or cheat into play from hand. Secondly, you are having to spend 8+ mana, over several turns, to make a 1 mana card good. That isn't something you are doing till turn 4-5-6, by which time the benefits of having it be a 1 mana card are lost.

The current DS decks lose life naturally using Thoughtseize, aggressive fetching of lands with fetch/shocks, 2 mana cycling from Street Wraith, all of which is just playing good cards that happen to lose life, to make the 1 mana card good, and they do it faster than you.

Winterblast on manaless dredge (guide and combos included)

1 week ago

Am I correct that the only way to get the first card into the graveyard is to draw and discard on turn 1?

Isn't Lion's Eye Diamond a way to speed that up one turn at least, let's say by discarding the hand in response to a Gitaxian Probe or Street Wraith? Dredging could start on turn 1 that way.

Another question: can this deck deal with Leyline of the Void or other graveyard hate? Anything else might be too slow but the leyline can be there right from the start. Is that a risk dredge has to take or is there a plan for that?

It would be fun to play, I'm just a bit too scared to fuck up completely after sideboarding with a landless dredge and no removals

ej133 on BG Rock

1 week ago

Well, if you're playing Tarmogoyfs and Grim Flayers, I believe you could make some good use of Street Wraith, Nameless Inversion and/or Mishra's Bauble. It makes them grow faster.

Anyhow, cool deck!

Force_of_Willb on The Flucc and Succ method

1 week ago

As your title suggests this deck really does "Succ" if Fluctuator is not in your opening hand. I feel that should be a 4x off card to improve your chances.

Also try out the free cyclers like Street Wraith and Gitaxian Probe. Probe allows you to see if you safe to combo off.

you only need 1 copy of Consume Spirit, you only want to see it while you are combo-ing off. The other can be replaced with a 1x Pact of Negation to protect your win con.

your land base is a little rough as well, if they are going to have cycling (or come into play tapped) you might as well add more or upgrade. Canyon Slough

Vman on Modern Tiered List Weekly Update ...

1 week ago

colton815 because ubx and gbx decks have different cores with basically Death's Shadow and Street Wraith in common. ubs runs more tempo, controll and tasigur. green hits face with goyf and ooze and is abit more aggressive. UBX also sometimes splashes white for Lingering Souls it may seem the same but theyr really different eventhouh both tend to have red.

red is just a splash for the core 2 colors really.

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