Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Mirrodin (MRD) Common

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Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+0.

Equip 1

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Bonesplitter Discussion

cornpie987387 on Equipment Rush

5 days ago

Thank you SilverBlaze109 for your suggestions!

I agree with you that Bonesplitter is better than Godsend. I just like Godsend because it makes my group freak out when I play it. Also I wanted something other than raw damage, just because it makes the game a little more interesting and I already beat my group before they play a creature. So it's nice to have one card that is rare and interesting other than Puresteel Paladin.

Kor Duelist is very nice. The only problem is that I don't run enough artifacts that could boost his attack. He doesn't really contribute to the artifact affinity and cant be turned into a 5/5 by Ensoul Artifact on turn two. However, I have run the numbers a little bit and he can be worth running for sure, so I think I am going to remove Myr Enforcer and then the affinity thing isn't an issue. Then to fix the boosting problem I am going to remove Signal Pest which doesn't really work anymore and add in two more Cranial Plating.

SilverBlaze109 on Equipment Rush

5 days ago

You need a Kor Duelist. It is cheap and effective. Godsend doesn't really work in my experience, but you might have a different experience. Bonesplitter is an excellent equipment that you should consider.

SilverBlaze109 on mono white equipments

5 days ago

I am in a very competitive FMN and I run a boros equipment. You need more creatures to swing with than just Kor Duelist. Sigarda's Aid is a 4 of as it lets you cheat equip costs. I, personally, don't like running Puresteel Paladin and Sram, Senior Edificer as they take a turn away from when I couuld be beating them for 6 or more. Also, Bonesplitter is a must due to it being really cheap and effective with Kor Duelist. Some removal would be good. For cheap (money wise) removal, you could run Valorous Stance as it can also protect your creatures. If you can, get Path to Exile. Finally, get rid of some of the equipment. You have too many. I run 16 creatures, 17 equipment, 8 spells, and 19 lands. It is a consistent skeleton for these types of decks. Also if it's mono-white, then why do you have arid mesas and mountains?

colton815 on Balan, Wandering Knight | Equipment Voltron

2 weeks ago

please define "gimmicky" for us, and explain how a 1-mana card that copies itself fits that description. the ability to copy itself is a HUGE difference between Bloodforged Battle-Axe and Bonesplitter. its a hell of a lot better than the +1/+1 you'll get from Conqueror's Flail. just because you only have 1 creature you plan to attack with (which honestly sounds like a major flaw to begin with) doesnt mean it won't benefit from gaining keywords from Odric, Lunarch Marshal.

Moosemandude on Mono White Metalcraft

2 weeks ago

Additional deck tips for piloting!

Notable Interactions:

Kor Skyfisher can:1. Bounce a land to net an extra land drop if you have no lands in hand and haven't yet played a land.2. Bounce Thraben Inspector to create extra clues for card draw, especially good against control3. Bounce Flayer Husk after the germ dies to create extra creatures, good against decks plaing Chainer's Edict4. Bounce Tooth of Chiss-Goria which gives you an extra activation for free if you have three or more artifacts5. Bounce any creature post combat to give it pseudo-vigilance

Note: Glint Hawk can do all the things Kor Skyfisher does except only with artifacts.

When facing an aggro deck:

  1. Leverage the size of you creatures to both attack into their creatures and hold them back on defense. Trading two of their creatures for one of yours that has a Bonesplitter on it will net you card advantage in the long run which will put you ahead.

  2. If the ground is filling up, try to have the last flier standing. Regardless of how wide their ground force is, if you have profitable blocks and a Glint Hawk or Auriok Sunchaser left you'll be able to wear them down.

  3. You'll never beat an aggro deck on turn 4, don't be afraid to keep a slower hand if you have some draw power like Kor Skyfisher + Thraben Inspector .

When facing a control/combo deck:

  1. Mulligan more aggressively for fast hands. Control players are the ones you can kill on turn 4. Often a six-card hand with a one drop + Bonesplitter is better than a slow seven-card hand.

  2. Take note of how they plan to slow you down. Black decks filled with removal spells are best beaten by flooding the board and gaining card advantage with Kor Skyfisher because you'll eventually have more threats than they will have removal spells. Alternatively, if they plan to fog you into oblivion with Moment's Peace you'll need speed above all else and damage will be all that matters.

  3. Against combo players it's good to note that they won't risk losing important combo pieces in blocks, especiall if they know that you have Tooth of Chiss-Goria in your deck.

What to side out:

As a basic rule I will side out the Scale of Chiss-Goria first followed by 1x Flayer Husk, 1x Tooth of Chiss-Goria, and 1x Frogmite in that order. Although taking these cards out subtracts form the explosive potential of the deck in the early turns, they quickly get worse as the game progresses to a greater degree than most of the other cards in the deck.

What to side in:

Celestial Flare comes in against any deck that wants to win with one giant creature like a Slippery Bogle of an Ulamog's Crusher. It's good to know that if they attack with a tiny creature to try and protect their big threat, you can eat the small creature then play Celestial Flare at the end-of-combat step.

Dust to Dust comes in against affinity primarily because Dust to Dust turns into a double Stone Rain against artifact lands. This is probably the weakest card in the sideboard since the printing of fragmentize, I would suggest to cut this first when adding cards that better fit your local metagame.

Fragmentize is for any decks that play artifacts and enchantments. Can be very strong when used to blow up artifact lands and is incredibly efficient at one mana. I find myself boarding in all four if they have 10+ possible targets in my opponents deck.

Holy Light comes in against elves and delver, and basically any deck that plays lots of non-white 1/1's. Note: Holy Light will also hit your own germs and Vault Skirges.

Lone Missionary is primarily for burn, but you could bring in one or two against other aggro decks because gaining four to eight life can sometimes put you over the top.

Sunlance is the only removal spell in the 75 and gets brought in against decks that play creatures it can hit. Prized due to its efficiency at one mana, being able to both play a creature and a Sunlance in one turn can easily swing a game.

Note: The third Lone Missionary could be replaced with another Sunlance against creature heavy metagames or a Mana Tithe if combo is prevalent.

NensouHiebara on Balan, Wandering Knight | Equipment Voltron

3 weeks ago


Bloodforged Battle-Axe is too gimmicky.

Bonesplitter would never make the cut in this deck. A Bonesplitter that copies itself doesn't change this.

MTGplayer00 on Red-Green Midrange

4 weeks ago

First off I would like to say that I, personally, really enjoy this deck. I play almost exclusively control decks and this is one of my new go-to's when it comes to pauper playtesting nowadays. You mentioned that this deck is supposed to function very well against control, and I would say it does. It wins around 50% of the playtests I do with it, but there is one thing that I think would make it far better against the decks I play.

Keep in mind these suggestions really only apply to decks that I like to play and mostly revolve around my playstyle so take them with a grain of salt and ignore them if it's not how you want this deck to be.

Most control decks I play take around two turns to get answers online game one. Taking a look at your turns 1-3 threats (the turns in which you have the best opportunities to strike at control decks) I see some good and bad. The burn spells take care of weak control-creatures very well and Bonesplitter is great for making tiny creatures more powerful, but there isn't very much that I would feel panicked to take care of as a control player. When I play control I get nightmares about Gore-House Chainwalker, the shard-blade creatures, and Kird Ape. Cheap creatures that I have to waste answers on that prevent me from saving answers for the beefy things like Blastoderm and Entourage of Trest.

I understand that small and early creatures like that are more of an aggro deck thing than a midrange thing. But by turn three having a Nest Invader, Eldrazi Spawn, a Gore-House Chainwalker, and a Bonesplitter would be amazing against control. Can't be edicted, difficult to block with 1/1s and 1/2s, and it would take too much mana to remove each individually. So maybe at least put a couple of more aggressive/early game value creatures in the board.

Again, this is more of a pacing thing against control players like me. I'm not asking you to completely throw the deck's pacing and style out the window, but from personal experience I know that at least putting 2-3 of these kinds of creatures into the deck would make the deck very effective.

CaptDan on Red-Green Midrange

4 weeks ago


I am lowering the mana-curve.

I found out that Aurochs Herd is too slow in the current meta. I switch the 3 Aurochs Herd for a third Blastoderm and two Mogg War Marshal. Even if Mogg War Marshal is considered an aggro card, it can really help control the board. The 1/1 Goblin tokens can block and they can be equipped with Bonesplitter or enchanted with Elephant Guide.

I switch the two Ghitu Slinger (which underperformed) for two Tattermunge Duo. It has a solid body and its pump effect can help him deliver damage or survive a damage removal or a block.

Any though?

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