Ranger's Guile


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Ranger's Guile


Target creature you control gets +1/+1 and gains hexproof until end of turn. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Ranger's Guile Discussion

cak01vej on Look at my wood

4 days ago

I think you would benefit from streamlining the deck by having fewer one-ofs, so here's some suggestions:

98% of the time Rancor is strictly better than Unnatural Predation, and since it was a common back in Urza's Legacy it's Pauper legal. You might also want to add a third Rancor instead of Wildsize as it is cheaper.

Axebane Guardian is better at Ramp than Vine Trellis, which allows you to get the big creatures out faster to end the game.

I would also remove the Wall of Wood in favour of a playset of Traproot Kami as Kami has much greater potential to the same CMC, and can block flying.

You might also want to remove both Ranger's Guile and Sheltering Word for either Vines of Vastwood, which acts both as protection and buff if kicked, or Withstand Death.

Personally, I would probably run Spider Umbra over Vines of the Recluse, but they both have their advantages.

Snips500 on Avatar: The Last Earthbender

1 week ago

Ranger's Guile


Commune with Nature

Here are some cards that also might be good in the deck. The hexproof especially because if you invest so much to make that one dude so big and then they remove it, that would really stink so I would include it.I would also include Reclaim if it still somehow gets taken out you can Reclaim it. XD Commune with Nature is a draw but better!

Darksoul0118 on The Young Wolf

1 month ago

Groundswell,Blossoming Defense,Phytoburst,Might of Old Krosa are my favorite pump spells. Also use them in UG Infect. Get rid of Aura Gnarlid and all auras but Forced Adaptation, Ranger's Guile and Titanic Growth. +2Silhana Ledgewalker

Lowenstein on New Dinosaurs

1 month ago

Hi, Blossoming Defense is strictly better than Ranger's Guile, check that out.

Gattison on ⬇ ⬊ ➡ FP

1 month ago

AntiMatterz: thanks a lot!

The answer to your question is I can only find one Mizzium Skin right now, lol. I'd prefer a playset of the skin, and 0x Ranger's Guile but ce la vie, for now.

AntiMatterz on ⬇ ⬊ ➡ FP

1 month ago

Great deck! I have only one question, why do you run Mizzium Skin only once? It seems to me you want either Mizzium 4 times and 0 Ranger's Guile's, the other way around or 2 each. But again, nice deck :)

Gattison on Join the Herd

2 months ago

Hey there, interesting build. I like obscure stuff like this. I do have some ides for you, too.

First of all, with an average CMC of just over 2.0, 25 lands seems way high. Do you draw too many lands if games go to 10-15+ turns? I would try 20, maybe 21 lands in this deck, personally.

With those four new slots, how about some draw, such as Ponder, Brainstorm, Serum Visions... hell, even Divination or Counsel of the Soratami would work nice because Coiling Oracle can help you ramp.

If not draw power, then maybe recursion? like Reclaim? or protection, like Ranger's Guile?

Also, I would only do 3-of Simic Growth Chamber & Thornwood Falls each. Full playsets (4-ofs) are for cards you don't mind seeing in your opening hand, 3-of is for when you want to draw into it every game, but don't want it clogging up your opener. You seem to know this, but I'm just being clear. You don't want slow-lands on T1-T3.

Wings of Velis Vel seems like an under-performer here. All your creatures are already aurochs, so you don't need the second part. I think you'd be better off with the classic Giant Growth. it costs less, and if you use it on an Aurochs Herd, it'll become a 7/7, not remain a 4/4.

Crown of Ascension definitely seems cool here, though. Crown of Vigor might fit in as well, if you have any space left. happy playtesting!

EDIT: Also, you should add the "Aggro" and "Tribal" hubs to your deck's categories for maximum exposure. As well as "U/G Simic."

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