Grasp of Darkness


Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn.

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Grasp of Darkness Discussion

ABellGargoyle on Sultai delirum

4 hours ago

Personally, I would cut the Grasp of Darkness in favor for an additional To the Slaughter and Collective Brutality.

Walking Ballista in this deck has little to no place at all. The only way to add more counters is with his own ability and it just doesn't help the deck out enough. I would suggest a card that helps you get delirium or benefits from delirium. Mindwrack Demon saves itself to Heart of Kiran so he is an option. Grim Flayer is just stupid in this deck as it is basically a scry on hit and is a 2 drop 4/4 so if you are going for a value creature deck, as you said you wanted a 50/50 spells and creatures deck, I would suggest him or even Sylvan Advocate. Finally, Gnarlwood Dryad is a great one mana defense that benefits from delirium.

The traverses can allow you to run 2 of creatures you want to see so you don't have to cut many spells at all to add these cards in.

ghoul_Legion on Black,White,Green

1 day ago

Deck seems decent, but could use so changes.

You don't run alot of creature so Decimator of the Provinces doesn't make much sense. I would trade both for 2 more planeswalker.

Deathcap Cultivator is never going to have deathdoutch. Unless you use him only for the B/G. I would probably keep him for mana ramp and urgency blocks.

When you use 3+ colors, you need to keep in mind that it might be hard to cast double 1 color spells (GG or RR or BB) in mana cost are really hard to make use of.

Fatal Push instead of Grasp of Darkness

Change Chandra, Flamecaller & Nissa, Vital Force for something else.

Prophetic Prism instead of Cultivator's Caravan (because you can't crew it effectively anyway)

Ryjo on STD - U/B Control

1 day ago

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is only a creature until end of turn, so chaining Yahenni's Expertise into Grasp of Darkness won't effect him.

clayperce on BW Odric, Dwarf lover

3 days ago

Here are a few thoughts. Please take them with healthy skepticism though, as I VERY rarely play BW!

First, I think your mana curve looks really awkward. That many 3-drops means the deck is going to be really slow, and that's kind of a recipe for getting crushed in the current super-fast meta. I think you either need to add a TON more control (so you can survive long enough to cast and then swing with a couple Dwarves, plus Ordic), or a TON more one- and two-drops (do you can have a bunch of dudes on the field and then make them super-powered when Odric finally gets there).

I know you love the Dwarves, and the Control route is probably the best way to keep them all, but that's going to be very expensive, as you'd probably want to add 3x Fatal Push and 4x Grasp of Darkness just for starters.

So maybe look at adding some inexpensive one-and two-drops with useful keywords? I'd also recommend and empasis on Deathtouch, as it seems to be especially powerful in a world of HUGE BG Creatures. And with this kind of scheme I'd seriously aim for at least 24 Creatures, and maybe as high as 28.

Some cards to consider ...

Good luck (and good skill) on the build!

Coastninja1 on B/G for fun and profit

4 days ago

Maybe take out the Sky Skiffs for more Scrapheap Scrounger. You should probably move Natural State to the sideboard against more artifact or enchantment intensive decks, and replace it with Grasp of Darkness, which is really good removal, as long as you can pull off the double black mana, which should be reasonably done in a two color deck.

AiryNeon on Dredgar

5 days ago

Dredgar I would be interested in some of your Grasp of Darkness.

Firebones675 on Metallurgic Control

5 days ago

Mirrorwing Dragon seems a bit out of place. Having a spell being copied doesn't count as casting it and thus wouldn't trigger summonings.

Torrential Gearhulk is one of the better cards for me to draw in my control deck, gets a lot of value. If you include Glimmer of Genius you can flash that back with it too. Glimmer is great as you can hold up a counterspell and if they dont play anything yuo care about you can draw some cards. You also get to look at 4 cards which is worth it even if you don't use energy.

I'd also cut Startled Awake. Generally speaking you want to be heavy mill, or just not play it at all to avoid situations where you get them down to a low life total and draw something that just mills them. Also in this standard there are a lot of opponents who would want to be milled for a bunch.

I'd avoid doing a straight up mono blue control deck though. I'd pair it with a secnd color, either red black or white. Here's one good ones from each color

Red: Incendiary Flow, Shock, Harnessed Lightning

Black: Fatal Push, Ruinous Path, Murder, Transgress the Mind, Essence Extraction, Grasp of Darkness

White: Immolating Glare, Blessed Alliance, Skywhaler's Shot

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