Lava Axe

Lava Axe

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Lava Axe deals 5 damage to target player.

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Lava Axe Discussion

muppetpastor on Goblin Token Grindmill

2 days ago

I don't see the place for Lava Axe in this deck. To survive long enough for any of this to work, you are going to need to be killing your opponent's creatures and planeswalkers, not doing damage to their life. Fated Conflagration is far better for this purpose.

Additionally, this deck is REALLY going to be a stretch as it is. You'd really need to run 4x Wooded Foothills and 4x Bloodstained Mire as they A. Trigger Altar of the Brood twice and B. Thin your deck out to help you get the cards you actually need.

Even most games you'll likely only get 2 Altar of the Brood early on, if you're lucky. Then it will take you a lot of turns to mill them to death with what you have currently

darasama on Kaalia Sunforger

4 days ago

In the search for the best Sunforger instants, I had alway looked for a Holy Day effect worth putting into EDH. I like fog/holy day, but it seems a bit lackluster compared to other cards competing for a spot in an EDH deck. I had Safe Passage in for a while and it did do some work, but again I took it out for other cards. If I really needed a fog, I still have access to Dawn Charm, which is a keeper for me.

Safe Passage was leagues better than a plain old "prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn". It could be used offensively or defensively, possibly killing off some of the opponent's creatures that entered combat while protecting your board. However, I had many instants that manipulated the combat phase, some which can produce similar or better results such as Bathe in Light, Boros Charm, Master Warcraft, and Order/Chaos. Therefore, Safe Passage was cut some where along the line to make room for something else (this deck is very tight for changes).

Then, there came Comeuppance. Now this card is not strictly better than Safe Passage as it does not protect my attacking creatures. However, I find that most of the time, my attacking creatures aren't being blocked very often since most of them have flying and I can make then "unblockable" in other manners. I do find myself vulnerable to attacks myself though, if my creatures don't have vigilance. Kaalia cheats cards in tapped (unless I have something out like Amulet of Vigor). And I typically want to attack with full force because it's that kind of strategy, so I'm left with a bunch of tapped creatures. Comeuppance plays with the weakness of the strategy, turning it around with great efficiency. I can look like an easy target, then BAM! Most creatures tend to be even in power and toughness (if not greater in power since many boosts tend to give more power than toughness). Therefore, comeuppance will have a pretty high rate of killing many creatures (and can destroying entire armies of tokens which Safe Passage could not as easily). AND this is a rest of the turn effect, so it can protect me basically my whole turn from not only attacks but also burn spells and abilities (ie. Mogis or Keranos or a Lava Axe) and can be used as a counter to such. This could very well be a one-sided wrath that can be tutored with Sunforger. Sweet card.

Another card thats somewhat similar in shenanigan fun is Arcbond. Its fun times if you have something with lifelink, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, or Avacyn, Angel of Hope on the board. Too bad this damage would not be commander damage; It would be a funny mass kill. I don't think Arcbond will make it in this deck, but speaking of Sunforger-searchable board wipes, this could fit the bill.

I think it is fun to write out these thought processes. This could be my Kaalia Always Under Construction Blog! lol Anyway, I hope this is hopeful to someone else using Sunforger in any deck.

shawncarter7342 on 2015-01-22 update of Gruuling Test ...

4 days ago

I don't see the Bow doing tooo much for your deck, especially since your main win-con is not creature based. You might try replacing 3x Bow of Nylea, 2x Hordeling Outburst and a Feed the Clan with 2x Arbor Colossus and 4x Wild Slash..?

A complete sideboard to match my above recommendations would be:

2x Circle of Flame

2x Destructive Revelry

1x Tormod's Crypt

2x Act of Treason

1x Feed the Clan

3x Oracle of Bones You've gotta trust me on this guy, once he hits the field vs. Control or Aggro, your opponent has to decide whether to deal with a 5/3 with haste, or to let you swing with a 3/1 and cast something for free. Which works particularly well with any Lava Axes you may have brought it.

1x Phytotitan

3x Lava Axe

wisegreenbean on Jeskai Helix

4 days ago

Lava Axe is not a great option. It is 5 damage, yeah, but for 5 mana? Barf.

Jeskai Charm is probably what you want now that you have blue in the mix. 4 damage for 3 mana is much better.

shawncarter7342 on 2015-01-22 update of Gruuling Test ...

4 days ago

Rummaging Goblin and Tormenting Voice are really good for digging.

Sideboard stuff:

Tormod's Crypt is great answer to Whip of Erebos decks. Circle of Flame for aggro. Naturalize is always good if you can't get Destructive Revelry or Reclamation Sage. Magma Spray is more good early removal. Same with Forge Devil. Sedge Scorpion can answer mid-range threats to an extent. Act of Treason is good for mid-range too. Arbor Colossus is a really really good bulk rare.

My biggest problem here is answers to control... I suppose maybe Haunted Plate Mail could do something against control? Especially if your board against control moves away from permanents like burn Lava Axe Magma Jet ... Maybe some weird creatures? Like Phytotitan. You could be a hero and use Meandering Towershell! Minotaur Skullcleaver is a good haster which is never bad against control. Oracle of Bones and Satyr Nyx-Smith are good hasters too.

Sorry for the lengthy comment, I just want to help. +1

TheSIlent006 on Jeskai Helix

1 week ago

theresnotime I orginally had a couple of these in the deck, but they dont really fit. If anything, I might put it in the sideboard. I would rather have some utility in the main deck with cards like Lava Axe or Searing Blood which just seem like a much better fit.

Rayenous on a question about a couple ...

1 week ago

Lightning Shrieker seems okay at first glance, but at a high CMC and no permanent board presence, it is very limited in it's playability.

It's like a Lava Axe... but slower... and vulnerable to removal... and able to be blocked to have damage reduced/stopped. - Heck, it turns your opponent's Pressure Point into a removal spell.

If I open one, and I'm playing red, I may consider siding it in when I think my opponent is vulnerable to flying, but I wouldn't main board it unless I really needed to fill a creature slot at the 5-drop.

I could also see some use with Collateral Damage or Rite of Undoing (Delving 4), etc. but for the most part... no.

Rhadamanthus on a question about a couple ...

1 week ago

Sandblast is good in limited. 3 mana isn't a whole lot of mana to hold open in later turns of the game, and it can kill some really good stuff.

Lightning Shrieker is basically a Lava Axe that has a small chance to come around again. If you would play Lava Axe in limited, then you'll like Lightning Shrieker. If not, then maybe you should pass, unless the fact that he's a Creature and a Dragon does something good for other cards in your deck (ETB triggers, ferocious effects, dragon brood leader triggers, etc.)

Color(s) Red
Cost 4R
Converted cost 5
Avg. draft pick 7.16
Avg. cube pick 11.63


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Starter 1999 Common
Urza's Legacy Common
Portal Second Age Common
Portal Common

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