Lava Axe

Lava Axe

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Lava Axe deals 5 damage to target player.

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Lava Axe Discussion

kameenook on Modern Sneak Show

16 hours ago

Nevermind on that Lava Axe. The card I was thinking of is Lightning Axe, which I see you're already running. Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded just in case he's not garbage?

kameenook on Modern Sneak Show

16 hours ago

You may want to consider Lava Axe. I was playtesting a similar build and it allowed me a turn 2 win.

Milkaholic on Grixis casual

17 hours ago

Don't forget the Lava Axe. But I know Cruel Ultimatum isn't too much for too little. In casual you can come back from a cruel ultimatum. Not easily, but it can be done. And the card is too slow for competitive. It just feels weird to see Grixis cruel control without it's namesake.

Oww99 on Izzet Spellslinger

5 days ago

For a spellslinger deck I feel you dont have to many spells. Add Guttersnipe definatly. Lightning Bolt, Steam Augury, Lava Axe, Rolling Thunder and Izzet Charm just seem essential to me. Maybe its just because I think spellslinger and burn go hand and hand. Also, sideboard? Get one bro, Spellslinger is just weak sometimes, and you need it.

Tingettley on Boros Burn (FNM Advice)

1 week ago

in your maybe board you have Lava Axe. Instead of it, why not toy around with Font of Ire? Its LA, but at instant speed... and its just the thing to keep your opponents from casting PW too... thats a nice Elspeth you just dropped...sure get your 3 tokens, shes dead

NBK_SHREDDER on (First Deck) Red/Black

2 weeks ago

First - this looks like a casual deck made with what you have.

The thing I whould do is at least get it down to 60 cards.

I would cut Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass Wall of Fire Caustic Tar Lava Axe

also you should cut the 2 Traveler's Amulet

Also you should cut the lands down to a total of 22-24. then add more of the better cards like Lightning Strike Searing Blood Bolt of Keranos Indulgent Tormentor Stab Wound

MusicalMarche on Ashling's Apocalypse

3 weeks ago

I would definitely recommend Obsidian Fireheart for this deck. It's a slow burn card, but if you can get a lot of mana going, that can turn into a free Shock, Lightning Bolt, or Lava Axe on your opponent's upkeep. Also, Scythe of the Wretched on Ashling the Pilgrim is fantastic

znarfranz on Burn Pauper EDH

3 weeks ago

Kiln Fiend might be a good fit. Faithless Looting in case of drawing too many lands.

Some other burn cards that may be good. Burst Lightning, Fireblast, Firebolt, Arc Lightning, Lava Axe, Disintegrate

Land destruction not in your list, Stone Rain, Raze, Fissure, Lava Flow, Aftershock.

Also, if this one struggles, maybe look at Gelectrode, mainly for access to great card draw to refuel.

Color(s) Red
Cost 4R
Converted cost 5
Avg. draft pick 7.16
Avg. cube pick 11.63


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Starter 1999 Common
Urza's Legacy Common
Portal Second Age Common
Portal Common

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