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Lava Axe deals 5 damage to target player.

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Tingettley on Boros Burn (FNM Advice)

2 days ago

Okay, so not going to lie, skipped to the bottom of the comments. I am going to break down the deck for the things I do not like in your build at all.

Number 1- Goblin Rabblemaster. Yes he is a good card, but he is not burn material. You want something better in the 3 slot, like board wipes to clear out Rabble Red. You do not want to draw into an aggro card and not be able to use its full potential.

Number 2- Seeker of the Way. Again, great card, and good for gaining life, but not in your build. Yes he can get very good very quickly, but there are better things again that can fit the slot.

Now that the bad stuff is actually out of the way, you need a way to slow down delve. Magma Spray /Anger of the Gods is top priority against any aggro decks. Believe it or not, Delve is huge, and so are a lot of graveyard based strategy, but do not forget that Devotion is still a deck as well. So running board wipes and exiles is big. Mainboard things like Banishing Light /Suppression Field /End Hostilities . You are a control deck, and you need the ability to have an out when single target does nothing.

Card draw- As a control deck, your card draw is everything. For that, Tormenting Voice is huge. Yes you have to discard a card, but it allows you to dig further. The only real other options are Aggressive Mining and Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker 's Emblem... neither of which is good for your base. Now if the mining had the ability of discard a land to draw 2, that would not be as bad.

Burn Spells- Possible finisher is Crater's Claws . It should be at this point your main finisher. Yes you will not get the extra 2 damage off of it... but your opponent should never have anything in play to kill you either. So running it even as a 1 of as a finisher is fantastic. Also funny enough, since you are a control deck, you could even run the hysterical Font of Ire . Have a Lava Axe on a stick that your opponent will fear their life for? Why not?! Final thought on burn spells, Soul of Shandalar . Use able as a creature in play, or quick once of out of the grave. Either way its a very good card.

Disruption- Delve is huge. Graveyard strategies are huge. Run some form of exile effects. Tormod's Crypt is best thing in standard to slow down/stop graveyard strategies. Also I agree with Erase, and I think you need to up its count to 3.

Planeswalkers- The best control finishers in game. Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker . Top tier game enders. Sarkhan's +1 gives them a fast clock, and Elspeth's +1 will eventually overwhelm your opponent.

Jeskai Cards- As much as I agree with splashing blue, I think it would be to much for the deck. Yes you would get Jeskai Charm /Mindswipe to do a lot of tormenting, on top of running Dig Through Time for card draw, but the fact is it would be completely swapping from burn. That being said though, It would be the best idea. It gives you the option to run counter magic, have extra burn spells, and the best draw spells in the meta. It is something to consider.

Anyway those are my thoughts. hope they helped out some!

Ajex on MonoRed Budget

2 weeks ago

How is a 5/5 easily killed? Monastery Swiftspear + Titan's Strength is not that consistent. I would recommend taking out Crater's Claws . You don't have enough creatures to trigger it. You also probably want more to protect chandra, but if you don't want to run a fast creature deck and are in a budget, I don't know what to recommend. Lava Axe is very mana inefficient. I'd rather run Crater's Claws even without ferocious enablers than it. Bolt of Keranos is also inefficient. I'd cut at least 1 for another Arc Lightning .

Sigfried89 on Minotaur's Power XD

2 weeks ago

The idea for this deck is simple, Down and Paste with creatures with toughness 3 o more to avoid rinning out field.

In first hand must be have a Ragemonger with 3 lands, with this is a very easy play this deck.

In first turn you can play Gnarled Scarhide , but the best is use the Bestow cost for give more power to the other minos,

Use the Oracle of Bones for more power with its tribute, but you can use it efect if your oponent likes, you can cast Flurry of Horns to increase your creatures, use Lava Axe to damage.

Felhide Petrifier + Kragma Warcaller + Rageblood Shaman are important in field with this 3 all yours minos have Trample, Deathtouch and gets +2/+0 everytime to atack

youandmeandher on Red, Red, and more Red (help wanted)

2 weeks ago

Lava Axe and Hammerhand will be sent to side once I get my hands on key cards. Firedrinker is among them.

Thanks for the input!

Eraser on

3 weeks ago

Okay, Im new so If I got the wrong Ideas here, im sorry but.

A cheap sturdy Tank like Guardians of Meletis could allow you to focus your burns on the player than zapping creatures off your back.

And with as many instants are in this deck, Spellheart Chimera Would become a nasty card all on its own.

I was thinking a play set of, Burning Anger also.

Jeskai Banner would be just right for the mana you have here.

and am I so wrong to love saying Lava Axe to the face!!!

Maybe i should just come up with my own deck thats too many cards lol

haysmafia1 on Mono-red Goblin Aggro & Burn

4 weeks ago

Hi, thanks to DX5 & organometallica for the feedback.

Goblin Guide & Goblin Rabblemaster are going to be out of my price range for now. I am building this deck for some FNM fun. If I ever get a chance to do any tournaments, then I will be looking at adding those cards in.

So far, I have these recommended changes:

Remove:1x Dynacharge 1x Awe for the Guilds 1x Flames of the Firebrand 2x Goblin Rally 2x Lava Axe 2x Krenko, Mob Boss 3x Siege-Gang Commander

Add:1x Goblin Chieftain 4x Goblin Grenade 2x Hordeling Outburst 3x Skullcrack 2x Warren Instigator

AngryBearTony on

4 weeks ago

This looks like it wants to be an artifact deck with card draw and burn, but I'm not too sure. Aeronaut Tinkerer and Scrapyard Mongrel both need artifacts to even be worth their relatively higher costs (there are better cards for lower cmc out there), but you only have one artifact in the deck. Now, if you ran 4x Darksteel Citadel and 4x Ensoul Artifact any maybe an Ornithopter or 2 or 4, I could get with that program. But for a blue and red deck, there is little control and little burn. Lava Axe is pretty expensive, though explosive. Lightning Strike . Divination . Take a good look at some other artifact, Mono-blue decks, and burn decks, and see what you want this one to do. Then once you have a better idea, you can start focusing more on it.

TacomaChem on Bama' Mardu

1 month ago

I like the blend of KTK and Theros block stuff. I've been thinking about picking Mardu at the pre-release.

A couple suggestions: if you are going to run Phalanx Leader , you might want to consider including more ways to trigger his heroic ability, maybe consider using Defiant Strike or Feat of Resistance instead of ride down. Feat of Resistance could also be used to protect Zurgo Helmsmasher when it isn't your turn.

Also, it looks like your deck needs more white sources, especially with Phalanx Leader. I would consider -1 Swamp, -1 Mountain, +2 Plains.

One final thought, if you have the money, it might work well to switch out Lava Axe for something like Crater's Claws once KTK comes out. You'll have more flexibility and it will hit for about as much, if not more, depending on the situation.

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$0.03 $0.14 $0.7 $0.26

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Normal Foil
0.02 TIX 0.02 TIX
Color(s) Red
Cost 4R
Converted cost 5
Avg. draft pick 7.16
Avg. cube pick 11.63


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Starter 1999 Common
Urza's Legacy Common
Portal Second Age Common
Portal Common

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