Viridian Longbow


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Common

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Viridian Longbow

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has "Tap: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player."

Equip (3) ((3): Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This card enters the battlefield unattached and stays in play if the creature leaves the battlefield.)

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Viridian Longbow Discussion

The7thBobba on Shuffle, Re-Shuffle

1 week ago

I really like that it looks like your deck can do a whole lot of different things. Versatility is always a good thing :) that said, some of your possible tactics, I think, need a bit more dedication to actually pay off in a meaningful way.

For instance: Curse of Thirst is a super cool card, but witout more curses, you'll only be chipping away slowly.

Now, I personally dislike infect, like, alot xp but I'm not gonna tell you to take it out. I am, however, gonna suggest to go all in or out. You have a few guys with infect and then a sprinkle of proliferate. To win with infect, it is my experience that you need to focus on it, by making your guys unblockable and then pile on counters fast. But I'd rather not ;)

If you built this deck specifically to hate on another deck, then I'd suggest going straight for his key pieces with cards like Praetor's Grasp.

I see some mill in you deck as well. To me, mill is also a very exclusive and demanding tacic, and i you don't focus on it, it won't really pay off. You don't need to stuff the entire deck with moremill, but a few Jace's Erasure or Sphinx's Tutelage goes a long way:)

Undercity Informer has an awsome ability, but unless you have a few more creatures, I think he's gonna be less useful.

You've got a lot of deathtouch, so I'd add Viridian Longbow :)

Those are my immediate thoughts :) let me know if you need me to be more specific. Anyways, deck looks cool, and like it has a lot of potential and versatility.

Stay frosty, mate!

rhystictutor on Hapatra Poisons Everyone

1 week ago

Hey man, this new commander is really cool. I'm going to have to make a deck with it. Here's a suggestion for you, Viridian Longbow and Marsh Viper.. with this combo you can infect people/creatures without actually attacking

GearNoir on The Other Deathtouch

2 weeks ago

There's also niche options like Pathway Arrows and Viridian Longbow that would let you ping opponent's creatures.

Springfluter on Blink Monarch

2 weeks ago

For Queen Marchesa I'd suggest to add cards like Ghostly Prison or Island Sanctuary- you do not want to loose the monarch.

Other neat interactions:

These might not fit your blink theme but work pretty good with your commander and every other deaththouch creature. I hope I could help a bit.

BioProfDude on Deathtouch Abuse

3 weeks ago

Prey Upon might be very good for this deck. With first strike deathtouch creatures, it could be an efficient way to get blockers out of the way and compliment your equipments, particularly Viridian Longbow that requires you tap the creature.

Also, why not Vampire Nighthawk? That card is amazing! Gonti, Lord of Luxury might also be worth a 1x addition. That's a fun card that really annoys opponents. The card you steal stays and can be cast even after Gonti, Lord of Luxury leaves the battlefield.

I have a similar deck for Standard format. Maybe it can give you some ideas? B/G Fun with deathtouch (3-1 at FNM)

Cool deck! Good luck!

foxinsox on Deathtouch Abuse

4 weeks ago

Just a heads up, Phage the Untouchable specifically reads combat damage, so pinging with a player with her using Viridian Longbow won't win you the game; it will just deal one damage. You need to get her through the battle lines.

MoFi on A stupid question?

4 weeks ago

Let's say I have a Thornweald Archer equipped with a Viridian Longbow. I tap the Archer to deal 1 damage to a creature, which kills that creature. Now, if I were able to then untap the Archer and attack with it...would it now be a 1/1 or still a 2/1 until end of turn?

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