Chief Engineer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Magic 2015 Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Chief Engineer

Creature — Vedalken Artificer

Artifact spells you cast have convoke. (Your creatures can help cast those spells. Each creature you tap while casting an artifact spell pays or one mana of that creature's color.)

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Chief Engineer Discussion

driverna on Help with my first casual artifact deck!

3 weeks ago

So, I took out 2x Esperzoa and 4x Chief Engineer and replaced them with 2x Platinum Angel and 4x Counterspell. Also I took out one Darksteel Ingot and added another Mycosynth Golem. I'm still playtesting, but it feels a bit slow. Not sure I have the right balance of ramps and big creatures.

driverna on Help with my first casual artifact deck!

4 weeks ago

DonaldFuck Thanks for the feedback. I removed all the Cloudpost and Glimmerpost and replaced them with Islands. Next I'll see how it plays with counter spells, perhaps I'll replace some of Esperzoa, Thoughtcast, and/or Darksteel Ingot with some counters of some kind.

I'm also thinking of taking out some or all of Chief Engineer. My reasoning is that Chief Engineer is not quite as good as Grand Architect in the context of this deck. Pretty much all of the "Artifact Spells" that I would cast using the help of their abilities are colorless creatures, so tapping a blue creature for seems more useful more often than tapping any creature for .

Gonna keep playtesting and tweaking. Thank you!

PayOneLife on Breya the Slayer

4 weeks ago

Hey Razzo187 thanks for the feedback!

Vedalken Archmage usually does quite a good if I drop it early as it does generate a fair bit of card advantage. It can be a bit awkward due to the cost and the fact that it's a cast trigger. If I could find a good card advantage substitute that was an artifact I would probably swap it out.

Chief Engineer is excellent, I would suggest experimenting with it. Even if you drop it on an empty board it can still give you a mana back straight away if you have something you can cast. With Breya it becomes quite out of control and all of my most explosive games have come from it. I think that the significant mana it can generate (well you know what I mean) justifies dropping a rock, especially if you're playing a fairly high artifact count.

Yeah I'm not sure about Combustible Gearhulk either. I put it in because I got it in a booster and I found the design really interesting. Also I'm trying to do an etb theme. So far every time I've played it the opponent has chosen mill and I've revealed lands and mana rocks. It's mostly in there because I had Kaladesh fever. I might swap it out for something from Aether Revolt - or potentially Cranial Plating, which is a monster of a card (good suggestion).

I haven't actually drawn Faerie Artisans yet, so I can't say. I expect it will be heavily dependent on what decks I'm playing against, and so it's probably not the spikiest of choices. When it's good though, it will be AMAZING! Like when I have a Panharmonicon out.

Mirrorworks is surprisingly good. It gives you all of your etbs twice, but it also gives you artifacts to sac or use. double Blightsteel Colossus is for real, as is double Memory Jar.

I havent won yet with Hellkite Tyrant. It's more in there as I get a perverse pleasure from stealing artifacts and then sacrificing them. I also like the idea of equipping Blade of Selves onto it and watching the world burn. Mycosynth Lattice is the obvious choice but I haven't got many other cards that would interact with it so it hasn't gone in yet.

Thanks for the kind words. I would definitely suggest playing around with Chief Engineer and Blade of Selves, both of which have served me very well.

Razzo187 on Breya the Slayer

4 weeks ago

Hey there Breyarino,

I'm playing a deck like this without to many combos that tages advantage of etb and recursion and didn't know about Blade of Selves so thank you for that. It's going in my deck for sure. I'd like to have your opinion on a few cards I cut out myself.

Vedalken Archmage. Never played with it. How does it perform it's task? Do you have time to set it up and get something from it or what are your experience? Looking at it and playing it early looks really good on paper, but I dunno...

Chief Engineer. You say that it is insane so you must have some experience with it. I must admit I took it out before I got to play. It sounds like I should put it back in? I just felt that the mana rocks I have was great because of late game sac fodder.

Combustible Gearhulk. Played it once and really wanted the 3 cards but my oponent chose damage and went fra 40 to 34. Like I wasn't getting what I wanted. Even with low life and he had chosen cards, I'm not sure I would want cards because on low life I'd like an evasive creature of some kind so I could push for damage. 3 cards could yield nothing. Anyway that was my reason.

Faerie Artisans. Never played this. How does it perform? What is your experience with it?

Mirrorworks. Looks fun also. Never played it. Have you had some fun with it yet?

Hellkite Tyrant. I have had one game with more than 20 artifacts and that was because I Memnarched both Doubling Season and Parallel Lives. He gave up then. Otherwise I just can't get that many artifacts on the field. Have you won with it and if so, what do you do?

If I were to suggest a card to you it would be Cranial Plating. Plating makes everything potentially lethal. I have had great value from it myself by swithing it around tokens and whatnot.

Thanks buddy. Nice to see someone on the same non combo, non token path. Certainly inspired me with some cards here. :)

AceGambitDragonfly on Frontier Deck needs help!

1 month ago

Looking at what you have, here's a few suggestions.


Torrential Gearhulk, Scuttling Doom Engine, Filigree Familiar, Sin Prodder, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Renowned Weaponsmith, Chief Engineer, Foundry Inspector

Non-Creature Spells:

Essence Flux, Brutal Expulsion, Chasm Skulker, Treasure Cruise

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is always a great choice if you have one and want to focus on artifact creatures.

UR artifact makes me think one thing, but Thing in the Ice  Flip and Bedlam Reveler make me think more spellslinger style cards. Hmmm, maybe take advantage of the spell mastery cards?: Send to Sleep, Fiery Impulse, Exquisite Firecraft

Or just some cards that get sweet triggers when you play spells: Dynavolt Tower, Goblinslide, Jace's Sanctum, Trail of Evidence

Hopefully you can take something useful from my rambling.

fangshway on Aetherflux Resevrior (Frontier)

1 month ago

looooove it. i made a mono blue aetherflux but i like your version way better. Ornithopter deserves a spot in here since it synergies with Chief Engineer. also i would highly recommend Tormod's Crypt maindeck over Bone Saw or Cathar's Shield since nearly every deck is playing with delve cards and it hoses delirium outright.

StankP.I. on Frontier Affinity

1 month ago

what about Chief Engineer and Ornithopter?

Neotrup on Question does darksteel forge work ...

1 month ago

Your question's title is about artifact creatures, like Etherium Sculptor, which are made indestructable by Darksteel Forge. This is because they have Artifact in their typeline. Artificer creatures, however, like the Chief Engineer you linked, are not indestructible. Artifact is a card type, and appears before the -. Artificer is a creature type, meaning a subtype, and appears after the -.

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