Chainer's Edict


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Common
From the Vault: Twenty Mythic Rare
Torment Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Chainer's Edict


Target player sacrifices a creature.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Chainer's Edict Discussion

Wahrghoul84 on G/W Hexproof

3 weeks ago

@Von.Banamaor my local meta is really control heavy. That's why single spelling is such a bad thing. Your angle of running them out of counterspells isn't going to work when they have so much card advantage and our deck has almost none. My LGS is full of very serious magic players. They build the best decks and are very proficient pilots. They will run out eventually sure, but not before they buy enough time to establish a lock. The only way to beat them is to get in damage in as large amounts possible very early and every turn. Running a single spell into a counter spell isn't going to get that done. Golgari Brownscale + Spore Frog = fog for eternity. This deck needs to win with combat damage so we gotta race that. That is just 1 example. But that's the situation I'm playing in. Evincar's Justice hits all creatures for 2 and can come down on turn 3 so our creatures gotta get to 3 toughness really fast. Crypt Rats wipes out all the tokens for a single mana leaving just one big hexproof creature for their Chainer's Edict. These are how games commonly play out. That's what I'm trying to beat. The way to beat their counters isn't a long game, that's the game they want to play, but by overloading on single mana spells so they run out of mana to counter because, trust me, they aren't running out of cards.

Xynarth on Willing Sacrifice

1 month ago

More suggestions for you!

Depending on how big your monsters get, you should run Rishkar's Expertise and Soul's Majesty. Even if they only get to 5 power, you're looking at basically a new hand. I'd also think about running Animation Module. More and more, I'm realising how potentially ridiculous that card can be. Just food for thought.

I also find you're kind of light on removal. Instead of Vraska, since you say you're using her for her removal, get the cheaper Beast Within. Instant speed, removes anything you want/need.

In terms of synergy, I'm particularly fond of both Barter in Blood, Innocent Blood, Pox, Smallpox, Geth's Verdict, Diabolic Edict, Dead Drop, To the Slaughter, Warren Weirding (creates fodder for you if you decide to sac one of your own creatures, particularly powerful if played with Dictate or Grave Pact), Chainer's Edict.

Curse of the Cabal is probably my main recommendation in this massive thing I'm sending you. It's a non-removable sac outlet and you're basically guaranteed to have someone sac something since if it becomes unsuspended it's brutal. Also, late game, you can just cast it and kill someone (unless it's countered, so just be careful haha)

If you're looking for beefy creatures too, you should consider: Mortician Beetle, Bloodbriar. Vulturous Zombie, Scavenger Drake, Gavony Unhallowed, Avatar of the Resolute, Kalonian Hydra and Lumberknot.

Anyways... sorry for such a massive list. I've honestly thought of building Mazirek myself, hence the mess u_u

etgohome on

1 month ago

Hi! It's a good idea, but I think you could replace some cards.Journey to Nowhere instead of Pacifism ? Also Victim of Night or Doom Blade are better removal than Murder, Diabolic Edict and Chainer's Edict if you don't want to target the opponent's creatures.Preordain it's one of the best ways to draw in pauper in early game.Counterspell, Mana Leak, Prohibit are good counter options.

Burila24 on

1 month ago

Cool deck! do you think Mortuary Mire could be good for returning some mimics from the graveyard? Also would Geth's Verdict go in replacing Chainer's Edict, or the flashback/only one Black makes it better?

Travman13 on Well, that hurts.... (Pauper Bogles)

1 month ago

Try subbing Oakenform for Armadillo Cloak. I think trample and sudo lifelink is pretty good. You can Armadillo Cloak your opponent's creature to zero out their damage due to the sudo lifelink. Also, look at Aura Gnarlid, that thing gets bigger with all auras on the battlefield. Utopia Sprawl your forests for mana fixing. Maybe replace 4 forest for Khalni Garden so you don't lose your hexproof creatures to Chainer's Edict & Diabolic Edict or similar where the player is the target.

Vathlo on Brave the Biohazard (Pauper Infect)

1 month ago

Khalni Garden is tech against Chainer's Edict. And Halimar Depths is there to fix draws and help find a card that I need.

Burl on G/U Infected Infect

2 months ago

@LeaPlath some interesting ideas indeed, though your demeanor was condescending. We are all here to help and learn and share knowledge, after all...

Anyway here's my take:

Ichorclaw Myr is a mistake to take out. It drops your Infect creatures to 8 which is not nearly enough infect in the deck. I understand it dies to Naturalize type effects, however that's what the counter spells are for. Blighted Agent and Glistener Elf are simply not enough infect. Yes Inkmoth Nexus counts as a creature, however you really need 12-15 infect creatures to insure you will be dealing enough infect damage.

I do agree both Become Immense and Brainstorm have a place in this deck, though decks are usually customized for a persons play-style specifically. Just to say: there are a ton of other cards that could have a place in this deck like Vault Skirge for example. It all depends on how you like to play the deck.

Dryad Arbor is the ultimate defense against Liliana of the Veil and Chainer's Edict type of spells. Any fetch land that can grab a forest will pull the Arbor.

I do agree Crop Rotation has a place here, but not at 1 of. If you are going to run a Rotation Infect deck, you need 4 of.

The counterspells you speak of are indeed good in Legacy, but they are not infect staples, they are staples in many blue control decks like Delver, Grixis, Dimir, etc... they take out precious spells infect needs to run that damage through defenses. If you return lands to your hand and dump your blue spells, your left with nothing to infect with. Infect needs the underrated Dispel because it is cheap to cast and completely counters an instant.

And I'm sorry but infect is not tempo, its combo/aggro. You need to play fast and aggressive, not safe and wait. The more turns go by when you are playing infect, the higher your risk of losing.

Lotus Petal gives you a T2 win condition if you play your spells right, so it is a very powerful card in infect decks.

The more you play around with Crop Rotation the more you mess with a highly sensitive mana base. Infect cannot afford a lot of colorless producing mana sources. You need the colors when you need them and infect already runs 4x Inkmoth Nexus. Bad idea adding in more garbage lands. Instead of Bojuka Bog why not just Relic of Progenitus? or the lesser Tormod's Crypt?

As far as Storm and Miracles: this deck is way to fast for that. Way to fast. You won't be able to get a storm off before you die. And miracle up an extra turn on turn 1. Infect still only needs 2-3 turns to win. You would be delaying the inevitable.

Springfluter on Skithiryx, The Angry Dragon

2 months ago

What do you think about Chainer's Edict etc as removal?

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