Titanic Growth


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common
Magic Origins (ORI) Common
Magic 2015 (M15) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common

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Titanic Growth


Target creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn.

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Titanic Growth Discussion

JoeTheHero123 on Infect

4 days ago

First of all, you should only have 21 or 22 lands. You should also add pump spells like Giant Growth, Titanic Growth, and Boon of Erebos.

mattmccrackin on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

2 weeks ago

Have you considered running boosts like Monstrous Growth, Overrun, Titanic Growth, or Might of Oaks? I know they are all green, and all your boosts seem to be white. I just figured for the cost, they may be a viable option. I know the first 2 are at sorcery speeds, and the last 2 are instants, but overrun maybe worth it especially if you have a lot of walls out.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

You know what, I'd like to reword her -7 ability.

It's a bit unfair if you pay something like 8 life to target two big creatures and your opponent Titanic Growth's something while it's on the stack. That's just not fair, thwarting something like that. It does leave you in a rather dangerous bind.

So, here's her new wording. Sorry about that.

-7 Pay up to X life where X is your life total minus 1. Destroy any number of creatures with total converted mana cost X or less.

So the benefit here is your opponent can't change their CMC. The downside to your opponent is that it leaves their tokens up for free grabs.

It leaves us in a bit of a bind with tokens, though. In a heavy token deck like Goblins, you could effectively boardwipe them by paying 0 life. But at the same time, if I make it contingent on non-token creatures or setting tokens as a minimum cost of 1, then it's a bit unfair to you - the controller - as Planeswalker ultimates are meant to be powerful.

So I come to a cross-roads. Do I sway in favor of the controller or the opponent. And when met with that unique dilemma, when factoring in it is also a Planeswalker ultimate, I am going to rule in favor of the controller.

Tokens, sorry bros. Yo ass' toast.

Nillstan on A Satyr Deck Exists Now.

2 weeks ago


Temur Battle Rage is in for obvious reasons.

I chose Titanic Growth for the high pump + instant speed. I'll have to test if instant speed is worth more than a Phytoburst. I'll let you know.

Sligo on A Satyr Deck Exists Now.

2 weeks ago

Temur Battle Rage would fit in pretty nice here, also Phytoburst is just a strict upgrade to Titanic Growth

Pabs4444 on Pump Destroy

2 weeks ago

You already have Fling itself, so I would cut out Soul's Fire. Especially with running 20 lands. I would always recommend staying as close to 60 cards as possible for consistency reasons. Feel free to add a sideboard, though. I defiantly like Invigorated Rampage over Titanic Growth. I would just make sure to have enough creatures in your deck for it to work. I'd think of it as a low to the ground aggro/midrange deck that happens to have the potential to get an incredibly huge Pummeler. Feel free to reference any creatures I use in my list, maybeboard, or even other sources. There are definitely different ways to go about this list. Always happy to help :)

Balzeron on Pump Destroy

2 weeks ago

Thanks for your reply!

I could swap out Titanic Growth for Invigorated Rampage for +4/0 and Trample for the same mana. The Longtusk Cub looks great now that I actually read the card closely, and double strike w/ Trample sounds mean as well. I was hesitant about double strike because that wouldn't affect the Fling damage. Should I go above 60 cards to include all this? Or take out maybe...Souls fire? I liked the idea of having an alternate to Fling in the deck, to be sure I can make a quick kill.

lordofscotland on Can't Block This Merfolk Deck

3 weeks ago

Mortenick I have been debating about that card all night. I figured it triggered well with Deeproot Elite while also providing chump blockers. But now i feel like having more of a control spell would suit the deck better or maybe adding some pump cards like Titanic Growth to help win the game faster.

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