Altar's Reap


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis Common
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Common
Commander 2015 Common
Battle for Zendikar Common
Conspiracy Common
Magic 2014 Common
Innistrad Common

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Altar's Reap


As an additional cost to cast Alter's Reap, sacrifice a creature.

Draw two cards.

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Altar's Reap Discussion

Gallaghera on Mono Black Suffering

1 week ago

I did have a couple of Altar's Reap, I didn't seem to use it that often Dark Prophecy would probably be faster.

SkoomaDaDrug on G/B Cryptolith Rites

1 week ago

I think some draw power such as Altar's Reap, Merciless Resolve, or Painful Lesson would be a good fit :). Also Cryptolith Rite and Throne of the God-Pharaoh can be great synergy!

-Your friendly Neighborhood Drug-Addict

moxteamzirconia on Hijack, Threaten, and Fling

1 week ago

I think these are all valid. The Obligator is an experiment. It feels like a card with 2 modes. Just a body? Or a threaten also.

I'm not conviced we will ever have enough mana to cast a threaten, fling and insult in the same turn, otherwise would definitely put that in. We tried to only include cards that could be played for free off of Kari Zev's Expertise which is why we chose Altar's Reap for example. We were just curious if Morbid Curiosity would work...see what I did there?

My suspicion is that this deck is just overall too "cute" an idea to actually work. But we wanted to have some fun because there are so many powerful creature decks in the format right now, and nobody will see this coming.

Thanks as always for your suggestions!! How is it going with your control deck?

Shadow12721 on B/U Zombie *budget* deck help!

1 week ago

First of all, I highly recommend making this deck Esper colors (). With the addition of Amonkhet there are some crazy new zombie cards such as Wayward Servant and Time to Reflect. Now, I would highly suggest Compelling Deterrence for removal. You could also swap the Glimmer of Genius for a better draw spell such as Painful Truths or Altar's Reap. Drop the Mindwrack Demons for Cryptbreakers and Thraben Foulbloods for Haunted Dead or Relentless Dead if you can afford them.

dirtdog on Jund Discard

1 week ago

I'm not sold on Archfiend of Ifnir at all; turn-5 is way too late to initiate a removal plan let alone a removal plan that uses -1/-1 counters which rely on having both a healthy hand AND a discard outlet in play. Ruthless Sniper has a similar removal ability, but dependence on TWO other factors, being a full hand AND a discard outlet, makes me want to forget the concept all together. With your curve and lack of true card advantage spells, by turn-5, even with a discard outlet, you probably won't have enough of a hand to take care of any opposing threats.

I like Cryptbreaker a lot, but his janky token generation and ability cost seems too slow. Playing him turn-1 seems good, but then you give up tempo to make a 2/2 dude that just dies to all of the best removal in Standard right now. Insolent Neonate has more synergistic tempo with your deck, Gnarlwood Dryad is like a poor-man's Standard Tarmogoyf fitting well with your discard theme, and Sanitarium Skeleton provides a stupid amount of utility as discard fodder or chump blocker. I would also consider playing around with other synergistic 1-drops like Groundskeeper (potentially bonkers with these cycle lands) and Bomat Courier (has synergy with Shadow of the Grave as well as just fits with your theme).

My only other real reservation is Tormenting Voice, especially as a 4-of. It isn't card advantage, requires something like Flameblade Adept on the field to get the most value out of it, and 'dat sorcery speed... I think that with some tweaks and additions instant speed card advantage is much better. If you get a dude like Sanitarium Skeleton in here consider Altar's Reap or Merciless Resolve. Succumb to Temptation is also an option AND, considering you're running 3 colors, look at Painful Truths.

The winning combo, or synergy really, is a full hand holding Shadow of the Grave with a Noose Constrictor on the field ready to attack. Swing with the snake, discard 7 for +7/+7, play SotG, then discard 7 again for +14/+14 total potentially put your opponent at 4 life by turn 3. Having Flameblade Adept out is even better for you.


-4 Archfiend of Ifnir-4 Cryptbreaker-4 Tormenting Voice

+8 1-2 CMC Synergistic Dudes+4 Pure Draw Spells

cklise on Liliana vs Kothoped as commander

1 week ago

However, if an opponent has an infinite sac outlet.. they're probably winning the game that turn anyway.

If you do go with the demon, get yourself instant speed sac outlets, along the lines of Altar's Reap or Viscera Seer, to get rid of your commander if you're at risk for him becoming a burden. I would recommend including Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower to hold onto your fistfuls of cards. Definitely include healthy amounts of removal, targeted and mass. Additionally, he's a decent-sized beater, so commander damage wins aren't off the table either.

willwrdn on Revenge is a Dish Best Servo'd Cold [AKH Standard]

2 weeks ago

Never thought about using Painful Lesson to finish off the opponent! That might be just what I need to close out the game. And Altar's Reap seems like it might be a decent option too. It would certainly be easier to cast, and if I use it in response to removal like Declaration in Stone, it's basically pure upside. I'm not sure which I like more, to be honest

Chewy5150 on Revenge is a Dish Best Servo'd Cold [AKH Standard]

2 weeks ago

I've been trying to improve card draw as well and was thinking of Altar's Reap or Smothering Abomination.

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