Hissing Miasma


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guildpact Uncommon

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Hissing Miasma


Whenever a creature attacks you, its controller loses 1 life.

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Hissing Miasma Discussion

LVL_666 on Stupid Selenia

2 weeks ago

"Absolute garbage deck with little to no chance of winning" - well not with that attitude! I kid, but in all seriousness, it sounds like you're having a tough time with your deck. I guess it'd be safe to assume you ha ve no reliable wincons. So, we have two options here - you switch commanders, or try and figure out something what can enable you to win. I'll give you my thoughts on each option:

Switching commanders: So, you have a commander that's an angel. To my surprise, she's the only WB angel there is. Go figure. So every other option is non-angel...but you do have some very interesting choices.

Mind you, I didn't list all of the cards because IMO, these are probably the more popular choices and the most expensive (sorry!). The idea behind choosing a commander is choosing a creature that speaks to you. Something you like about the way they play, what they embody stuff like that. If you have any thoughts regarding any of the previously mentioned cards, let me know and we can try to build a deck that's more centered around it.

Figure out something - so if we stick with Selenia, Dark Angel as our commander I think the most reliable way to get her to win is to voltron her up. Basically, we'd just rely mostly on just her winning us the game. So we would use cards like:

Just to name a few. The idea would be that your commander would be so well equipped that she'd be nigh impossible to deal with for hte rest of the table. Additionally, you'd have to have a means of protecting yourself. Cards like:

Just to name a few. But the idea is that you build up a defense while your opponents have to deal with your commander who will stand vigil in front of the wall you build. As you constantly equip and build her up, she becomes a legitmate threat on the board. Of course, there are other creatures that are better suited to this strategy, but given what she has this is the best I can come up with. I'm sure there are smarter people out there that would have better ideas though. Don't give up!

nicochulo on Does Hissing Miasma resolve before ...

3 weeks ago

I have a deck that uses Hissing Miasma to slowly damage the player (I also use other spells,but that's not important right now)

My question is: If someone with (for example) three lives swings for lethal with three creatures: Does the Hissing Miasma damage them first or do I die before it resolves?

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

MegaMatt13, as far as the Norn's Annex, Marchesa's Decree, Hissing Miasma, Blood Reckoning question goes, it was somewhat of a difficult question. None of them are great Pillow Fort or Rattlesnake cards, and even Norn's Annex remains on the chopping block. They do less than they should. The loss of life can add up, but I have found that inhibiting the development of board state or causing loss of card or permanent resources is more of a disincentive than small life loss. Life is treated as a resource that can be spent, and people do choose to spend it. When choosing, I considered the CMC of Norn's Annex to be plus 4 life, with the option to pay to reduce that life loss. The loss of 2 life is twice as effective as teh loss of 1 life, so that made a difference. On top of that, I actually would rather that they paid , because that inhibits their development. Either way, the resource demand of Norn's Annex is way larger than that of the others. I also find that Queen Marchesa is the only Monarch card needed, so I devalued that ability. If one were to use all of these cards, I could see it becoming a huge Rattlesnake wall, where one would be paying 4+ life per attack, but that would take at lease 3 cards to achieve, and I find that needing + mana to attack is actually harder to overcome than 5+ life. The mana resource is a steeper cost than the life resource.

Pheardemons on You shall be punished for your sins.

1 month ago

TheRedGoat and RedJokr, I'm not sure why I didn't consider Crosis, the Purger already. But as far as being a hate commander, do you think Crosis, the Purger or Thraximundar is better? Based on the way I built this, I'm not sold on Marchesa, the Black Rose because, as TheRedGoat saod, there is no synergy.

TheRedGoat what would you take out for Blood Artist or the other? My problem with them is generally they are targeted before anyone board wipes, and they are generally ineffective. I've taken Blood Artist out of so many edh decks for that reason. Plus, Hissing Miasma is harder to destroy.

Also TheRedGoat, what synergies would you like to add in?

TheRedGoat on You shall be punished for your sins.

1 month ago

Okay, I like how you've expanded on greed to be about mainly opponents who try to overuse their cards. And focusing the "envy hate" cards to be just flat out stopping the envious player that wants to be destructive is cool. But I'm afraid you've now got the problem of too many hate cards versus any kind of synergy with your commander of choice (Marchesa).

I'm glad you mentioned that I helped you fine tune how to punish each sin, but I think now you'll need to remove some of the cards you're using to make space for other synergies in the deck that may end up having you commit the very sins you're trying to punish. Which technically you already are with your current build, but anyway.

If you want to stick with Marchesa, the Black Rose, then you'll need space for more +1/+1 counter synergies. Keeping it simple for now I think Unspeakable Symbol can do a good chunk of the work, but I'm at a loss as of yet where you could cut for it. And that is assuming you are keeping Marchesa as the commander and would need such synergies.

I will say that I feel Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is better left out and you put the Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker you already have in his place. In my eyes any of his effects are exactly meant to look the most powerful player in the eye, and only them, and say "you're dead". The prideful player more than the envious or gluttonous one is most deserving of that ultimate. They are the one you reduce to nothing and make humble as an example to others.

I can also suggest that instead of maybe the Hissing Miasma card at least you could run Blood Artist or even Falkenrath Noble as a sort of punishment towards players who become the destructive type of wrath (which coincides with envy) and you can then punish that player for each creature they just killed. Arcbond to me can work in a similar way but be considered a pride hate card as well.

I'll have to do some researching/testing for the rest of the deck, but let me know if that works for you so far.

TLDR: you so far have made a "hate bear" deck but without the bear part. Maybe try Crosis, the Purger for commander?

ComboCrazy on

2 months ago

Also for wrath is No Mercy, Hissing Miasma, Dissipation Field, etc

takeaseathoney on Grixis Delver Burn

2 months ago

i think your deck might need a little bit of work still; here's some suggestions

Piranha Marsh,Blood Seeker,Hissing Miasma,Blightning,Searing Blaze,Sign in Blood,Pyromancer Ascension,Browbeat

hope that helps :)

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 months ago

CHANGELOG 02/05/17



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