Illusionist's Bracers

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever an ability of equipped creature is activated, if it isn't a mana ability, copy that ability. You may choose new targets for the copy.Equip 3

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Illusionist's Bracers Discussion

StopShot on Mayael and Her Big Friends

4 days ago

Interesting deck list. Have you thought about running Scroll Rack? I'm sure you end up drawing a lot of the big creatures you'd rather have Mayael the Anima pull up. If you have something in hand you want Mayael to pull into you could probably put that creature on top of your deck and probably pull a non-creature card in return with it.

Have you also considered running Illusionist's Bracers? Equiping it to Mayael the Anima allows her to search through the top 10 cards of your library and let's you put two onto the field per effect.

I believe Mirri's Guile is also another interesting card to consider. It let's you know before activating your commander if you have something worth pulling into, and it can help keep you from drawing a valuable creature or let you draw a non-creature card three turns sooner. Not half bad for 1 mana.

boneknitter on Magewright's Stone: Can I use ...

5 days ago

In my Gorgon deck, I have a two card combo, with a potential third piece. The two cards are Xathrid Gorgon and Illusionist's Bracers. The bracers allow me to copy the ability of Xathrid Gorgon(could use it up to 4 times in a turn if I have multiple copies of both on the field). The third part in question is Magewright's Stone. If I use it to untap Xathrid Gorgon, and have the 3 mana needed for its ability, can I use it again? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but just want to be sure.

lindleya1 on Biomagical Engineering

6 days ago

With 2 copies of Kiora's Follower and Illusionist's Bracers you can infinitely untap whatever permanents you want. If you have 1 Follower equipped with the Bracers, you can tap the equipped one to untap the unequipped one and whatever you want to untap (land, creature, artifact), and then use the unequipped one to untap the equipped one again. In this version of the deck, its either infinite mana or infinite Kiki-Jiki tokens, but that's still good.

JaysomeDecks on Merieke Reanimator

6 days ago

So I actually have a friend who runs a very competitive Merieke deck. The key to her is the stack, as she has an easily exploitable ability that most people miss. So here's the big deal about Merieke: if you have an ability that untaps her, (e.g. Aphetto Alchemist), you can tap her, untap her while her first ability is on the stack, and then activate her again to take a second creature. When both counts of the ability resolve, they check states and view her as tapped, allowing you to keep both creatures.

Now lets take this a step further. First, simply, is multiple untap abilities. Add in Pemmin's Aura, and now you can control 3 creatures at once. In a 4 person match, that's everyone's commanders at once.

Further still: the infinite combo. There are a couple of ways to do this, infinite untaps, but the best and easiest is Aphetto Alchemist and Illusionist's Bracers. Either piece alone allows you to get twice the benefit out of Merieke's ability, but with the bracers equipped to the alchemist, you have infinite untaps. (Bracers doubles the untap trigger, allowing the alchemist to untap something and himself) This not only gives you control of every creature, it also provides infinite mana, supposing you have a mana rock/dork available.

I'll only suggest the three cards right now, but I would definitely suggest looking into some untap for Merieke

JaysomeDecks on Oona, the Queen Fae EDH

1 week ago

Its rediculous with Illusionist's Bracers, yes. for 4 mill. The other thing to keep in mind with Training Grounds is that, since it's a lot of individual interactions, you can spread them out to different players. It really helps in searching for the pockets of colored cards needed for your fliers.

FaithfulCorpse on Oona, the Queen Fae EDH

1 week ago

For JaysomeDecks Oh I see! That's a MUCH better interaction than I was envisioning! Coupled with Illusionist's Bracers would make for some very deep and incredibly cheap mill! Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't ordered the deck just yet as I'm waiting until MM17 releases for a few of the cards in that set to come out as cheap, but this is definitely going on the buylist.

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