Riot Gear

Riot Gear

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+2.Equip 2
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Riot Gear Discussion

miampizza on Untouchable Control

5 months ago

If you truly want to counter 'any and all spells' you should use 4 Counterspell instead of Nullify or Essence Scatter and some Isochron Scepter.

Mana Leak is way better than Mindstatic since you want early game lockdown.

Cancel is a weaker Dissolve.

You don't have enough creatures for Shield of the Avatar to be useful, instead you could use some Darksteel Plate if you're really looking for the indestructibility???

Riot Gear, Ghostfire Blade and Brawler's Plate could be replaced for 3 Basilisk Collar to provide decent sustain and make your blockers pretty scary.

You also need to add way more creatures to this kinda deck if you want it to work :/ (try to get 3-4 copies of each of your favourit creatures in this deck to improve the odds of getting a combo / what you really need)

Sir5L on For the War!

10 months ago

Sorry just realized that Infiltration Lens is uncommon. . Other good equipment would definitely include Horned Helm , Leonin Scimitar , Spidersilk Net , Vanguard's Shield , Vulshok Morningstar , Vorrac Battlehorns , Sparring Collar and Riot Gear

Yarricc71 on Hornet Nest Prototype

11 months ago

Is this suppose to be a standard deck? If so then the Parallel Lives isn't standard playable. Neither are the two dual lands you have in there. Have you looked into say an Accorder's Shield or Riot Gear , those would both make it a little tougher.

Grimgrinner on The Worst Card(s) in Standard

1 year ago

Firemind's Foresight is ok in certain EDH decks. If i'm running grixis control I can use it to tutor up 3 different counterspells; Dissolve , Counterspell , and Swan Song .

Totally Lost can be a great stall in draft actually. Not as a 4-of, but 1-2 in a control deck is actually not bad. Hey nice Assemble the Legion , have fun drawing it next turn and setting it up again.

Maze Rusher is pretty awful.

Riot Gear . Razortip Whip , flame caster wheel are all contenders.

Akroan Horse is pretty terrible too, but Search the City probably beats it.

In fact, my vote goes to search the city. There's a lot of bad cards out, but i think a lot of them get the pass that they're ok for draft, or edh, or have some type of application.

Search the City however, Is just so, sooooo bad.

ThatJunkMage on That 1 random common/uncommon

1 year ago

Yes, oh my goodness, this happens all the time. In fact just yesterday, I was finishing off my Pauper Caw Blade deck, and It seriously took me 2 hours to find a single copy of Riot Gear ...

Also Cloudfin Raptor when I was making mono blue a few weeks ago. I guess I didn't actually open up as much Gatecrash as I had thought.

eep on

1 year ago

Some other (well the only other) artifact creatures to consider

Volatile Rig , Armored Transport , Guardian of the Ages , Street Sweeper

The keyrune mana sources that can turn into creatures until EOT

Haunted Plate Mail 4/4 for 4, stays on the board if creatures get wiped

Spear of Heliod +1/+1, kill things that attack you

Riot Gear +1/+2

Razortip Whip tap deal 1 damage

Hammer of Purphoros sac a land get a 3/3

Trading Post gain life, get artifacts back from grave

Prophetic Prism draw card and mana source.

Witches' Eye scry

Going to have to watch out for Hellkite Tyrant , Merciless Eviction .

Kier on Heroes are made

1 year ago

In the current standard environment, you're really crippling yourself by almost exclusively drawing from Theros. I'd really consider cards from Ravnica and m14. That's what you're going to need to round this deck out. You've also got a lot of two-of's and one-of's which are going to make you're draws pretty inconsistent.

I highly suggest evaluating exactly what you want the deck to do and cutting cards that aren't serving that purpose---or cards that aren't that great in standard. Riot Gear , I'm looking at you.

Cost 2
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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