Neglected Heirloom


Ashmouth Blade


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Neglected Heirloom

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1.

When equipped creature transforms, transform Neglected Heirloom.


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Neglected Heirloom Discussion

justinspruiell on Ulrich's Clan of Stax

2 days ago

So awesome, I'm jealous because I've considered a flipping/werewolf deck. You could maybe add in Neglected Heirloom  Flip for some more flipping.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Were is this going?

1 week ago

Neglected Heirloom  Flip is definitely your weak point here. There's more powerful things you can be doing, like including your fourth copies of Mayor of Avabruck  Flip and Village Messenger  Flip/Wolfbitten Captive  Flip.

How does Howlpack Resurgence work for you? There are plenty of powerful Werewolves you're running in the 3-drop slot that seem like you'd rather play (Immerwolf, Geier Reach Bandit  Flip). I'd rather fill out your 1-drops to begin the pressure early on; the first turn is critical to transform your Werewolves.

I'm a pretty big Werewolf enthusiast myself, I've got a list/primer here if you're interested: The Full Moon Rises - R/G Modern Werewolves

stevend11 on Daxos Artifact Voltron

2 weeks ago

In advance sorry for the length and for any duplicates. Ardent Recruit Armament Master Armory Automaton Auriok Edgewright Auriok Glaivemaster Auriok Steelshaper Auriok Sunchaser Brass Squire Etched Champion Etherium Sculptor Grand Abolisher Ironclad Slayer Kemba, Kha Regent Kitesail Apprentice Kor Duelist Kor Outfitter Leonin Den-Guard Leonin Shikari Lumengrid Sentinel Master of Etherium Militant Inquisitor Myr Adapter Myrsmith Puresteel Paladin Relic Seeker Riddlesmith Skyhunter Cub Soldevi Machinist Stoneforge Mystic Sunspear Shikari Training Drone Angelic Armaments Armed Response Armory of Iroas Auriok Survivors Auriok Windwalker Avacynian Missionaries  Flip Avacyn's Collar Balan, Wandering Knight Basilisk Collar Blade of Selves Bladed Bracers Bladed Pinions Bloodforged Battle-Axe Broodstar Butcher's Cleaver Captain's Claws Carry Away Champion's Helm Conqueror's Flail Dispatch Dowsing Dagger Empyrial Plate Enlightened Tutor Ensoul Artifact Explorer's Scope Ghalma's Warden Golem-Skin Gauntlets Illusionist's Bracers Indomitable Archangel Infiltration Lens Inquisitor's Flail Leonin Abunas Lightning Greaves Loxodon Punisher Masterwork of Ingenuity Neglected Heirloom  Flip Open the Armory Padeem, Consul of Innovation Paradise Mantle Quest for the Holy Relic Ring of Thune Shield of the Avatar Shield of the Righteous Shuko Sigarda's Aid Sigil of Valor Skullclamp Spy Kit Steelshaper Apprentice Steelshaper's Gift Stone Haven Outfitter Stonehewer Giant Swiftfoot Boots Sword of the Animist Sword of the Meek Taj-Nar Swordsmith Trailblazer's Boots Treasure Mage Trinket Mage Trophy Mage True-Faith Censer Umezawa's Jitte Vedalken Archmage Vedalken Infuser Veteran's Armaments Vorrac Battlehorns Whirler Rogue Argentum Armor Argivian Restoration Assault Suit Darksteel Plate Diviner's Wand Efficient Construction Elspeth, Knight-Errant Elspeth, Sun's Champion Ensouled Scimitar Fabricate Fireshrieker Godsend Grip of Phyresis Hammer of Nazahn Haunted Plate Mail Heartseeker Helm of Kaldra Loxodon Warhammer Magebane Armor March of the Machines Moonsilver Spear Nahiri, the Lithomancer Norn's Annex Open the Vaults Pariah's Shield Quietus Spike
Remember the Fallen Scytheclaw Shield of Kaldra Sickleslicer Slayer's Plate Stolen Identity Sword of Kaldra Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang Tezzeret the Seeker Thopter Spy Network Thoughtcast Trepanation Blade Whispersilk Cloak Worldslayer Cheers!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Red/Green Wolf Deck

1 month ago

That's a badass werewolves deck. +1 from me definitely. Huntmaster of the Fells would be an obvious update, but the pricetag is kind of high. Neglected Heirloom  Flip is very powerful as it helps you power up your humans if your opponent is clever enough to play around your transformation trigger.

FangorHelmsar on Fangor Werewolf Aggro

1 month ago

Mate you are absolutely right :-O, I did not realize that :-(, any suggestions? I was thinking of 2 Neglected Heirloom  Flip and 1 Huntmaster of the Fells? Or another one drop?

FangorHelmsar on Orohu

1 month ago

Mate you are absolutely right :-O, I did not realize that :-(, any suggestions? I was thinking of 2 Neglected Heirloom  Flip and 1 Huntmaster of the Fells? Or another one drop?

Hobbez9186 on clayperce

3 months ago

Hey clayperce,

Modern, eh? My Standard builds are always out of the box and trying crazy things but my Modern builds are like wayyyyy out there lol. My absolute crowning achievement that I adore playing more than any other in Modern is a little deck I like to call The Humble Frog. My favorite thing to do is get set up and reach across the table when my opponent plays something and be like "what is that, a 1/1?"

Glad to hear your Wolves went well for their farewell FNM. I'm just starting to play around with undercosted red and green Dinosaurs to fulfill all of my Gruul needs now that they are gone. It doesn't quite match flipping a Neglected Heirloom  Flip, but they are pretty fun so far.

I would like to play with you on MTGO some time, I don't get on there enough but it's a great place to test out super budget builds. I have like 15 decks on there that literally total less than 20 TIX for all of them combined lol. Hit me up if you see me in the lobby. If I'm logged in I'm just sitting right here playing random people.

See you around!

clayperce on Hobbez9186

3 months ago

Thanks for reaching out on MTGO the other day! Also, sorry I never replied to your note of 9/23! I ended up running a "classic" wolves deck rather than Zadafur, and it went really well ... we had a tiny group, so we were much more playing for fun than for competitiveness. But I made a bunch of iconic plays (flipping Village Messenger  Flip and Neglected Heirloom  Flip, beating face with Lambholt Pacifist  Flip, Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha  Flip fight club, etc), and had a blast!

Finally, very sorry but I've been focusing on Modern lately, so haven't really played Standard in two seasons now ... I'm afraid any thoughts I might give you on your decks could do more harm than good! You'll frankly do much better just posting in the Standard Deck Help forum :-)

Draw well!

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