Nemesis Mask


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Nemesis Mask

Artifact — Equipment

All creatures able to block equipped creature do so.

Equip (3) ((3): Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This card enters the battlefield unattached and stays in play if the creature leaves the battlefield.)

Nemesis Mask Discussion

Agrothorn on Planet of the Apes

2 months ago

Love the tribal theme!

Of course, there are some great tribal and gruul lands you can add, but then it starts getting expensive. I would consider tagging this as a "budget deck"; imo, budget tribal (espically more obsecure creature types) are the best! Really forces for some creative deck building.

I would check out your mana base and decide if Gruul Turf is a really needed. Personally, i'm not a big fan of these cards due to the risk/slow speed, but if you like them, play them!!

I did a few playtests and it plays a bit slower than expected. I would certainly recommend adding a 4th Kird Ape . Are you open to adding mana accelleration? I'm sure there are a few solid ones that won't be too far outside of theme. Oh, have you considered using an Emerald Medallion ?! Monkeys like to steal shiny things!! I think it would create a lot of value. Urza lands would work nice, but I feel it may be too far from the theme.

I think Alpha Status is a "win more" card in this sorta mana heavy/bigger critter deck, where by the time you play it to have value (e.g. 3 or more creatures on the board, for +4/+4), it may be too late or not as rewarding. Now that I look at some of the oracle wording, some apes are now considered a monkey, so they won't help each other out... boo.

For Monkey Cage , maybe cut 1 because I think you will need a lot of mana to guarantee it to give you value e.g. a creature with mana cost 3 or greater.

Man... I so many ideas!

How about Summit Apes !! Those with your Gorilla Berserkers with first strike and/or lure equipment. Viridian Claw , Nemesis Mask <--maybe too slow?? Spells, Roar of Challenge or Declare Dominance <--bonus gorilla art!!

If you go with the Emerald Medallion , maybe swap out Ravenous Baboons for a bigger green one?

Play around with it and I'll check back!

McToters on Do you even lift, bro?!

3 months ago

becks16 thanks for the comment! I know of all those cards but I definitely never considered them here. I think they are good suggestions. I’ll take some time to consider the latter two, but it may not be enough bang for my buck. The colossus is super interesting if I find enough success creating those situations when Nemesis Mask comes in handy.

Thanks again!

McToters on The Pirates Booty

3 months ago

I LOVE this deck! Lol we both have pirate decks with “Booty” in the name. If you are interested check mine out here.

My theme, while also pirates, only focuses on the pirates with ETB effects since they synergize better with Marchesa. I really wanted to use Beckett Brass which is who I started out as with commander but I couldn’t make the deck play well enough. I like your build a lot more than what I had when I was using BB. Just some thoughts to help make your pirates more elusive: Panic Attack , Outmaneuver , Wave of Indifference , Nemesis Mask , and Breaker of Armies type effects should work pretty well. Obviously a card like Panic Attack isn’t great but just trying to suggest something different. In the vein of Coat of Arms there is also Shared Animosity . Kindred Discovery is great draw for a deck like this too!

Awesome deck! +1

McToters on Skullbriar, Oh Lawd He Comin’

5 months ago

It’s all good! Glad to see some passion with this. I totally agree Skullbriar is often overlooked and most of the decklists on here are certainly outdated a bit. I think that’s generally because most folks are turned off of Voltron decks, since they are so one-sided for the most part. In multiplayer they aren't viewed much as a threat.

I’d see how Inspiring and Expertise pan out for you and if they end uo being lame jank than totally take them out. To me, they seen like natural card draw fits for this deck.

If you keep collector in I would agree with your sentiment with removing your 1-2 mana rocks and put in some green (or black) ramp to avoid having it affect you. Simple stuff like Cultivate or Rampant Growth , Farseek , Crypt Ghast , etc.

I really like Bow of Nylea especially teamed up with stuff like Nemesis Mask or Enlarge or Emergent Growth (I’m sorry I keep bringing those up lol). A cool way to board wioe though. Plus the Bow adds counters which is what we want to do.

I say Fireshrieker over the flail because to me, if you go the route of the flail, I would just rather have Hot Soup. Straight evasion over double damage—in other words “guaranteed” damage over maybe double seems better to me. Plus double strike is nifty, strictly better to me than just double damage.

bushido_man96 on Glissa, Artifacts, & Aristocrats

5 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions, lifemtg. I'd consider adding Darksteel Forge , but it's $20 I'm not willing to pay on one card right now. I do like the combo with Nev's Disk, though, and Nev's Disk would be a decent addition, too, and I will keep it in mind. The only bad thing about the Disk is it really puts a target on you for turn. Ratchet Bomb and Steel Hellkite run well in its place.

I had cut Nemesis Mask for Poison-Tip Archer , but didn't consider cutting a land for it. I'm already at 35, and am really leery about dropping much lower than that. Do you think I could get away with running 34 lands? I just worry about a bad draw?

McToters on A Pirate's Life For Me

5 months ago

Automatic +1 Pirates are THE BEST and you have a fantastic list! I don’t think there’s anything I can suggest that’s better, but let me give it a shot... Depending on how you want your deck to run Nemesis Mask is fantastic for making your creatures unblockable except for the one equipped and it can be searched for with Deadeye Quartermaster . There’s also Sneak Attack but again, this is probably up to how you want to run the deck.

I used to run ABB as my commander but then I switched to Marchesa and use strictly pirates with ETBs. Here is my list if you’re willing to check it out see here

Good luck! And again, awesome deck!

McToters on Krosan Overgrowth

6 months ago

This is a sweet deck with a solid explanation behind it! +1

I've never heard or seen Ritual of Subdual before. That card is HAWT, even with cumulative upkeep. And I TOTALLY forgot about Mana Reflection as a mono-green option for mana doubling. Both of those cards will have to eventually make it in my Seton deck.

I also totally get why you run the big boy Eldrazis. They're too much for me to invest in right now so I went a bit of a different direction with mine. Although I do own Decimator of the Provinces , and was thinking of putting it in. What do you think of that card?

I don't see many more changes but for the sake of brainstorming let me give it a crack... I'd say for additional ramp (again not that you need it, your deck is dope) what are your thoughts on Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip or the new Nissa, Who Shakes the World ? I run both of those, but I also don't have Mana Reflection , Extraplanar Lens , or Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger like you.

I just recently took out Terastodon for Rampage of the Clans seems way better to me in the event I need to hate on more artifacts or enchantments which is almost always the case. However, it can hurt me, so I can already see your counterpoint about keeping good ol' Terry since it's controlled target removal.

The way I try to win is by going wide with my druids, so I NEED to put in Steely Resolve and Asceticism . They've been on my list for a long time. But anyway, since I go wide I find insane value in Nemesis Mask and Bloodscent . You probably wouldn't need to entertain the thought of using those though. Both pair up nicely with Bow of Nylea ...

Beast Whisperer is great draw.

Some funky enchantment "control" cards I run Primal Order (everyone in my meta runs non-basics) and Hum of the Radix , which I realize can hurt me but I intend to have more mana to use than my opponents. There's also Helix Pinnacle (which I don't have yet but plan on getting) and Quest for Renewal which I just put in.

Anyway, again, sweet deck which I would say is easily better than my version of Seton but I hope I may have suggested a card or two for you to think about! If you end up checking mine out, please feel free to give any and all suggestions you have including cards you think are straight-up not good. I'm all ears!

TheNocholas on Ninja EDH

6 months ago

Nemesis Mask and Whispersilk Cloak would ensure unblocked creatures. Herald of Secret Streams would be a bit of a build around with +1/+1 counters but I have seen him work well in my merfolk evasion build Edric, Merfolk Master

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Nemesis Mask occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%