General's Kabuto


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa Rare

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General's Kabuto

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to equipped creature.

Equip (2) ((2): Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

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General's Kabuto Discussion

Nevyn4 on rafiq of the solo

2 months ago

Cards i think will make this deck broken Scythe of the Wretched to steal the chump blockers, Blade of Selves to smack the other players, General's Kabuto will let you hit them without loosing your creature, Kusari-Gama will let you murder the fields, Masterwork of Ingenuity, Copy Artifact, Mirrorworks,and Sculpting Steel will let you copy any if you want more, Pennon Blade is another Sigil of Valor. These are other equipments i would consider. Also if you really want to be mean Worldslayer

Warxuaroz on Kaalia, born in Heaven for Hell on Earth

2 months ago

Hello there, BlackWitch!

So I've been wondering how can you, with all the awesomeness and kickassness you already have, become more resilient.
I've found some interesting pieces that might suit your needs and wills.

Artifacts/auras to stick to Kaalia and lean back relaxed while she reaks the havoc she was born to dwell in:
Champion's Helm -looks good on on sadistic flying cleric chicks imo.
General's Kabuto -shroud and no damage is just what Kaalia needs! The only thing still that could break her is a wipe.
Ward of Lights/Cho-Manno's Blessing -are both similar with the exception of Cho-Manno's Blessing being much better. Maybe a little costly but certainly worth a thought or even two.
Righteous War -it's a two-colour Earnest Fellowship.
Reconnaissance -that would be nice if you wanted a Dolmen Gate effect. Not if Kaalia has shroud but still a valid ability. Maze of Ith can help you with that, as well as making opponent's creatures do no damage.

Stave Off is just a Gods Willing with no extra effect. Simply a reliable one-drop.
Otherworldly Journey can both protect your commander from being destroyed and make her more beefy with the counter. Same can be done with Ajani's Presence or Undying Evil.
Bathe in Light can be used on Kaalia and grant protection to all the other creatures you control at the same time. To be used at a tougher than expected combat phase or in order to make your attack go through.
If you are facing an incoming Wrath of God or such, you can always use a Ghostway! Similar effect can be achieved with Cauldron Haze or even Cauldron of Souls only with -1/-1 penalty.
If you want a protection against every spell AND not just as a counterspell but with until-end-of-turn effect, there's always the old friend waiting: Silence. Very powerful imo. I need to get one as well! I wonder why doesn't it cost much more.

Now for more proactive play:
Go for the Throat is a really nice spot removal which black can provide.
Aurelia's Fury -this card I am always biased about. It can be costly, it can be cheap. It can be useless if you want pure damage of pure control. But if you need to just tap the creatures or if you just need to counter that creature spell it is the one you go for. AND it does damage!

I see you like discards and no wonder -it's a very efficient and honestly -tilting activity. If you want maximum salt, I propose Hymn to Tourach. No targeted discard can tilt as much as random shot at two lands in opponent's 2nd turn, or even before that. Pure cruelty and immorality. But that's what you aim for, right?

As to the creatures I've found:

Ending the topic of discards: Mesmeric Fiend. Not OP, but hell, it might be just what you want.
And while at two-drop creatures, Benevolent Bodyguard, Obsidian Acolyte, Daru Spiritualist, Selfless Spirit and Standard Bearer can all help you with the Bearer being far superior to others imo. If killed/discarded, you can also bring them all back with the Reveillark! Same can be done to one-drops (like the Mother) with Ranger of Eos.
Last, but not least: Deathless Angel. I know it's not the omni-potent killing machine you'd like to drop with Kaalia, but it's really nice when comes to protecting her mother or any sibling actually.

Now the tricky part: I have one thing I don't really know if it works and some that I know you won't like, but I still want you to know them.
Illusionist's Bracers can potentially let you put two fatties on board at once. I'm not sure if it really is so, sadly.

And all the life-loss cards:
Phyrexian Arena -come on! It's supernice! Who cares about 1 life if you draw a protection you'll need or a demon that will win you the game!
Same goes for Night's Whisper and Skeletal Scrying.
Toxic Deluge just annihilates the board. You usually control more beefy ones so you can get rid of anything to the threshold you choose.
Grim Tutor is just another one to get what you need.
Both Thoughtseize and Mind Twist look good. Mind Twist can really vegetablify the opponent at almost any time of the game.

And the last one: Hall of the Bandit Lord. I know 3 is a lot of life. But considering you might take far more from the opponent I believe it can be neglected. The card is very powerful if used correctly. I believe it could make the deck more aggressive, just another brick in your wall of hatred in the wrath castle of Kaalia.

I hope you will take as much as you can from it and that it will help you somehow in making this damn good deck a masterpiece.

Not_lost_account on The lich rises!!! (Just don't touch me!)

2 months ago

KingDevyn and Dralnah thanks for the comments! I've already seen that the panorama's just haven't really done anything, definitely gonna trade them out for High Market and Riptide Laboratory, I had no idea Dralnu was errata'd to a wizard. I'm definitely looking at General's Kabuto and Runechanter's Pike however I think that Magebane Armor might be a bit underwhelming but nonetheless some great suggestions. I completely forgot about Hymn to Tourach definitely gonna add that.

Dralnah on The lich rises!!! (Just don't touch me!)

2 months ago

Gotta upvote because Dralnu, looks pretty solid for Duel Commander. I agree with switching out the panoramas for something else. With the amount of cards going into your graveyard Runechanter's Pike may not be a terrible decision, as well as General's Kabuto, Magebane Armor, and Riptide Laboratory to protect your commander. Best of Luck!

JaceFromStateFarm on Great Party! I brought my friends with...

2 months ago

A lot of the equipment you have I feel like could be replaced with better protection options. Swiftfoot Boots should probably go in instead of General's Kabuto. I would also consider adding in Sunforger instead of Champion's Helm - a good Sunforger package works wonders. I also run Hoarding Dragon to find Sunforger - it can also find your Lightning Greaves or Steel Hellkite. For additional protection, try Apostle's Blessing.

I'm not a big fan of the Akromas, personally. They are huge beaters, but offer no other utility and even have a hard time pulling removal off of Kaalia. You can check out my list here for some ideas for more utility-based, yet still fat, fatties here: Dies Irae. Off the top of my head, there are Overseer of the Damned, Chancellor of the Annex, Bloodgift Demon, Herald of Anguish, Dawnbreak Reclaimer, Rakdos, Lord of Riots, Sunscorch Regent (gets much bigger than both Akromas very fast), and Sire Of Insanity. There are lots of others, those are just what I like to run. However, both Akromas have the advantage of being super freaking cool, so there's that.

I've also had a lot of success with Restoration Angel. It can protect Kaalia by blinking it through removal or even serve as a pair surprise blockers when your creatures are tapped, letting you kill a commander or something. Unfortunately most of the best ETB abilities are attached to Angels, but usually you can still get value from it.

I like Diabolic Revelation a lot better than Increasing Ambition. Just me though.

I would recommend running a bunch more 2-cost mana rocks. Lets Kaalia come out a turn earlier. The other signets, Sphere of the Suns, Fellwar Stone, Coldsteel Heart, etc. To make room, you could cut maybe a beater or two, Strionic Resonator, and Reconnaissance, or something. Just an example, cut whatever bits you don't find as useful if you decide to go with this.

Really powerful list as is! Kaalia is lots of fun and I like the build you've got going. Feel free to ignore any of my suggestions, this is your build. Just wanted to shotgun a bunch of suggestions at you for you to float around. Happy face-beating!

Optimator on Khanate of the Golden Headbutt (Artifact Voltron)

3 months ago

Glad you like it, XxLeGingerxX!! I'm a fan :]

The number of things to make him untargettable in his colors are limited--artifacts only, pretty much (most shroud and hexproof effects/auras are green). Spectra Ward does a decent job. Sacrifice-prevention is pretty rare but Assault Suit is pretty much tailor-made for Zurgo. Board-wipes are always a concern and making him indestructible isn't too hard: Darksteel Plate and Shield of Kaldra come to mind, as well as Indestructibility and Indestructible Aura--conveniently in white, as most indestructible effects are. You may notice a lot of these are in my maybe list. Board wipes in the vein of All Is Dust, Cyclonic Rift, or Merciless Eviction are nearly impossible to protect against, though white has access to plenty of blink effects that could save Zurgo, at the expense of unequipping Equipment.

I'd include more hexproof/shroud stuff but some cards are pretty pricey, a la Champion's Helm, or are kinda butt, like Mask of Avacyn (good budget-option though IMO. Gotta take it where you can get it). There's General's Kabuto and Lightning Greaves (which I do plan on getting) but I think that might be it (other than the Swiftfoot Boots already in).

Since it's a budget deck the land base is guaranteed to be slower than is possible. I tried to make up for it with an above-average amount of mana rocks (which also helps with some artifact synergies). I often get Zurgo out on turn 4 though turn 3 is a bit of a stretch without some luck. I sometimes wait though to make sure some protection or some trample-enabler is in play. Zurgo has that magic 7 power to 3-shot opponents and it only takes +4 power to 2-shot folks--never mind double strike and the like. One problem with Voltron generals is that they are public enemy number one when they're out so focus-fire is inevitable. It makes it seem like commanders like this and others (Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Kresh the Bloodbraided, Uril, the Miststalker, Bruna, Light of Alabaster, etc) are a disadvantaged strategy but it's exactly because they're so threatening that they get focus-fired down. Having inherent indestructibility or hexproof goes a long way toward making these guys viable and Zurgo's temporary indestructibility certainly helps. Not as optimal as something like Tajic, Blade of the Legion's or Narset, Enlightened Master's but it's something.

beenzo on Gonti and the 187's

5 months ago

Replaced Champion's Helm with General's Kabuto as i think there is more value in creatures like Lord of the Void, Grave Titan and any Blade of Selves equip ETB creatures to use their triggers with impunity.

Optimator on Auntie's got your back

6 months ago

Krenko is public enemy number one when he's out. You should have two protective cards for VIPs. Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, General's Kabuto, Champion's Helm, Whispersilk Cloak, Mask of Avacyn, etc.

Krenko really pops off when you have Thousand-Year Elixir and/or Magewright's Stone or Puppet Strings or Illusionist's Bracers out.

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