Doom Cannon

Doom Cannon


As Doom Cannon enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

(3), Tap, Sacrifice a creature of the chosen type: Doom Cannon deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Doom Cannon Discussion

JoeBlondie on Darien, King of Generals (w/ Primer)

1 year ago

the mana curve does not look very healthy. You have a lot of overcosted things that don't actually do much and at the same time you don't have some pieces that I would say are almost mandatory in a darien build.

I know that you want to abuse Darien's ability, but stuff like Armageddon Clock Mindstorm Crown Jinxed Idol Torture Chamber Angel's Trumpet Jade Monolith (Doom Cannon in the maybeboard) are absolutely garbage cards that do nothing when Darien is not on the field and that do very little work when he is in play. For example, you pay 6 for armageddon clock, than you have to wait 3 turns to have 6 soldiers, assuming that darien survives that long, and they are just 1/1s, maybe 2/2s or 3/3s at best.

Now, why don't you just Conqueror's Pledge for 5 mana and you have the 6 soldiers right away? Without even needing Darien out. I think that your deck should be able to generate a good amount of tokens without him and a CRAZY amount with him.You want only self-pain cards that provide other benefits, like Mana Vault or Mana Crypt if budget is not a problem, pain-lands are ok but you lack Ancient Tomb and City of Brass.

Then, I see that you go hard on the indestructible thing for protection, but

1) indestructible does not save you from the best (and common) removal spells in the format Swords to Plowshares Path to Exile Merciless Eviction Hallowed Burial Chaos Warp Toxic Deluge Cyclonic Rift nor from sacrifice effect,

2) many of your indestructible sources seem weak or slow

I think that you should use protection like Lightning Greaves and Mother of Runes for spot removal and Rootborn Defenses for mass removal if you really want to, but the best defense against removal is to have a deck that can actually recover using cards from your hand.

Then I see that you have a strong lifegain sub theme. Now, some things are efficient and mono white classics, like Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant, but you don't really want to have Healer of the Pride occupying a precious 4cmc slot orNoble Purpose in a 5cmc slot. Also, Anointer Priest is garbage because costs twice a soul sister but triggers only on your stuff and only on tokens, too situational.

Devout Invocation and Nomads' Assembly are bad too, both cost a lot of mana and require you to be already winning but don't do anything if you are behind, I'd cut them for Decree of Justice Secure the Wastes Increasing Devotion

Finally, classic anthems are bad. Very bad. Hall of Triumph Intangible Virtue Glorious Anthem Honor of the Pure Phantom General these things are just trash. You need like AT LEAST 4 of these effects to have an army that can destroy the opponents and win the game. If you draw just a couple of them its just not enough and they are dead cards, if you draw too many there is a good chance that you didn't draw enough token generators and you have no soldiers.

I think that the good approach is to go directly from 1/1s to 20/20s. You do this by using exponential pumping, like Coat of Arms Mirror Entity Jazal Goldmane and things like that. The benefits are that when you are ready you win out of nowhere and nobody sees you as a threat until then and also you don't use tons of card slots for minimal pumping. But, more importantly, dropping the +1/+1 effects opens you the option of using Skullclamp. The card is just bonkers and, ifyou can fuel it, you just win the game, assuming none destroys it on the spot. You also run Steelshaper's Gift, Enlightened Tutor and Open the Armory to find Skullclamp so that you virtually have 4 copies in the deck.

Ah, cut Caged Sun for Extraplanar Lens, its the only mana doubler worth considering in my experience, the other ones just die the turn you tap out to play them. And find room for Martial Coup that is both sweeper and token generator.

It may seem that I'm overly criticizing here, of course you can ignore some (if not all) of my advices if you are not convinced but I love Darien, I have played many of the bad things you are playing and eventually cut them out, just wish that someone told me these things so that I wouldn't have wasted time on bad cards. The cards may seem fun in theory but when you play and the deck doesn't work at all I guarantee that you feel only frustration and no fun.

sonnet666 on [List] The MTG Weapons Arsenal

2 years ago

Don't stop now. I believe in you!

Wurmspiralmaschine14 on Omnath the Ominous

2 years ago

Have you looked at Myriad Landscape? It's a fun land that gets even more landfall triggers. Also, Tunneling Geopede would get out a lot of damage in this deck--it's the Guttersnipe of landfall. You might want to add a Fireball-like card or two, so that when you inevitably have 20 or so lands you can put the mana somewhere. If you need more sac outlets, you should look at Carnage Altar, Mortarpod, Tooth and Claw, Scorched Rusalka, Bloodshot Cyclops, and a personal favorite of mine, Shivan Harvest. Awesome deck. It looks both fun and simple to play. +1

Oh, and also...

...This is probably the only deck that I will ever have the honor of suggesting Doom Cannon for. So thank you.

Whiskerbro on [Community Discussion]: What makes a ...

2 years ago

ZaueskiYes, the card is risky, and it can be very bad in certain situations. But your methods of card evasion are very flawed here. In a topdeck losing mode, this card is bad. So are many eternal staples. Goblin Guide is a bad topdeck when you are behind. Dark Confidant is a bad when you are behind. Devastating Summons isn't too horrible. For an aggressive deck, where you don't really need to many lands, you can easily sack a few and get 2 fairly sized blockers to buy you time on board. Worst case scenario, you don't safely have enough lands to sac many, and just give up one for two 1/1s. But in an aggressive deck, if you are in topdeck losing mode, you probably lose the game no matter what.

Saying Devastating Summons is win more is also a fairly ignorant statement. Win more cards are those that only benefit you when you can already win the game from your current position. For Devastating Summons, this is not the case. Just because you have a few extra lands to sac does not mean you are ahead. In a low curve deck, you will frequently have a few random lands sitting around that you don't need for anything, and can easily sac for some very large creatures.

You clearly don't like the card, but saying it's as bad as Doom Cannon or something is just flat out dumb. Devastating Summons sees some modern play, and while risky, is clearly not unplayable.

Zaueski on [Community Discussion]: What makes a ...

2 years ago

I judge cards in their best scenario first, then in a topdeck losing mode, then in a vacuum. Best case scenario it ends the game using another card or creature to gain haste, but it still requires another card. From a losing standpoint I sac a bunch of lands for two non-evasive tokens and probably seal my defeat because I'm out of mana. In a vacuum I'm sacrificing a bunch of lands for two tokens that can easily be killed or chumped... It fails 2 out of my 3 tests and is only ever a win more card, and even then its barely one of those. I stand by putting it up amongst cards like Doom Cannon and the ilk.

Zaueski on [Community Discussion]: What makes a ...

2 years ago

If I may direct the conversation the other way a little bit... I do think that there are inherently great cards that you should have a very good reason for cutting like Sol Ring or Serum Visions if you're in their colors. However on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are cards that are inherently bad and are almost never played except by people making decks to attempt to prove a point.

Cards like Alabaster Leech, Doom Cannon, Scornful Egotist, Devastating Summons, Orcish Artillery and many others have way to high of a drawback to ever be useful. Now I'm sure someone somewhere will disagree with me but unless you design the deck around making it playable those are never cards that you instinctively turn to. Like clayperce brought up, its because the vast majority of the time they fail 3 or 4 of those tests and require way to much probability manipulation to ever pay off in a reliable way.

RossKLag on Darien, King of Karma

3 years ago

I was told by a member of my Pro tour team that mono-white is hard to pull off...that being said I believe the deck needs less ramp and more cards that do cool things. Less interaction with your opponents is essential for EDH, you want to sit on a metaphorical "island" and hope they don't notice the cool things you're doing. Also, butter...

I would recommend:Daru Warchief Soul WardenDoom CannonLaunch the Fleet

onduoboingo on Kalitas' Vampire Carnival

3 years ago

Thanks! I just took out three cards that were just filling space, Doom Cannon, Triskaidekaphobia, and Hedonist's Trove, and shoved in more swamps. My big vampires have big appetites