Gauntlet of Power


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Gauntlet of Power


As Gauntlet of Power enters the battlefield, choose a color.

Creatures of the chosen color get +1/+1.

Whenever a basic land is tapped for mana of the chosen color, its controller adds one mana of that color to his or her mana pool.

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Gauntlet of Power Discussion

LoyalPaladin on Heliod

19 hours ago

Hey, man. Finally got the chance to look at it, thanks for linking it to me. Here are my suggestions:


There are a few really good upgrades you can make on the cheap. I'd say almost all the upgrades below are strictly better except Divine Visitation which is new to MtG, since it's a part of the new Guilds of Ravnica block. Trading out Sigil is just personal preference.


You've got too many enchantments eating up space for things that are more important like your land base. White has a really hard time ramping and tends to be the most costly color, so you want to draw as much of it as possible. I'd aim for 35 lands minimum, but 36 is probably preferable. Every land counts.


Six of the eight add-ins below are lands. You need a hard to deal with board wipe like Wrath of God and I'm really surprised you didn't immediately go for Riot Control, since it's a table staple. If you really don't want it, I'd go straight for the Path to Exile.

Expensive Upgrades

Mono-colors can get some crazy mana numbers going, but white has terrible ramp, cards like Land Tax and Thawing Glaciers will help you get lands on the board, while the multiplier artifacts will keep your mana plentiful.

bryanedds on Godo, Dragon's Gopher

1 day ago

Replaced Gauntlet of Might with Gauntlet of Power - the former is just too expensive.

bryanedds on Godo, Dragon's Gopher

2 days ago

TODO: Consider replacing Caged Sun with the faster Gauntlet of Power.

TODO: Also consider replacing the recently-added blue spell counters with Seething Song and Geosurge.

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER v2]

2 weeks ago

sdidonato: I have considered it before, and at one point ran Gauntlet of Power and Caged Sun. What I found was that I really couldn't take advantage of all the extra mana, and was only getting the slight anthem effect out of it, so 4 CMC was a rough cost just for that.

Since I doubled up on the Blood Moon effect I am also a little iffy about running Might specifically and doubling the mana that the opponent's Mooned mountains make.If I ran more mana sinks (Goblin Warrens/Rolling Earthquake/Indomitable Creativity for instance) and had more mana creators (Mana Echoes), it would definitely justify running something like Might.

Who knows, I've been making regular changes to this deck recently to add some freshness to it now and then, so maybe mana doublers and mana sinks are on the horizon!

Great suggestion!

DrkNinja on Akroma is here to smash face and win the arms race

2 weeks ago

Not a fan of Welding Sparks, its too narrow for a format that could literally throw anything at you. I'd also suggest Gilded Lotus, Gauntlet of Power, and Extraplanar Lens because getting to your girl Akroma isn't easy.

DrukenReaps on Akroma is here to smash face and win the arms race

2 weeks ago

Not a bad start but I think if you really want to use Akroma then you need more mana. Some of these are a little out of budget but not by more than a few dollars. Gauntlet of Power, Braid of Fire, Caged Sun, Koth of the Hammer, Extraplanar Lens, Mana Flare. All of these allow you to seriously pump Akroma or abuse spells like Fireball, with enough mana either of those will knock out a player. I would consider removing equipment first to make room for these, you don't really need the power boost they give if you have more mana.

You might even consider infinite red mana with something like Mana Geyser + Reiterate.

Dennis14 on Black Ramp

3 weeks ago

I think that the deck has potential but some card slots can be improved.

You've already addressed that but Liliana of the Dark Realms is a really weak PW and would be better as almost anything else be it Liliana of the Veil or Ob Nixilis Reignited.

Crypt Ghast is a very fragile ramp card and also doesn't work with Damnation being your only option of removing creatures. I'd either move Damnation to the SB or find other ramp options besides Crypt Ghast (which I'd advise anyway).

Some other mana ramp options can be:
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, Gauntlet of Power, Hedron Archive, Gilded Lotus and also Burnished Hart/Wayfarer's Bauble and Solemn Simulacrum.

For the big finisher of the deck I'd suggest something which isn't neutralized by Path to Exile like:
Walking Ballista (which can serve as removal before going to the face), Torment of Hailfire or Profane Command/Exsanguinate/Consume Spirit.
Josu Vess, Lich Knight is a pretty good payoff as well with 9x creatures for 10-mana (but a non-bo with Damnation).

I'd also replace Diabolic Revelation (too mana hungry and win-more) with Mastermind's Acquisition which can let you tutor SB cards and keep extra win-cons in the SB so they can't get hit by discard or extraction effects.

I'd also prefer Nihil Spellbomb to Relic of Progenitus in the SB.

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