Nim Deathmantle

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+2, has intimidate, and is a black Zombie.

Whenever a nontoken creature is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, you may pay 4. If you do, return that card to the battlefield and attach Nim Deathmantle to it.

Equip 4

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Nim Deathmantle Discussion

StopShot on Alesha, Who Smiles at Infinity

5 days ago

I see you're running Key to the City, Whispersilk Cloak, and Rogue's Passage. With this much evasion producing effects your deck could easily run the Sword of Feast and Famine + Aggravated Assault combo. So long as any equipped creature deals combat damage with the sword to an opponent you can untap all your lands, take another combat step and repeat the process all over again until your opponents are thoroughly dead. You're also running Sun Titan which can recur both pieces if they're removed, and Shizo, Death's Storehouse and Nim Deathmantle also give near-unblockable since fear plus protection from black is nearly unblockable in of itself. Also as the last person mentioned Break Through the Line would not only give unblockable but haste as well. Your deck seems like it would be best suited to running this infinite combo. If you do run this combo I'd also suggest using Nether Traitor for having haste, shadow, cheap recursion, and being a cute draw engine with Skullclamp.

canderson107 on Breya, Ghost in the Shell OVER 65 INFINITE COMBOS

1 week ago

Sharuum the Hegemon , Krark-Clan Ironworks, Mycosynth Wellspring and Nim Deathmantle will fetch all of your basic lands and put them in your hand. Also swap the Ichor Wellspring for the Mycosynth Wellspring and draw a ton

Blard on Infinite Mana Infinite Burn

1 week ago

If you want to go infinite with Whispers of the Muse use Laboratory Maniac (maybe in sideboard). Also Composite Golem+Nim Deathmantle is another infinite combo in case they Lost Legacy your Grand Architect even though it costs a lot of mana.

abenz419 on Question about diabolic servitude trigger

1 week ago

If I cast Diabolic Servitude and return a creature and have Nim Deathmantle on the battlefield, when that creature dies can I stack the triggers so that I can pay the cost for Nim Deathmantle and have the creature return before it's exiled by Diabolic Servitude? Also, if so would the Diabolic Servitude still return to my hand?

albino_ninja on Blue Steel

1 week ago

Seems like a fun deck! +1

The one thing it is missing is a loop. I like to put at least one in every EDH deck I have just as a way to end the game with some flare. lol The combo that I think would be killer in this deck is:

Ashnod's Altar + Myr Battlesphere + Nim Deathmantle = Infinite myr tokens

This combo, combined with all the other artifact anthem effects you have in this deck will make it one tough nut to crack. Plus who doesn't love infinite token creatures???

superman101 on Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

1 week ago

Symbiotic Elf (or any other creature that makes two tokens upon entering the battlefield/death) + Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle makes infinite insects. Play the elf, sac it to the altar, float the mana, sac one insect, use that mana to attach the Deathmantle to the Elf.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

1 week ago

Hmmm, I bet the sarcophagus artifact (if there is one) will actually give an embalm like ability equal to the creature's CMC (so basically a new Nim Deathmantle).

TheFanatic on 2power4me | Competitive Alesha

1 week ago

@UnleashedHavok Thanks for the feedback.

I was initially running Ashnod's Altar (and Nim Deathmantle), but I found that having a 2 mana sacrifice outlet just felt a lot better, hence Altar of Dementia. That way, you can play it on turn 2 before Alesha comes down, or on turn 4 and still have mana to activate Alesha. It's also important to note that you can (and should) target yourself with Altar of Dementia to give yourself more options in your graveyard. The fact that you can infinitely mill your opponents later on is just gravy.

My rationale for having Mindclaw Shaman over Mesmeric Fiend (or the mostly better Tidehollow Sculler) is that, while they both strip a card from your opponent's hand, Mindclaw Shaman lets you cast that powerful card for yourself. This seems much better to me in a multiplayer environment, where you need to get maximum value out of each card in your deck. It's especially useful when your meta is filled with cards like Demonic Tutor, Time Stretch, and Expropriate like mine is.

I am indeed aware of using the stack tricks for Fiend Hunter, etc. They wouldn't make the deck otherwise, because I don't want cards that are only temporary solutions since removal is so common in commander.

Serra Ascendant is something I'm considering, since I own a couple copies. Just isn't in the deck for now since my meta is so combo-oriented and the lifegain tends not to matter.

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