Haunted Cloak


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Haunted Cloak

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has vigilance, trample, and haste.


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Haunted Cloak Discussion

Wapulatus on Make Mono-White Great Again (Amonkhet Edition)

15 hours ago

Austin_Smith_of_Cards Loving all of these suggestions.

Anointed Procession is something I completely forgot about when looking through Amonkhet for cards to slot in. Thanks for bringing it up.

My curb needs to be lower. I originally thought Fencing Ace and Aerial Responder wasn't worth the slot-in, but now that I'm seeing nothing much happening with this deck until turn 3, I think I need to slot in more low-curb creatures.

Considering most of my tokens are 1/1s and will still be 1/1s until I can pull out anthems, Skeleton Key is looking more appealing. Also card draw is important in white, even if it is looting.

Haunted Cloak and Chariot of Victory were cut out before because I needed more creatures for the deck, as the equipment were leaving me with an empty board until the late, late game.

I'll be maybeboarding most of these until I can find cards to slot out for them. Possibly the Kaldra Combo, but I really want to make that work.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Make Mono-White Great Again (Amonkhet Edition)

1 day ago

If you're going to be stressing tokens as your primary strategy in this list, Anointed Procession is the premium card to be included. Considering it's a colorshifted Parallel Lives, the price on TCGPlayer right now is insane; pick up a playset while they're still low.

Three mana for three keywords; Aerial Responder is a great early drop with relevant abilities.

Haunted Cloak and Chariot of Victory are two keyword soup equipments with the low, low equip cost of on each. Not bad cards.

Fencing Ace is a cheap double striker you can drop early on your curve.

Skeleton Key is the only card that is able to give skulk to each of your creatures in monowhite. Also comes with a looting ability, which is decent.

Awesome list! I've built an Odric deck myself and it's tons of fun to pilot. Good luck at your LGS!

ArkamaZanku on Voltron Generals

1 week ago

I have a little bit of Voltron in my Lazav deck. Mainly just equipment like Chariot of Victory, Bladed Pinions, and Haunted Cloak that give lots of keywords and evasion. Darksteel Plate makes him a nightmare to deal with.

YeahWeKnow on Oh My Fucking Godric

1 week ago

DarkEclipse18: I'm pretty keen to try out Oketra the True in the deck once Amonkhet releases, Double Strike is disgusting. I can even avoid her downside if I curve out properly and play a 1-drop, 2-drop and 3-drop.

With regards to Trample, I used to run a few copies of Haunted Cloak in the deck but I didn't really like the cast and equip costs. At the moment I'll settle for the flip side of Lone Rider  Flip.

Thanks for the comment!

GabeBurch on Glorybringer: the Final Trial (Amonkhet Standard)

1 week ago

I like this deck. +1

You mention 'cheating the Exert' on Glorybringer, but I don't see any way to do so other than Arlinn Kord  Flip.

Perhaps some extra vigilance options from Cathar's Shield, Haunted Cloak, True-Faith Censer, Always Watching , or Iona's Blessing?

Darth_Savage on Blue Colossus (Need help to make competitive)

1 week ago

The border posts seem useful here, as you can play them for less than the mana cost Fieldmist Borderpost, Mistvein Borderpost.

Also for ramp Vedalken Engineer and Renowned Weaponsmith will speed up the deck, artifact or not Hedron Archive is slow and modern is a turn 4/5 format.

Most of the time Spatial Contortion might as well be Vapor Snag.

Frogmite or Spire Golem, again you could get them out earlier than their cost.

You also need options to push your damage through, O-Naginata, Vorrac Battlehorns, Chariot of Victory or Haunted Cloak. You need one of these because Akroma's Memorial will get removed, if you even get it into play.

Renegade Freighter will probably do more for you than Lodestone Golem and the Treasure Mage can crew it.

Thoughtcast over Thirst for Knowledge is probably the right call too.

I could add some non-budget ideas too, but this seems like enough for the moment, hope it helps.

Hexcimal on Insert Token Here

2 weeks ago

(Apologize for the long post in advance.) Show

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