Haunted Cloak


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Haunted Cloak

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has vigilance, trample, and haste.


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Haunted Cloak Discussion

WillySmasher on You are Over-Encumbered | Non-Voltron Primer

6 days ago

Thanks for taking a look Daedalus19876 I'll be making a few changes based on your suggestions, first is Mother of Runes is now in the deck, originally I misunderstood what she did but she has now earned a spot.

Also Scroll Rack I didn't really know how to use it properly (I'd always put something on top that I wanted and accidentally tutored and shuffled it away and other various misplays) but after reading through your primer it's an auto-include for the scroll rack + land tax combo.

Most mana doublers I've tried but found they slowed me down in the past, this deck has evolved so much however so maybe Caged Sun might help. Extraplanar Lens in my meta isn't run because it's a huge target (mainly for personal reasons, I'll just say when any of my friends play it I destroyed it so they'd also be down a land and now they seek revenge.) Had to cut it from my colorless wastes deck for that reason lol.

I've considered Scourglass but it's just a meta-call, my combo friend always keeps a tutor in hand and I don't think Scourglass would make it around the table.

As for the lands I've just been testing I change between 34 to 37 lands all the time since the land base is one of my biggest weakness when deck building.

I cut Haunted Cloak and am thinking about cutting Helm of Kaldra. I only keep the helm for the off chance I have the other two pieces (or Stonehewer Giant since I'll search for both those pieces anyway) and will tutor it for an indestructible 9/9 that can't be Gilded Drake'd or Toxic Deluge'd but on it's own it's kind of a dead card. What do you think?

Duelist's Heritage and Silverblade Paladin would love a spot, I'm just bad at making cuts. I can think of one card I could cut but I don't know which to add both Silverblade Paladin can beat down on his own but if I don't have another creature he's a 2/2 and is more susceptible to removal but can be recurred with both Emeria, The Sky Ruin AND Sun Titan. Duelist's Heritage seems like the stronger of the two can be tutored with Enlightened Tutor and if I understand it correctly I can give an opponents creature double strike if they hit an opponent?? Only down side I can think of is Sword of War and Peace and Etched Champion.

Again thank you for the kind words and suggestions, I previously skimmed through your primer when building this but finally fully read it ;)

Daedalus19876 on You are Over-Encumbered | Non-Voltron Primer

6 days ago

cracks knuckles This should be fun! :)

One of the first EDH decks I ever played against was a Kemba voltron deck, and my pet deck has been my Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER* voltron list (which also might give you some ideas). There's a beauty in simplicity inherent in Voltron strategies. With some experience with Voltron, here are my thoughts on your list:

1) Generally speaking, it does work better to whack people with your commander, just to take advantage of that handy commander damage rule. But I understand that your non-reliance on your commander is the unique thing about this deck, so I won't suggest swapping commanders. That being said, I would test a few games with Sram at the helm, because he's one heck of a drug in this kind of deck ;)

2) Your creature base looks fine. The only major omission I see is the lack of Mother of Runes here. Ranger of Eos and Recruiter of the Guard can also be great tutors. And Silverblade Paladin is great for getting in faster damage and giving doubled Swords triggers...

3) You need a Scroll Rack to pair with Land Tax and Sword of the Animist.

4) Extraplanar Lens and Gauntlet of Power and Caged Sun can double your mana here. Amazing ramp in many slower decks like this.

5) Scourglass is possibly better than All Is Dust here. Play them both anyway :)

6) With an average CMC of 3.4, I personally would not dare play as low as 34 lands (Maze of Ith doesn't count because it does not produce mana).

7) I would take a look through your equipment and cut the lower-impact ones. In any deck planning to win via combat damage, every single card needs to have a major impact when it hits the board. I've never found Deathrender or Haunted Cloak to do enough to justify their inclusion in my decks.

8) Double strike is your best friend in aggressive decks. I am currently loving Duelist's Heritage (though many of the best options are in boros colors alas).

9) Your primer seems like a good start! :)

Happy deckbuilding!

MegaMatt13 on Sram's Workshop

1 week ago

MassiveZelly, thanks for the suggestion. I've thought about including the other "Kaldra" equipment. The sword is by far my favourite due to the large power buff and removal ability. The other two are more expensive versions of equipment already in the deck (Darksteel Plate and Haunted Cloak). The chances of having all three of them out is pretty small. Still, it's worth considering. I'll think about picking up the other 2.

DarkEclipse18, I would love to pull off making Brisela by including Bruna. Unfortunately the deck doesn't have ways to tutor for the 2 angels so the chances are pretty slim of having them both. Bruna by herself is just OK. Her sister is far more efficiently costed. I had Conviction in when I first made the deck. I wish it costed 1 mana like Flickering Ward. It would make it so much better for cycling. However, I'll still think about throwing it back in if I can find room.

hoardofnotions on Cheap-Manno, Revolutionary(<15$)

1 month ago

Relic Seeker- probably too expensive, but it's your budget stoneforge mystic

Skyhunter Skirmisher- carries a sword or enchantment well

Wing Shards- board control. Plus a personnel favorite i don't see played much

Mass Calcify-on color Plague Wind

Mask of Memory- card draw in mono

Ring of Thune vigilance and a slowly growing threat

Trailblazer's Boots unblockable always!

Haunted Cloak- generic good stuff equipment, this one is iffy

Mind Stone mana rock that draws you a card

Bonehoard big dude and allows for commander kills (hopefully)

Oblivion Ring removal

Secluded Steppe better than a plains imo

Drifting Meadow better than a plains imo

New Benalia better than a plains imo

Kor Cartographer iffy mana ramp. seems like you don't need to ramp after 4 lands but in case you wanted that option

Decree of Justice finisher and card draw!

Tamiyo's Journal card draw!

Darksteel Mutation commander lock down!

Faith's Fetters hits everything and more removal!

Armored Ascension commander killS

shagg on Pia's Ravenous Intrusion

1 month ago

Invigorated Rampage, Haunted Cloak, and or Inventors' Fair? I feel that, with only 5 cards that get damage past the board and to your opponent, you might consider adding a few or a means to tutor for them.

shagg on RG energy

1 month ago

Larger Than Life, if you don't mind the sorcery speed, would be a nice addition. Lightning Runner might have some promise too. Haunted Cloak maybe.

shagg on Simic Pummeler

1 month ago

I like the way energy builds so fast with Panharmonicon out, and the counters build up equally as fast with Fabrication Module out as well. With that little combo, you might cut Highspire Infusion and run Glimmer of Genius. You need more land though, I had to mulligan a lot playtesting this. Lumbering Falls I personally don't like, but I know some are fond of their creature lands. I don't like that there is no way to bring it out untapped, and a 3/3 with basically a 4cmc that takes a land to the graveyard if it dies doesn't appeal to me. With only 2 colors, I don't think you need the 8 dual lands. The 4 Botanical Sanctum should be fine. I'd bring it up to 23-24 lands though. Also, an Inventors' Fair or 2 can really help when you get stranded and you're missing an artifact from your combos.

Pacification Array is a card that's really undervalued at drafts, but in constructed I don't think it really makes the cut. If you want to get past blockers Key to the City is better, or you could just go with Haunted Cloak (haste as an added bonus!) or Larger Than Life for trample. With all the energy you're rocking, your Electrostatic Pummeler doesn't need much of a bump before you start doubling it, and you have some +1/1 counters you'll be dropping as the energy comes in.

shagg on G/U pummeler

1 month ago

Updates:Key to the City swapped out for Haunted Cloak (can fetch with Trophy Mage)

Slip Through Space is tempting, but I opted for Haunted Cloak instead. STS is nice for a 1 cmc, but the cloak I can tutor for. Both will cost me 1 mana the turn I use them, but the Cloak has the added bonus of Haste, so I can drop my Pummeler, equip the cloak and go if I have the mana for it.

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