Trepanation Blade

Trepanation Blade

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever equipped creature attacks, defending player reveals cards from the top of his library until he or she reveals a land card. The creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each card revealed this way. That player puts the revealed cards into his or her graveyard.

Equip 2

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Trepanation Blade Discussion

jandrobard on U/R/G Aggro

2 days ago

I like the idea of Trepanation Blade, but let's do some math.

Alright, so the average modern deck is about a little less that 1/3 lands. That means on average you'll give a creature +3/+0 going unblocked. That bonus seems a little lame compared to, say, any of the swords but BoM and FaF, both of which just aren't right for this. plus, you're fueling your opponent's Goyfs, Tasigurs, GraveTrolls, and other nasties.

Darcis on Blue/Black Mill

3 days ago

Mind Grind, Traumatize and Trepanation Blade are usually a little too slow for modern. Altar of the Brood is a little iffy, too, as it really just depends on how many permanents you draw, but you do run a slightly permanent heavy list. I recommend cards that are a little more mana efficient such as Mind Funeral, Visions of Beyond, and Thought Scour. Also, Drowned Catacomb might be a little nicer on the life total than Underground River, and Ghost Quarter can take lands directly out of their library and get Archive Trap activations. :P

kalango on Unblockable Rogues

1 week ago

Yeah i had my doubts about Trepanation Blade as well, and the Neurok Stealthsuit seemed an option because of the 'instant equip' factor it has. I had Inkfathom Witch removed because its ability mana cost didn't seem efficient to me at first since i always had only a few creatures in the battlefield.I'm really bent to have Swiftfoot Boots over Neurok Stealthsuit. Swords are too costly and situational imo. I thought of Sinister Possession to avoid opponents having heavy creatures that could attack me and in the case that taking damage was not an option. Grimoire Thief and Pulse Tracker are definitely an option, but i would still have a better damage-effect card that was not too costly than yet more creatures. Thanks for the suggestions btw. I'm probably gonna use a couple of them!

insertcleverid on Unblockable Rogues

1 week ago

You have 15 creatures and 19 things to attach to them, 8 of which stick when the creatures dies. I feel like this ratio is unplayable. If I were to have to lay down a starting point, I'd want to have at least 1 creature for each enchantment and 2 for each piece of equipment.

I think cuts will be easy tho.

Trepanation Blade is better at self-mill than crushing and you have no graveyard strategy.

Both Cloak and Dagger and Neurok Stealthsuit just makes it harder for you to suit up your voltrons. Swiftfoot Boots seems better, maybe Basilisk Collar, or swords.

Rouges, especially when you have so few, won't really block often so Sinister Possession seems sort of inefficient. I don't have a better example but when you can make the argument that Unholy Strength is a functional equivalent you may want to reconsider your strategy.

To replace, I'd look to Cold-Eyed Selkie, Grimoire Thief, Inkfathom Infiltrator, Notion Thief, Pulse Tracker, Inkfathom Witch

Tormentero on Thassa's Tiny Troopers

1 week ago

Trepanation Blade is silly in this deck. Especially once you get that islandwalk going. I'd honestly take out Mind Sculpt for that one. Trepanation Blade speeds up both of your win cons.

wereotter on Phenax Mill

1 week ago

Trepanation Blade? Especially in a format like EDH where people tend to play things like Boundless Realms to tutor out their lands, that can be especially painful, even better if you manage to be able to equip it to your Szadek, Lord of Secrets

wereotter on Szadek, Lord of Mill EDH

1 week ago

Trepanation Blade seems like it would be a good choice for equipment in this deck

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