Magma Spray


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common
Journey into Nyx Common
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Common
Shards of Alara Common
Promo Set Common

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Magma Spray


Magma Spray deals 2 damage to target creature. If that creature would be put into a graveyard this turn, remove it from the game instead.

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Magma Spray Discussion

Hasyame on Patriot Control - AKH updated for

6 hours ago


You know what? This card Magma Spray is good blast.And I'm thincking about keeping this card in my mind, and maybe add it to the actual deck (lets see later after other test).

Just for saying: I was not playing it yesterday in my T2 deck because friend of me want to play modern this night.. Well I say: "F*** lets do it." I'v fight versus a competitiv Living End deck and I won with this card in it. Exile the Fulminator Mage for example.

GabeCubed on Need Help Building Control (Post-Saheeli)

15 hours ago

I can't decide which would be best for the new (post-Saheeli Rai) Standard landscape. I'm hoping control is viable, as that will be the only reason for me playing Standard again. Here's my thoughts:

I have 3 ways I would go about it, synergy wise. First, Drake Haven build around. Hoping it'll be workable. Next, Gideon of the Trials and crew as my main win con. I really think this is the most powerful option. And finally, Torrential Gearhulk smash. Simple, and probably not elegant.

From those, I have several color combos:

UB - Grasp of Darkness and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet are the big additions from this mana base.

UR - Fevered Visions is cool, plus Magma Spray is awesome.

UW - Cast Out and the Gideon squad. Plus easy mana base.

UWR - Basically UW, with the addition removal of Magma Spray and Harnessed Lightning.

UWB - UW with now Transgress the Mind and Fatal Push. Also adds that black cycle enchantment (can't remember name).

UBR - Two one mana removal spells make this one alright, but has no Cast Out. Least likely option for me.

This is not an exhaustive list, I just want to hear your thoughts on what you think is the best, and why.

Thanks in advance!

Argeaux on Amonkhet Minotaurs

20 hours ago

Zaueski I was a bit skeptical about Oblivion Strike but it's been so good that I've not only been Siding it in against Gods, but just any time I want this to play more as Control.

It curves nicely in this deck, though.

Here is the Control curve:

  1. Magma Spray
  2. Cut / Ribbons
  3. Often a second Magma Spray or Cut / Ribbons
  4. Oblivion Strike

It doesn't hit Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, unfortunately.

It shuts those Gods down very effectively. Particularly Hazoret, who comes out at the 4 CMC drop. Often the Gods can't hit or block right away, so you have time to shut then down.

lursthegreat on Aggro Jund AKH

21 hours ago

Magma Spray in the sideboard for opposing Scroungers?

Argeaux on Emergency Ban Update: So Long ...

23 hours ago

Soz for the double post.

I predict that Mardu Vehicles will no longer be a thing as EVERY colour now has some form of answer for it.

The biggest problems for it are Magma Spray, the good old Fatal Push, and Sweltering Suns.

It hasn't been winning in the MTGO tournament.

IanG23 on Jund Monsters: The Resurrection

1 day ago

Thanks for all the notes everyone! Draxes33 Through experience with Lightning Axe, I've chosen not to include it. It's the worst topdeck because, unlike Bloodrage Brawler, you must have a card to discard in order to cast it (for the cost you want, at least, which is R). I respect the aggro decks (Mono Red Madness) and combo decks (Grixis Zombies) that wield it effectively, but this is not that deck.

pistachio28 and abby315 Thank you for so much constructive discussion! I would cut Sylvan Advocate before Scrapheap Scrounger in order to make space for Heart of Kiran. Yes, because Sylvan Advocate can't crew Heart until at least turn six. Yes, because no one is boarding in artifact hate for Scrapheap Scrounger. And yes, because Magma Spray is weaker than shock in a format with Copy Cat reigning supreme. But also because you can discard Scrounger to Bloodrage Brawler and not actually go down a full card.

Also, Unlicensed Disintegration is definitely better than To the Slaughter in this deck, especially if I run Heart of Kiran. This deck doesn't have enough board to control to make an edict work, even if we do hit delirium relatively easily. I also forgot I could redirect that damage to a planeswalker. Ouch!

As for Grasp of Darkness, you both seem to agree that it's better than Cut / Ribbons. You're definitely right, but I'm worried about how often this deck will have BB in its mana pool. Also, I can't discard Grasp to Bloodrage Brawler without losing a whole card, unlike Cut. This actually also applies to Heart of Kiran. Since it's not a creature in the graveyard, Scrapheap Scrounger can't exile it to recur itself, unlike Sylvan Advocate.

I do think its correct to go up a single Honored Hydra, even though we don't mind just slamming one of our planeswalkers turn 4 anyway, and playing Hydra as a huge 6 drop threat with recursion is good too. It definitely makes Bloodrage Brawler less painful and more consistent.

Finally, thank you for the land base example, I'll take a look :)

I appreciate your notes, take a look a t this new list and tell me what you think!

HolySeadramon on Impacto

1 day ago

Para un primer boceto de mazo, me parece que est muy bien centrado y dirigido. Aun as, hay algunas cosillas por ah que creo que habra que mejorar.

-El mazo tiene 62 cartas. Mejor recortar a 60, para robar las mejores con ms frecuencia.

-Mighty Leap es una carta muy buena en limitado, pero en estndar te arriesgas a que te hagan un 2x1 con facilidad. Creo que las criaturas que llevas ya pegan fuerte de base, y que estos huecos se podran cubrir con otras cosas mucho mejores.

-El Battlefield Scavenger me parece demasiado bueno como para dejarlo fuera del mazo. Es un coste 2, y te permite buscarte rpidamente en el mazo las cartas que ms falta te hagan en cada momento. Si espoleas con ms de una criatura en una misma fase de ataque, haces la habilidad varias veces, y podras incluso robar un instantneo para utilizar en ese mismo combate. He visto listas con 4, pero creo que con 3 podra bastar, ya que no es muy agresivo por s solo.

-La Sparring Mummy est muy bien para la presentacin, pero yo para estndar usara los Always Watching , que tienen un efecto ms duradero y fortalece a tus criaturas.

-La interaccin entre Trial of Zeal y el Cartouche of Zeal est muy bien, pero no estoy seguro de que sea lo que el mazo quiere hacer. A las criaturas pequeas ya te las comes con las tuyas mucho ms grandes y preparadas para el combate, as que creo que es mejor llevar respuestas contra cosas ms grandes y variadas. Cast Out o Stasis Snare me parecen muy buenas opciones, ya que son verstiles y tienen destello, que es fundamental contra vehculos y contra criaturas con prisa. El primero de los dos me parece mejor por pillar muchas ms cosas y tener un solo coste blanco.

-El cartucho, aunque te pueden hacer un 2x1 tambin, es posible que sea lo bastante barato como para mantener un par en el mazo incluso sacando de l las pruebas. No obstante, teniendo ya los 4 Bloodlust Inciter que dan prisa, tal vez sera interesante cambiar dos cartuchos por dos Ahn-Crop Crasher ms.

-Como ms removal, no soy muy fan de Magma Spray. Siempre me parece un efecto demasiado pequeo. Exiliar est muy bien contra algunos mazos, pero creo que si quieres llevar removal barato es mucho mejor Shock, que puedes lanzrselo a la cabeza al oponente para rematarlo, o a un planeswalker, como Saheeli Rai para parar su combo (importante en estndar).

-Creo que el mazo definitivamente necesita ms montaas. La mayora de los costes bajos del mazo son rojos, as que probndolo un poco he visto que la mejor secuencia de tierras es la que tiene en turno 3 dos montaas y una llanura en juego. De todas formas, las tierras dobles son tiles, y en un mazo que necesita pocas tierras tal vez sera interesante llevar 4 Evolving Wilds, aunque sean un poco lentas.

-El Devoted Crop-Mate es una carta que no haba pensado, pero que me parece muy interesante. Creo que 2 en el mazo es un buen nmero para comenzar. Yo hara los cambios y mirara qu curva queda para ver si realmente caben en el mazo o si fuera posible meter incluso ms.

Te recomiendo que para ver los cambios utilices la opcin Copiar (en el men de la izquierda) y modifiques sobre la copia para comparar una versin del mazo con la otra. Aun as me parece un muy buen comienzo para el mazo.

emrakulinsmugglers on Amonkhet is bringing back the -1/-1's

2 days ago

also, because of harvest season, i think you're safe running Merciless Resolve over painful lesson. because who needs lands when you've already got your archfiend out? i like this deck idea, +1 from me. although id like to see red included, jund has great sideboard options with general black removal, By Force, Manglehorn, Dispossess, Magma Spray, etc.

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