Fallen Ideal


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Fallen Ideal

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has flying and "Sacrifice a creature: This creature gets +2/+1 until end of turn."

When Fallen Ideal is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Fallen Ideal to its owner's hand.

Fallen Ideal Discussion

Leonantti on Cortez Cowboys | Elenda EDH

2 months ago

Thanks for the comments and upvote on my Elenda, I forgot to ask in my last message how well has your deck worked. Sometimes mine can get pretty quick out of hand if not dealt with properly xD Though it depends a lot on what kinda decks I'm playing against and what kinda luck I'm having.

Fallen Ideal has actually worked pretty well, last saturday it did nice things with Teysa Karlov when I sacrificed some creature tokens with Fallen Ideal and created me a huge Elenda that one shotted with that flying one opponent and the other scooped after that xD

Yeah, your deck sure is niche and I kinda love it for that, often my niche ideas or themes (that I would want to build around) do not work.

Suns_Champion on Cortez Cowboys | Elenda EDH

2 months ago

TheNocholas I'm glad my Neheb deck was some help to you! It's my favorite deck! Let me know how Bontu goes, I've been considering him too.

Astroaero thanks for the kind words! Boros is my passion but I'v been having fun Branching out to Orzhov.

I am not one to give cEDH advice by any means, that is not my space. But I will say that Elenda is delicate no matter what you do, which is part of why I decided to build her. She will not hold up in competitive metas. She is too weak to creature and artifact removal, and folds to any sort of graveyard hate. You could pimp this deck out with duals, fast mana, and all the expensive cards, and it would be a 9/10 on the competitive scale. To be cEDH you need 10/10. That's how I understand things.

Take that all with a grain of salt, again, cEDH is not my thing. Power to you if you can make it work!

Leonantti welcome back! Your list looks solid for sure! Curve is a little high for my taste, I'd work on finding cheaper win-cons. Curious to know how Fallen Ideal has played for you, I didn't find it to be very good. You have a very strong Teysa and reanimator target package, which I enjoy. My deck is much more focused on niche stuff like Haakon haha! You might want an Entomb for an easier turn 2 Reanimate play. Good luck!

SoulsSlayerKnight on Daxos The Returned and Spirits of Enchantments

4 months ago

multimedia Hey thanks for checking out the deck, didn't think you would find it anytime soon haha.

I definitely took your suggestions alongside everyone elses, I can see Fallen Ideal usefulness with flying and the ability varying but I like the idea of Spear of Heliod a bit more due to its 2nd ability and its the same cost but rather white mana. I understand ideal's point as in it comes back to your hand if it came from the battlefield which is an additional counter. I'll play around a bit with Ideal and Spear to see which works a bit better. I guess I like the idea of +1/+1 for everything more than giving one flying with the sacrifice effect. But the useful one is returning it in hand to play it again.

The help with two new lands and ridding of lands like the Guildgate also really helped out, I was stuck on finding a land to replace ones like that with and the ones suggested are a big help.

Otherwise there really isn't anything else that could've been said better for suggestions. Thank you very much :). These new additions and cards to cut looks alot better now. Thanks and really appreciated.

Also let me know if there's other ideas for casting enchantments or if there's anything else you could think of. Thanks again :)

multimedia on Daxos The Returned and Spirits of Enchantments

4 months ago

Hey SSK, nice to see you're now playing Commander :)

Several really good cards here, but I think you're going to have trouble getting enough experience counters fast enough for Spirits created by Daxos to matter. Daxos is a slow Commander, to increase the speed of getting exp. counters consider some low mana cost enchantments that can return themselves back to your hand to be cast again with either an ability or when they go to the graveyard.

Budget cards ($4 or less each) to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Kabira Crossroads
  • Orzhov Guidgate
  • Deadly Tempest
  • Spear of Heliod
  • Intangible Virtue
  • Necromancer's Covenant
  • Marshal's Anthem
  • Dictate of Heliod
  • Celestial Archon
  • Nighthowler
  • Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts
  • Archetype of Finality
  • Orzhov Cluestone
  • Stasis Snare

Most of these are high mana cost cards. I don't think you need all these anthem effects for tokens since the main source of tokens comes from Daxos and those tokens should already be big with high power/toughness.

Good luck with your deck.

Suns_Champion on Cortez Cowboys | Elenda EDH

4 months ago

Some changes for anyone interested; not enough to make an update about it so I'll comment instead.


  • Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip - While she's very good, just just didn't do anything well enough for me. Still on the radar though.
  • Fallen Ideal - I decided it needs too many things on the board to actually be good.
  • Diabolic Intent - Besides my personal dislike of tutors, it's not good early because I don't have enough early tokens. I think I'd rather have draw.


  • Burnished Hart - Great ramp, and with a little recursion(especially Sun Titan ) it is amazing.
  • Lingering Souls - Trying to up my early token count.
  • Necropotence - Draw to replace the tutor. It hurts my small discard theme, but only effects three cards overall and let's be honest, the benefits of necropotence still outweigh those downsides. I have Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel as well which make it even better. Plus, I own a copy, whereas I don't have any of the cards I removed.

Card I considered:

  • Enduring Renewal - the combo potential was there but was too hard to work around. Hurt my draw too.

Thanks for reading!

chailu on Ah, Curses!

4 months ago

I love the aura/curse theme, I had one a few years back that was made for casual play. It was a really slow paced pure black deck relying on lasting 5 turns and playing a curse of misfortunes.

I removed 3x Fallen Ideal and 2x Bitterheart Witch and 3x Faith's Fetters . To replace them I added 4x Ethereal Armor and 4x Cartouche of Solidarity .

I like the witch, and ran a playset of it in my casual deck, but I kept running into mana issues and not being able to afford the witch. Plus you have the issue of having to kill it off. I would rather be more aggressive early game with the one mana enchantments, and still have curse of misfortunes to rely on for later game curse combos if it drags on that long.

GoldenDiggle on Teysa Karlov

5 months ago

So first of all, I’d like to suggest a handful of death effects.

Ogre Slumlord spits out nasty deathtouchers that can deter many non-lethal attacking forces, only first strikers would want to swing into them.

Blood Artist is a favorite of mine, hits all creatures that go to yards and is a constant life swing, it’s a card that is situationally better than Zulaport Cutthroat.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded offers a tutor for a sac and two life. In this deck that doubles to two tutors. A bit high cmc but being able to tutor in response to other players can win you the game in as little as one rotation.

Fallen Ideal is an amazing win con to have in your back pocket. Throwing the enchantment on Teysa and sacrificing a mere 5 creatures is enough to swing in the air for lethal. As an added bonus, the enchanted creature can sac itself to dodge removal and return fallen ideal to your hand.

Culling Dais is a card that I used in my Teysa deck, here it has twice the draw power. With a tap to sac you can use it in response to removal in order to gain card advantage.

That’s all for now, you’ll hear from me again soon!

Spacebeest on Mazirek Sac-Storm: The *Primer* of Life & Death

5 months ago

Nice write-up! Probably took some good time to type it all down. I did have to sort your deck on type instead of your custom types to make some sence of it though ;) I’ve been working on a meren deck with a similar sacrifice idea for a couple of years now, though the plan is a bit different they here I do have some suggestions and tips based on my experience with the archetype.

There are probably some cards here that have been mentioned before or have been tested, so sorry for that.

sac outlets are the bread and butter of these types of deck. You always need one in play or the deck falls short (this is also one of the weak point that you can attack these decks on). Some sac outlets that I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

1) Evolutionary Leap . Except that it’s not a free sac outlet I think one of the best out there!
2) Spawning Pit . One of my favorites, create more tokens from sacing creatures and it’s free to activate. Also it can quite easily go infinite with Doubling Season
3) Attrition . It’s probably mentioned somewhere her and I probably looked over it because everyone knows this.
4) Altar of Dementia . Better in meren then it’s here but still has its uses if you want to go with an infinite combo.
5) Culling Dais . Value
6) Dark Privilege . Protection of commander and outlet in one.
7) Fallen Ideal . Recurring outlet is always nice.
8) Yahenni, Undying Partisan . Indestructible outlet.
9) Helm of Possession . If people are going big.
10) Plagued Rusalka . If people are going wide.
11) Claws of Gix . Can sac any permanent and is the cheapest outlet ever made.
Some utility creatures:
12) Wirewood Herald . This is one of my favorite fun cards in my deck. Your already playing a few good other elves (rec sage, izoni, wood elves, elvish visionary) so I definitely suggest adding this one!
13) Viridian Emissary and Primal Druid are all stars in my deck. Might be useful here over some of the 3 mana ramp creatures?? (Emissary is a bit better because of clamp, and it’s an elf).
14) Golgari Findbroker . Witness #2, also it’s an elf.
15) Sengir Autocrat and Mitotic Slime . These cards give 4 and 7 sacrifices respectively. They are some of the payoff cards that I use. Especially fond of autocrat since it works with savra and skullclamp very well.
16) Reassembling Skeleton . Another one of my payoff cards, and can get nuts of I have a good board. Also there are few ways to go infinite with this one (there is a 4 card combo with this in your deck right now).
17) Savra, Queen of the Golgari . It’s an elf and since it’s a creature its easier to tutor then an enchantment. The life gain is also nice!

And one more random card that doesn’t belong in above categories:
18) Foster . At 4 mana a bit expensive but boy what value this card can give!

Some of the cars you tested and took out I’d like to comment on. I find them very very useful and would probably never cut them in my deck:
19) Fecundity . This card is the best card in my deck, the only time it’s not great is when I’m playing against weenies or people are trading creatures with each other without me having a board presents. I don’t really care if people draw a card if I kill there 6 mana creatures because it still slows them down. What’s so good about this card that It provides us with a great amount of value. This card draws of tokens which is awesome and most of the creatures your running give to sac triggers anyway. In 90% the cases this card will generate more value for us then for other players.
20) Deathreap Ritual . The only reason I’d ever cut this card is the mana cost, which at 4 is a bit expensive. You however stated the reason for excluding this card is the lack of value. I’d like to point out that Morbid doesn’t only trigger at the end of your turn but at the end of EVERY turn. It also triggers when any creature dies, so it doesn’t have to be yours and, like fecundity, it triggers of tokens dying to!! In a four player game this card can give an easy 4 cards a round.
21) Golgari Germination . I like this mostly because I play above mentioned cards which benefit hugely from tokens dying, but even without this it’s a great card rewarding you for any sacrifice and being an enchantment it’s a bit more durable as well.
22) Sakura-Tribe Elder . At two mana and a build in sac outlet this card is a cheap ramp spell that functions at all time and can provide value even if you don’t have a sac outlet in play. But if you have experienced trough testing that you get more value out of a 3 drop ramp creature then it might be different for your deck compared to meren.

Hereby I end my epistle with a last note that if your looking to take out some card I’d look at everything above 4 mana and everything with X in the mana cost. I find I always take out these in the end since I can’t cast them reliably. (5 drops stay when they are very good for the deck though).

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Fallen Ideal occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%