Paradise Mantle


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Uncommon

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Paradise Mantle

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has ": Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."


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Paradise Mantle Discussion

CharonSquared on Plays a Lot like "Hit Me" in Black Jack!!!

2 days ago

Golem's Heart isn't worth its CMC. I would recommend Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice, which you can use to ramp into Ad Naus or cast for 0 after you get a couple Altars out. Paradise Mantle is another possibility. Briber's Purse is another CMC 0 artifact that you can put a little mana into to help stay alive long enough to get your Ad Naus. You'll want some discard like Duress either mainboard or in the side to strip their counterspells.

raefgall on Other People's Suffering

4 days ago

If you want to protect Macar, Champion's Helm, Mask of Avacyn, or Swiftfoot Boots grant Hexproof so that you can still target it with untap effects, Darksteel Plate grants indestructible.

Puppet Strings and Staff of Domination are other options to untap a creature.

Ways to make Macar unblockable would also allow you to attack with him as a means to tap him.

Something like Springleaf Drum, Survivors' Encampment, Holdout Settlement, and Paradise Mantle let you tap him for mana.

I'd highly suggest some additional creatures that benefit from your tap/untap theme.

JoeBlondie on Sram - Dwarf Enchantress

4 days ago

big changes in the deck!

In no particular order:


Strata Scythe : too high of a cost for just +X/+X, even if it can win some games

Godsend : same as before, too high of a cost and it functionally says "+3/+3 unblockable", except it is not unblockable when it matters. Can stop some big threats for a while but too situational. I love the card tho.

Prowler's Helm : just wanted to cut some redundant unblockable effects. We already have enough + tutors. You only need one of them when you want to win. Choice was between this and boots and I feel that walls are more common than only-basics

Paradise Mantle : seems amazing until you realize that we don't always have a creature doing nothing on the board that wants to tap for mana

Lightning Greaves : does't help to win, and we usually don't rely just on Sram to kill the opponent, so protection is not that important

Loxodon Warhammer : this cut is done just because the swords are better. Having a tutorable single source of lifelink can save some games tho, so better to still take this in consideration.

Cultivator's Caravan : I tried it, I didn't particularly like it. Sure, good versatility. However, most of the times its just a 3 cmc rock, not that great. The ability to attack is mostly irrilevant since its very incefficient to put equips/auras on it, and blocking still requires a creature to tap for it.

Smuggler's Copter : same issued as the caravan, plus its not versatile. Too much effort to just draw and discard occasionally. All considered, I preferer to run 0 vehicles.

Stasis Cocoon : too narrow. Sometimes can be great (can target breya, fast mana and other things), but other times its a dead card with no relevant targets.

Pacifism : a lot of problematic creatures don't act through the combat phase. Therefore this card is in the weird spot of being outclassed by 3cmc alternatives (prison term, arrest) and darksteel mutation, while also being often functionally equal to Kirtar's desire for double the cost.

Holy Mantle : there are better things to do with 4 mana. Putting it on a spirit dancer is sweet tho.

Faith Unbroken : seems a good combination of pump + draw + removal, until you realize that you are just setting up a very bad 3 for 1 later on. Not terrible thanks to Sram, but there are better plays at 4 mana.

Kor Sanctifiers : the card is ok, however the lack of recursion potential makes so that there are better alternatives.

Stone Haven Outfitter : I was excited for this card being a sort of second mini-skullclamp. Then you realize that this guy passive +1/+1 actually makes skullclamp useless and you really don't want him on the field.

Drifting Meadow : having increased the number of colorless lands, we really don't want too many tapped lands. This gets cut because of the 2 cost of cycling, worse than steppe

Disenchant : here you can cut demystify instead, your choice. Disenchant is more versatile but more costly. Usually I find that enchantments are more problematic than artifacts and I really don't want to face a Stasis with the need of 2 mana open. But I can see it useful when you sit in front of a sharuum/breya/memnarch. Its up to you. You still probably want one of them for the insant speed, for sorcery speed alternatives is better to have recurrable permanents.


Sjorpha on Sunforger

1 week ago

Now aside from the combo and the misunderstanding about sunforger requirements, I see a few problems with the deck.

The two main ones are that your mana base is simply not up to snuff for dealing with all those mana costs, both in side and main. I recommend cutting all the black and blue mainboard cards for now. Research is the only card that needs green, so 8 forests doesn't make a lot of sense here. What you need here is a way to make that UG on the fly without compromising on your white/red land base too much. Manamorphose really IS the best card for this, as it can be either cast from hand or with Sunforger when you want to cast Research, and honestly I have a hard time seeing how the Research plan works without it, plus it's the only way to actually combo as described in the above post. So if Manamorphose is too expensive I'm afraid you are better off with a pure R/W deck. Also your deck should up the land count to 22-24 since the budget prevents the fixing and low curve my deck has, you are better off with some extra lands. I would run a playset of Evolving Wilds in there along with a basic island and a forest, and another copy of Paradise Mantle. Another excellent way to fix mana in this budget version would be Sword of the Animist.

The second problem is that your creature count is too low, like way way too low. If you include the manlands and living weapons my deck has 15 creatures, and that is still skirting on the low side IMO. So I'm assuming Puresteel Paladin was cut for budget reasons here, and obviously the Inkmoth Nexus is very expensive too.

So what are good budget alternatives here, for starters I think Thraben Inspector is a great alternative here for a cheap early body that also adds an artifact to the board. Brass Squire can provide extra free equips and act as a replacement for the paladin. Stonehewer Giant is a good lategame bomb in this deck to run as a 1 or 2 of. I also recommend running a couple manlands as a last ditch creature to equip sunforger on, for example Forbidding Watchtower. Also you can run a Mortarpod as the second living weapon. Your total creature count should be 14-20 including manlands and living weapons.

You don't really need 3 copies of Swiftfoot Boots, it is better to run 1 and go up to the full 4 Open the Armory and more creatures.

I really recommend at least 1 Boros Charm, it protects you against boardwipes as long as you have a sunforger equipped.

Good luck!

Scion_of_Darkness on Did You... Get That Thing I Sent You?

2 weeks ago

Word. That's a good point you make with the Golgari Charm. I usually don't pick the -1/-1 option, instead choosing the destroy enchantment option... but it also erases the free tokens, and I do risk the Blood Seeker. I like those instants because of the medley of choices. I might go with Springleaf Drum over Paradise Mantle, only because I can tap a creature immediately for the mana. But adding mana for speed isn't a bad idea.

deadlab on Did You... Get That Thing I Sent You?

2 weeks ago

Haha, this concept is fantastic. It really makes me laugh! Im definitely going to build it. The only thing I might add is a few Paradise Mantle to make it faster. You could attach it to a Blood Seeker and have more mana to work with by turn 3 and on. Plus the equipment will stick around if you end up killing the Blood Seeker with a Charm. I would probably take the 4x enchantments down to 3x and maybe drop a land to make room. Anyhow, nice work!

Spenzerr on Team Effort (Quest for Renewal $50 budget)

2 weeks ago

Hey i've been trying to make Disciple of Deceit work in a modern deck and this looks sweet. I would suggest getting rid of alot of the green cards in place of more discard like Duress or Kitesail Freebooter and run a playset of Paradise Mantle and some more removal and counter spells. If you can get Freed from the Real + Paradise Mantle on either Night Market Lookout or Siren of the Silent Song it combo kills much like the other green cards but easier on your mana base.

stevend11 on Daxos Artifact Voltron

1 month ago

In advance sorry for the length and for any duplicates. Ardent Recruit Armament Master Armory Automaton Auriok Edgewright Auriok Glaivemaster Auriok Steelshaper Auriok Sunchaser Brass Squire Etched Champion Etherium Sculptor Grand Abolisher Ironclad Slayer Kemba, Kha Regent Kitesail Apprentice Kor Duelist Kor Outfitter Leonin Den-Guard Leonin Shikari Lumengrid Sentinel Master of Etherium Militant Inquisitor Myr Adapter Myrsmith Puresteel Paladin Relic Seeker Riddlesmith Skyhunter Cub Soldevi Machinist Stoneforge Mystic Sunspear Shikari Training Drone Angelic Armaments Armed Response Armory of Iroas Auriok Survivors Auriok Windwalker Avacynian Missionaries  Flip Avacyn's Collar Balan, Wandering Knight Basilisk Collar Blade of Selves Bladed Bracers Bladed Pinions Bloodforged Battle-Axe Broodstar Butcher's Cleaver Captain's Claws Carry Away Champion's Helm Conqueror's Flail Dispatch Dowsing Dagger Empyrial Plate Enlightened Tutor Ensoul Artifact Explorer's Scope Ghalma's Warden Golem-Skin Gauntlets Illusionist's Bracers Indomitable Archangel Infiltration Lens Inquisitor's Flail Leonin Abunas Lightning Greaves Loxodon Punisher Masterwork of Ingenuity Neglected Heirloom  Flip Open the Armory Padeem, Consul of Innovation Paradise Mantle Quest for the Holy Relic Ring of Thune Shield of the Avatar Shield of the Righteous Shuko Sigarda's Aid Sigil of Valor Skullclamp Spy Kit Steelshaper Apprentice Steelshaper's Gift Stone Haven Outfitter Stonehewer Giant Swiftfoot Boots Sword of the Animist Sword of the Meek Taj-Nar Swordsmith Trailblazer's Boots Treasure Mage Trinket Mage Trophy Mage True-Faith Censer Umezawa's Jitte Vedalken Archmage Vedalken Infuser Veteran's Armaments Vorrac Battlehorns Whirler Rogue Argentum Armor Argivian Restoration Assault Suit Darksteel Plate Diviner's Wand Efficient Construction Elspeth, Knight-Errant Elspeth, Sun's Champion Ensouled Scimitar Fabricate Fireshrieker Godsend Grip of Phyresis Hammer of Nazahn Haunted Plate Mail Heartseeker Helm of Kaldra Loxodon Warhammer Magebane Armor March of the Machines Moonsilver Spear Nahiri, the Lithomancer Norn's Annex Open the Vaults Pariah's Shield Quietus Spike
Remember the Fallen Scytheclaw Shield of Kaldra Sickleslicer Slayer's Plate Stolen Identity Sword of Kaldra Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang Tezzeret the Seeker Thopter Spy Network Thoughtcast Trepanation Blade Whispersilk Cloak Worldslayer Cheers!

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