Paradise Mantle


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Fifth Dawn Uncommon

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Paradise Mantle

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has ": Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

Equip 1

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Paradise Mantle Discussion

Mr.Fblthp on Rashmi, Storm of Eternity

1 day ago

I made a Rashmi Deck too but i didn't think of using Aetherflux Reservoir as a win con, im gonna jam it in when I get chance. You should try using Whir of Invention to tutor for it as its instant speed and puts it directly into play. With Sapphire Medallion and Paradise Mantle you can double up the mana spent because it has improvise.

PickleNutz on Blue/Black Budget Affinity

2 days ago

Springleaf Drum and Paradise Mantle are great replacements for Mox Opal in a budget Affinity deck. Blinkmoth Nexus is pretty much needed also, if you want it to play similar. It's much cheaper than Inkmoth Nexus too. Inventors' Fair may also be useful. Etched Champion could be your win condition in games where you play creature heavy decks, so I would consider him. Solemn Simulacrum may even be a good option for his utility. The addition of some or all of these cards would still be greatly considered a budget version of the typical Modern Affinity. Arcbound Ravager, Steel Overseer, Mox Opal and the other cards associated with a typical affinity deck almost cost more than this deck in ones and twos.

Fireantus on The Lion, The 'Quips & The Wardrobe

2 weeks ago

So! Yesterday I took this deck for a serious round of testing at my local Magic shop and I am glad for it. It is unfortunately rather weak for now - by Doran Aggro wiped it out 9 out of 10 times, and I could win with it only if Doran had some obvious mana screw issue or terrible draws. Fighting against Anafenza aggro, Treft Voltrons or Combo Artifacts was a hard bargaing too. It looks like this deck is on the verge of being competetive, but still struggles with the real big boys of Tiny Leaders top decks. But that's okay, because everyone agreed that this deck is extremely fun and have great potential! Especially since you mentioned quite obviously that this is a budget deck, and for its low price it managed pretty well.

The biggest issue displayed during games is the deck tempo. Without Sigarda's Aid in hand it takes a lot of mana and turns to actually put all the sexy components on board to ensure you have some tools to deal with things your opponent will throw your way, and unfortunately this lack of tempo is hurting the deck a lot. Usually when I have Kemba with enough Eq's on her to start being a threat, I am on a verge of death or the enemy have significant board advantage.

So there are some ideas how to make this deck a bit more powerful:

Brimaz, King of Oreskos is considered a must for the aggro side. Simply put, we have few creatures and pretty much none of them is an aggressive tool beside Kemba, so even if they sit on board we rarely want to attack or even block with them, as they provide key utilities to our equipment plays. Cat King on the other hand can beat people down, generate more tokens for the Konda's Banner and Stoneforge Masterwork and help us fill the board for control of it.

Paradise Mantle is god damn amazing. First, it is a 0 mana artifact, so it helps with Metalcraft. Second, with Sigarda's Aid and/or Puresteel Paladin it becomes a sick Mana Ramping tool. With Equip cost 0 you can basically turn EVERY CREATURE you control into a mana source. Have 10 tokens? Now you have 10 more mana. With that mana you can cast more equipment. Draw cards for casting them from Sram, Senior Edificer or Puresteel Paladin and then cast them too! Paradise Mantle can speed up this deck significantly and it quickly teaches our opponents, that if they have any artifact removals on hand, they have to destroy it ASAP.

Second Sunrise is your Surprise Button. So, you casted your artifacts, have your Kemba in Full Voltron Mode, and then your opponent cast Pernicious Deed or Engineered Explosives or some other mass removal that for example destroy all artifacts. That's nasty. That's going to cost you a game, most likely. But what, if you could just use three mana to return all of the busted stuff to play? This card is a natural white counter for mass removal shenanigans. Worthy of giving it a Sideboard space perhaps?

Hanna's Custody is a beauty I am considering playing in Main. Giving all our artifacts Shroud is amazing. Sure, it's just an enchantment and can be removed, but that's kind of the point. With this on board opponent have to waste their Abrupt Decay effect cards first on this before touching any of our artifacts.

brokendwarf on fish for dinner

3 weeks ago

Drowner of Secrets + Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Intruder Alarm + Judge of Currents = infinite mill/tokens/life.

Use Drowner of Secrets to tap Stonybrook Schoolmaster to make your opponent mill 1. Schoolmaster will create a Merfolk token from being tapped, triggering Intruder Alarm to untap all your creatures. Repeat.

Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Freed from the Real or Intruder Alarm + Paradise Mantle + Judge of Currents = infinite tokens/life.

Tap Stonybrook Schoolmaster equipped with Paradise Mantle to make 1 mana. Schoolmaster will make a token, triggering Intruder Alarm to untap all your creatures, or use the 1 to untap Schoolmaster with Freed from the Real. Repeat the tapping process.

kamarupa on Etched in acid

3 weeks ago

1-2xBuried Ruin seems like a no-brainer in the mana-base. Maybe also 1xTomb of the Spirit Dragon.

Personally, between Thoughtcast and Fabricate, I'd drop Trophy Mage and add Ornithopter. That way you get another good target for Cranial Plating and an artifact to work towards metal craft and affinity. I also really like Myr Servitor. I think you may want to trim back the equipments in favor of more artifact creatures, so that could be a fun, low cost option.

Other artifacts to consider: Paradise Mantle, Springleaf Drum, Signal Pest, Memnite, Grand Architect, Godsend.

I'd add Ratchet Bomb and Pithing Needle to the sideboard. Maybe Elixir of Immortality, too, depending on your playing circle.

dankmim on Red/Blue Burn

4 weeks ago

A good card, though, for the deck would also be the Blistercoil Weird and Paradise Mantle combo.

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