Runechanter's Pike

Runechanter's Pike

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has first strike and gets +X/+0, where X is the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard.

Equip 2

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Runechanter's Pike Discussion

glok on Shu Yun, the Tiny Tempo

18 hours ago

Your curve is low enough to cut a couple lands, at least the Celestial Colonnade Tap lands in a temp decks can lose you the game drawn at the wrong time.

Delver of Secrets  Flip is very strong in this deck. I'm not sure about running both Grim Lavamancer and Runechanter's Pike in the same deck, they fight each other.

mr_spooner on B/U delver

4 days ago

If you're going with the Runechanter's Pike build, you really gotta add in some Thought Scour. Although you may consider milling your own deck dentrimental with potential cards you would've liked to use going into the graveyard, if you're going 4x with most of your cards, your deck should be consistent enough that losing those cards to the graveyard wouldn't matter. Think of it this way: in a game, you would never end up going through your whole deck and using all of your cards anyways, so milling yourself wouldn't hurt that much if you're running a full 4x with most of your cards. It would be more risky of course, if you have a few of those 1x wincons you're relying on, but you're not. A potential +3/0 with a single Thought Scour is huge IMO.

You can probably scale down to 2x Surgical Extraction, since having it in your hand early game would likely be a sitting, non-useful card. You can find a way to add in 2-4x of either Duress (or Thoughtseize if you got the budget...haha) or Raven's Crime (which is nice since you can throw away your lands with its retrace ability since you generally won't use a lot of mana). I can say probably going a full 4x on Doom Blade is probably the way to go.

And lastly, you probably want to more reliably draw more creature cards. You could potentially go with turns without seeing a single creature card in your hand, and that is no good. A common card seen in these builds is Invisible Stalker. If wanting to go more in midrange level, Vampire Nighthawk. I've never seen Gurmag Swiftwing often in decks, but I always believe it could be one heck of a surprise finisher, and it seems suitable for this deck. Vault Skirge is another suggestion. Just card suggestions for you to play around with. Good luck!

vintagebeard on Melek, Crazy Science Experiment (HELP WANTED)

1 week ago

Joshtrex1996 its no problem! I am a senior in high school and planing on going to collage for mechanical engineering next year so I don't have much of a budget ether, most of my purchases are made with prize money from fnm so I absolutely understand budget, I personally still don't have a cryptic command despite having my melek deck for almost 3 years now! but anyways keep on doing what you do, I love decks built for fun and melek is a great general for both fun and having a good shot at winning a few other suggestions I came up with are Runechanter's Pike And Charmbreaker Devils both are great for bringing the beats!!

erabel on Talrand EDH

1 week ago

Hinder's another really nice counterspell you've missed.

Call to Mind, Relearn, Archaeomancer, and/or Pull from the Deep are good ways to recur spells. Psychic Spiral works in the same vein, allowing you to reset your whole deck and play all them cantrips again.

Possible cuts: Otherworld Atlas (why the symmetric card draw? Why not Temple Bell over this, at the very least?), Trinket Mage (you've got all of two legal targets to search for with this guy.), Thada Adel, Acquisitor (this one might be a personal thing or a meta call, but it isn't synergistic with what Talrand does at all), Silent Departure (Flashback is not worth sorcery speed. Run Vapor Snag.), Leyline of Anticipation (one third of your deck is instant-speed anyway, and another third is lands), Cancel (there are better counterspells. There are always better counterspells.), Faerie Conclave (it's underwhelming in EDH. Can technically hold a Runechanter's Pike, but why not use the mana you need to animate it to make a Drake to attach it to instead? Works just as well.).

pokeyrabbit on [Budget] [$50] Mono Black Infect

1 week ago

Runechanter's Pike provides a nice boost and makes it hard for Phyrexian Crusader to lose in combat.

deckmonster99 on «It's not like you wanted those cards anyway»

2 weeks ago

Runechanter's Pike is one of the best cards i play in my deck that is a little like yours. if will turn any creature into a force to recon with in your deck i would play a x1 or x2 probably.

deckmonster99 on Twist of Fates

2 weeks ago

@micah1 thought about splashing blue but for other reasons than ultimatum, ultimatum would not be great in this deck due to it costing way to much and having tons of red/blue to play it. by 4th or 5th turn my opponents are already top decking for the most part with little to no cards in hand. Empty the Pits and Runechanter's Pike have been super effective win cons for me and im sticking with them. last night in a game i made 14 zombie tokens with Empty the Pits against a soul sisters deck that had 60 life and won the game three turns later. and more often than not when i play Runechanter's Pike my opponents say gg lol. Waste Not really boost my black mana so much early turns while im tapped out playing my discard spells i end up with like 4 to 6 black mana 3rd turn after im tapped out so black only spells like Phyrexian Obliterator,Vampire Nighthawk and Liliana of the Veil have been really good, and tbh there some of the most op cards that exist in the format. Phyrexian Obliterator and Liliana of the Veil are win cons in there own right, especially when played 3rd turn after most there hand has been decimated.

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