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Runechanter's Pike

Runechanter's Pike

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has first strike and gets +X/+0, where X is the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard.

Equip 2

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Runechanter's Pike Discussion

Darco on Blue Highway

4 hours ago

I added two snapcasters into deck and made some minor changes.

I took one Runechanter's Pike , Omenspeaker s and Ghost Quarter s away and added single Frost Titan and second Augur of Bolas . I also sideboarded Echoing Truth s and put two Repeal s into mainboard.

I haven't tried Repeal s yet but I think they are good at bouncing low cmc creatures like Champion of the Parish and those have no card loss.

cantthinkofacreativename on Budget Delver (Advice appreciated)

1 day ago

Burst Lightning is better once you hit your 5th land, which is hard to do with only 19 lands in the deck. This deck's goal is to end the game as fast as possible, as it gets overpowered in the late-game, whereas Burst Lightning is meant to close out the game if it goes really late. Just a suggestion though. If you do decide on adding a Runechanter's Pike , maybe take out just a single Burst Lightning . Up to you. Great deck!

cantthinkofacreativename on Budget Delver (Advice appreciated)

1 day ago

I've played this deck for a few months now (on MTGO), and from my experience, I never reach the 4-5 land drop (I play 19 lands as well). Consider dropping Burst Lightning and adding another Pillar of Flame , and a single Runechanter's Pike . The pike has won me several games against combo (mostly Storm and Pod), and helps with the Affinity match-up.

thuzra on Meta Puncher

2 days ago

It seems every time I revisit this page the deck has evolved to an entirely different concept and strategy. Not bad, of course, time demands change and optimization, but do you archive the previous incarnations? Never hurts to learn from the past. Also - this build, while perhaps more consistent, seems more vulnerable to streamlined fair decks; something like burn might be a problem? Just in theory.

Anywho, onto suggestions/etc.: Some of the cards in here seem a little too slow, by their nature, to me - not that they are, you have more experience with this deck - like Psychogenic Probe or Cosi's Trickster . Granted, they might be just fine with your Counterbalance backup keeping the opponent on their toes with crossed fingers. Ashiok, likewise, doesn't seem to be where you want to go in the cock-block direction. It (yes, it - let it be known Ashiok is sexless) seems like a better card in a mill deck than a cruel control deck. Perhaps an interesting sideboard card, but by itself? I don't think it's mainboard material. Black Sun's Zenith is interesting, but also seems a sideboard card. Again, I'm not the man behind the wheel, so I'm not as experienced, but those are my critiques.

I would definitely have Remand and Shadow of Doubt in the main. I know SoD nombos with Trickster and Probe, but it gives you a lot more reach and interaction when you need it, and it cycles. ALSO SCHNAPPI. And what do you think of Runechanter's Pike and Hurkyl's Recall for SB options?

Sorry for all that! I like the twists and turns the deck is taking. Alas, you get but one +1 (let us shed a tear)

uiuiho12 on 2014-07-20 update of 99 Shades ...

3 days ago

in the majority of situations, Castigate is worse than Inquisition of Kozilek + Thoughtseize .

Midnight Haunting is Lingering Souls except shit. if you want more token creation, Bitterblossom + Brimaz, King of Oreskos + Hero of Bladehold are better options.

Marsh Flats > Caves of Koilos as you only pay life once.

Doomed Traveler is not an influential card and a terrible top-deck after turn 1.

Runechanter's Pike is an interesting idea but it is simply not as strong as other weapons in modern, any of the swords or something like Batterskull should replace it. if you want a weapon at all.

dasickbert on Suchi

4 days ago

OK first i like the overall direction with the deck and most of the cards you are using are fine but there are a few little bugs that make your deck a little worse for wear, lets start with the counter spells i would remove Daze and Memory Lapse definitely daze is very tempo based in legacy he's good because of the speed of the decks and such but in commander where players usually have a high excess of mana its gonna be useless a lot of the times im even considering taking out Mana Leak out of my r/u control deck for the same reason, replacements i would tryForbid , if you can afford it Force of Will if not just straight Counterspell its the same cvc as Memory Lapse but does a better job, also maybe Dissipate for graveyard strategies , or Dissolve . If you wanna get freaky with it maybe even Desertion can lead to some interesting interactions. next although i love the card Epic Experiment when you play it with counterspells your just asking to get burnt. i would replace it with another big flashy spell that is gonna make a guaranteed board presence such as Rite of Replication cant tell you how many times this has saved my butt. next lets go to your artifacts as good as Chromatic Lantern is it feels a little bit wasted on a two color deck maybe replace it with a little mana excellerent or deck manipulation artiface such as Basalt Monolith , Mana Vault or Sensei's Divining Top , i would also take out the Gorgon's Head not sure why it's there if its to get your creatures through maybe run Runechanter's Pike , and as great as Into the Maw of Hell is we can do better with Blasphemous Act same damage usually cheaper and sweeps. And i would run Evacuation over Temporal Fissure . Lastly your creature most of them are good but i feel we could do better.Deranged Assistant ,Lunar Mystic Prescient Chimera ,and Spellheart Chimera , also Fire Servant i feel we could do better. You need creatures that add alittle bit more pressure with them i for one love running Inferno Titan over Fire Servant , usually will do more damage in the long run, maybe Consecrated Sphinx over Lunar Mystic or maybe even Arcanis the Omnipotent guaranteed draw is better than activated ability draw a little bit easier on the mana base too if you wanna keep mana up for counters. also maybe think of replacing Fabricate with Trinket Mage if most of your best artifacts cost one hell do a better job. also consider maybe Keiga, the Tide Star he's done wonders at creating a huge obstacle that my opponents cant attack me through, and also i've had wonderful success with Dack's Duplicate but you don't need to go the clone rout if you really want to, i would also think about putting a little bit more draw/deck manipulation into the deck its never a bad idea to add Ponder , Preordain or Deep Analysis , last card and this one u may disagree with me here is Thassa, God of the Sea she is a great card but she needs to be in a deck that is more about permanents if she's not a creature and it will be hard for you to make her a creature she's really not worth it. ill send you a link to my r/u edh deck it's built around melek and copying spells but should give you and idea of what im talking about hope this helps man. now i'm just gonna go though some cards i like for you to mull over, Bribery , Past in Flames , Cryptic Command , Hinder , Cast Through Time ,Chaos Warp , Counterbalance (only if you run Sensei's Divining Top ), Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , Psychosis Crawler , Spellbound Dragon hope this helps man

Darco on Blue Highway

4 days ago

I updeted my decklist! Things have changed a bit, I got more money to put into budget, and I have two Snapcaster Mage s now.

Augur of Bolas needs more testing. I used it first in place of Omenspeaker but I ended up putting my Runechanter's Pike s and creatures on the bottom of my library. I got so much bad luck with this card, so I got frustrated and put Omenspeaker s in. Omenspeaker helps flipping delver too.

Deprive looks good. I'll try that. They are not expensive either.

Disrupting Shoal looks interesting, I will proxy it and see how it manages.

For sideboard I put Tormod's Crypt in. I think Tormod's Crypt is better now when I have those two Snapcaster Mage s. I don't have to remove my graveyard from the game.

Dismember can be swapped to Gut Shot if my enemy plays lots of weak creatures.

Redirect s are red burn hate. I can sideboard two Mana Leak s and put two Redirect s into deck when I play against burn deck. I haven't tried these yet so I don't know how they work.

tchau204 on 2014-07-21 update of Bl(izzet)krieg Bop

6 days ago

I know you really like Runechanter's Pike but I feel that the Spellheart Chimera should be enough to ride to victory -- however, he's very vulnerable, particularly to Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix . I know you have Vapor Snag to save him but I feel that you need more counter-magic to make sure he survives. I would remove the pikes in favor for Deprive and or Spell Pierce . You may be able to remove 1 of your removal spells as well in favor for more counter-magic. You can also try Mizzium Skin as a 1-of.

Good luck! +1 for using Spellheart Chimera. I love him and always wanted someone to make him work! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.21 $0.39 $1.37 $1.75
Cost 2
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.06
Avg. cube pick 9.39


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare