Runechanter's Pike


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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Runechanter's Pike

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has first strike and gets +X/+0, where X is the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard.

Equip 2

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Runechanter's Pike Discussion

slaftergames on HeHaGardenHoe's Izzet Deck

1 week ago

A few cards that came to mind: Rune Snag, Runechanter's Pike, Collective Defiance, Contingency Plan, Rise from the Tides, Aberrant Researcher  Flip

I love the deck; +1 and good luck.

_Minshakaa_The_Comb0ist_ on Izzet Taggro (tempo/aggro)

2 weeks ago

This is a great deck but I was thinking - idk why you have mutagenic or temur in there tbh.

It may be a 'tempo burn deck' but I see no real reason.

I can recommend a few cards: Runechanter's Pike is a great card and used to be a delver staple!

PLEASE ADD BACK Young Pyromancer It's such a good card!I think this could be a stretch but - Add some dual lands that are budget for green and add Firespout Great wipe (and with red it doesn't kill delver! Such value!!!

And finally - to go with Firespout maybe Judge's Familiar Because they have to play around it! If they can't - you can get rid of so many things...

Thanks for looking at this comment please visit my page and +1 ! _Minshakaa_The_Comb0ist_

Wurmlover on Metamorphosis [[PRIMER]]

3 weeks ago

m0x, Blinkmoth Nexus is pretty much my budget alternative to Mutavault. I also prefer it though because its a flyer, and can carry a Runechanter's Pike for extra damage. I will probably upgrade in the future with 1 Batterskull, 2 Vedalken Shackles, and Inkmoth Nexus

GoldenDiggle on Wincon's for Azorius Self Mill?

4 weeks ago

I second Psychic Spiral, its very strong.

Open the Vaults is a good win-con for a deck like this, pours everything onto the field.

Diviner's Wand and Runechanter's Pike are pretty good for surprise voltron. Diviner's is good if you run a lot of loot effects, and Runechanter's would work if you ran a few more spells/wipes. (of the two I would say Diviner's is better)

Epiphany at the Drownyard throws cards into your hand and yard.

Best of luck! The deck looks good!

BMpatrol on mono U spells

1 month ago

With Thing in the Ice  Flip and Delver of Secrets  Flip you really need to be popping as many instant/sorceries as possible, so I recommend taking these out:


And consider adding in the following:


And consider adding in the following:

Also, Flashfreeze is good, but you can also consider taking those 4 out for your 4 Spellskite.

Hopefully all of this helps!

g0r3gr1nd3r on Death Metal

1 month ago

Thanks for the input! I'll probably cut 2 Runechanter's Pikes and 1 Wrench Mind for 3 Plague Stingers

DiggleMcGee on Kraum and Bruse make you Bruised

1 month ago

Looks good! How quickly can it kill someone?

Try throwing in a Scroll of the Masters or a Runechanter's Pike, they are really good in Jeskai.

Other than that im not a Jeskai expert, but it looks good!

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