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Runechanter's Pike

Runechanter's Pike

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has first strike and gets +X/+0, where X is the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard.

Equip 2

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Runechanter's Pike Discussion

TallGreg on first delve(r) into modern

57 minutes ago

Grim Lavamancer is nice but it will hurt your Runechanter's Pike becuase you'll be throwing away your instants and sorceries, it will also hurt your Snapcaster Mage becuase you will have less options to flash back

it's reasonable to not run vendillion clique, the pricetag is really scary

as for Electrolyze it's amazing of course, though we are getting into the territory of too many good spells and not enough things to cut. going to 1 or 2 of each won't help at all since it will just make the deck inconsistent. you could lose the Magma Jet for electrolyze, the extra mana won't really hurt and the draw will be very useful to you.

TallGreg on first delve(r) into modern

6 hours ago

time to talk expensive stuff. Snapcaster Mage is very important to this deck, the ability to replay your instants and sorceries is huge. I would definitley replace Venser, Shaper Savant and Talrand, Sky Summoner for him. With that in mind I would recommend Quickling over Spellstutter Sprite becuase it's bigger and will let you bounce your Snapcaster Mage . it can also be used to pull your important creatures out of harms way.

I personally think Manamorphose is a decent addition, not only does it trigger your delver, but it also triggers your Young Pyromancer . a spell that fixes your mana, replaces itself and can even net you creatures is hardly a do nothing, and played from a snapcaster flashback it will actually net you card advantage. I'm not sure what I would pull for it

I'm not sure I agree with your 1 mainboard Spell Pierce , it's pretty good for the first 2 turns, but after that you would want the Remand s, one reason remand will be better that you may not have considered is this:

you play an important spell, Runechanter's Pike for instance and your opponent counters with a hard counter like Spellsnare. with Spell Pierce you could try countering their spell but they can probably pay it. but with Remand you can counter your OWN spell, let their spell fizzle , get runechanter back to your hand AND draw a card.

another alternatives to Spellstutter Sprite is Vendilion Clique which unfortunatley has a big pricetag but for good reason, it provides, knowledge, card advantage, and lets you protect your other spells. Even if you don't need to see your opponents hand you can target yourself and cycle a card for a new draw.

just some things to think about

enpc on Talrand's Party of One

12 hours ago

  • for Minamo, School at Water's Edge : Runechanter's Pike gives first strike. So swinging with a very buffed general only to untap him and have him as one hell of a blocker (so you're not having to waste lots of drakes chump blocking the big trampler) seems decent.

  • Yes, Ovinize is remove, but only for one turn. Turnabout can tap creatures, so as far as combat goes, Turnabout is better. And being able to use Turnabout both defensively and offensively seems kind of good. For combos, sure Ovinize can stall a turn but at the end of the day I would much rather a Counterspell or something, it just feels like using an Ovinize as combo protection feels a bit slap dash.

  • as for Foresee vs Uncovered Clues , I can't think of a single case where UC is better (other than the mana difference of 1). fair enough on the descision though, its BASICALLY the same thing with the severe under-representation of permanents in your deck :P

For some other recommendations: Rogue's Passage could be really good with that there Runechanter's Pike of yours :P

makes sense for the Sol Ring / Land Destruction stuff. I recently played in a multiplayer tournament where Sol Ring and Mana Crypt were both banned, so I get that. Unforetunately the thing with Sol Ring is, the player who gets it turn 1 has a stupid headstart.

Walrusyn on Rakdos Infection

22 hours ago

Minor tweak: back with 2 Runechanter's Pike once again. Vampire's Bite is great and served me well and both cards have their pros and cons, but I feel like that most of the times I was drawing Vampire's Bite I was wishing that it was Runechanter's Pike instead.

And Pike makes a great combo with Lili.

zego on Delve into the Pyro

2 days ago


funny fact i want to start into modern with UR Delver too ;) decklist here first delve(r) into modern

i like the Stromkirk Noble to get bigger and bigger in an aggro deck! nice onedrop creature i will try it for myself soon and here is my +1 ;)

the Spellheart Chimera isn't as good as Runechanter's Pike i guess - it dies to every Lightning Bolt and the trample isn't neccessary while you can clear a path with your spells, another plus is that Runechanter's Pike firststike allows your creatures to trade 1:0 in combat so you force your openent to play around it while the Spellheart Chimera will be attacked by each strength>=3 creature

Izzet Charm is a great flexible card but it is worse than manaleak Spell Pierce Faithless Looting Magma Jet or Pillar of Flame Remand --- in fact it is more flexible but it can't target player for 2dmg like burnspells should, it needs UR which isn't playable at each 2nd turn, and i don't like it :D

all in all i would replace the Spellheart Chimera with Runechanter's Pike and replace 2 Izzet Charm and 1 Magma Jet with 1 Dismember 1 Pillar of Flame and 1 Thought Scour (i think 2 Magma Jet are enough and a Pillar of Flame looks worse on the first glance but it exiles Kitchen Finks for example , if you use a sideboard play Magma Jet main and Pillar of Flame sideboard --- Dismember can deal with Stormbreath Dragon Thundermaw Hellkite Restoration Angel and most times Tarmogoyf --- Thought Scour is a nice drawspell that allows you to fill your grave with spells or interrupt your openent when he scryed some cards on top of his deck)

at least your creaturebase looks more red oriantated, whereass your spells got a blue favour but your landbase looks solid - maybe give it some testgames to see if you need to fix your mana some more but it looks ok on the first glance ;)

cards i would add : Dismember Pillar of Flame Thought Scour Runechanter's Pike and maybe some more blue creatures but i like the aggro Stromkirk Noble as well and i didn't tried him till now... decide on yourself :)

enpc on The Affordable Boltcare Act

3 days ago

I wouldn't get rid of Expedition Map just yet. Its a really good card for land fetching and with Tolaria West you have just doubled your chances of fetching. You might also consider putting a Rogue's Passage into your deck. Keranos, God of Storms + Runechanter's Pike + Rogue's Passage ( + Dictate of the Twin Gods ) should help you get to 21 general damage very quickly.

Darco on Blue Highway

1 week ago

I added two snapcasters into deck and made some minor changes.

I took one Runechanter's Pike , Omenspeaker s and Ghost Quarter s away and added single Frost Titan and second Augur of Bolas . I also sideboarded Echoing Truth s and put two Repeal s into mainboard.

I haven't tried Repeal s yet but I think they are good at bouncing low cmc creatures like Champion of the Parish and those have no card loss.

cantthinkofacreativename on Budget Delver (Advice appreciated)

1 week ago

Burst Lightning is better once you hit your 5th land, which is hard to do with only 19 lands in the deck. This deck's goal is to end the game as fast as possible, as it gets overpowered in the late-game, whereas Burst Lightning is meant to close out the game if it goes really late. Just a suggestion though. If you do decide on adding a Runechanter's Pike , maybe take out just a single Burst Lightning . Up to you. Great deck! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.21 $0.39 $1.37 $1.75
Cost 2
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.06
Avg. cube pick 9.39


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare