Inventor's Goggles


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Inventor's Goggles

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+2.

Whenever an Artificer enters the battlefield under your control, you may attach Inventor's Goggles to it.

Equip (: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

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Inventor's Goggles Discussion

Guinea779 on Sramforge's Aid... Wait a minute...

3 days ago

So I loved this idea and I tweaked it into a pretty slick aggro deck.

Myself I'm running

4 Toolcraft Exemplar4 Inventor's Apprentice4 Stone Haven Outfitter 3 Sram, Senior Edificer3 Weapons Trainer4 Kazuul's Toll Collector

2 Stitcher's Graft4 Cathar's Shield4 Inventor's Goggles3 Slayer's Plate

4 Sigarda's Aid2 Declaration in Stone

2 Inspiring Vantage 2 Needle Spires10 Plains9 Mountain

Just played it tonight at FMN and I got in the top 4. (we didn't finish because it was getting late and most of the guys were going to Columbus for the tournament on Saturday so we spit)

My notes were I think I need to drop the 2 Declaration in Stone and 1 Plains and add in 3 Haunted Cloak

Don't be discouraged over the low amount of land. You don't need a hole lot to play these low drop guys. I honestly believe this deck has a lot of potential. I played 3 control decks and 1 burn deck and I only had issues with a couple games but it was my fault and I should of Mulliganed other than that most of my matches were 2-0. Some went to game 3 but managed to pull ahead. Toll collector is a bomb in the later game when control is running out of gas.

Aric_Haldan on Boros Equipment with T3 Kill (Budget)

1 week ago

hi i was checking this one out because it was shown under similar decks from my Sram's Forge (boros aggro) and i just wanted to say that i think Sram, Senior Edificer will be great card to add when Aether Revolt comes out. Also i have personally found Stone Haven Outfitter to be fairly fast especially when combined with Inventor's Goggles which also work well with Inventor's Apprentice and Toolcraft Exemplar, i personally think he'd be a better fit than Kor Bladewhirl because it's also a base 2/2, it gives potential card draw and it strengthens any creatures who have been equipped and first strike will only be good against other decks that want to go wide. another decent addition from AER would be Kari Zev, Skyship Raider.

Ballzanya on Growing Menace

3 weeks ago

Some of the cards in the deck aren't very good for a competitive deck, (outside of sealed or draft decks). Narnam Cobra, Foundry Screecher, Highspire Artisan, and Inventor's Goggles. Since you're going for a counters and artifact theme, I'd move the two Cultivator of Blades, and Weaponcraft Enthusiasts to the mainboard. Add one more Scrapheap Scrounger as it's an amazing card against control decks. Add Woodweaver's Puzzleknot to the sideboard, and at least 3 Metalspinner's Puzzleknot to the mainboard.

Essence Extraction and Ruinous Path are great removal spells and both are fairly inexpensive to acquire. Noxious Gearhulk works well with panharmonicon and is also an artifact lets you sac it to the syndicate trafficker, if it is about to be killed anyway. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar seems like a good fit in your deck, she puts counters on all your creatures. I think she's around 4 or 5 bucks now, so she's not too expensive. Ob Nixilis Reignited is also around 4 bucks and he'd be good in the main, if not the sideboard at least, as a one-of. Four Tireless Tracker seems really good too because you get clues which are artifacts, which you can either sac to draw cards, or sac to your syndicate traffickers to put counters on them. Undergrowth Champion might be good too. It gets a counter whenever you play a land.

carechiga on R/W Panharmonicon

1 month ago

@fecalexodus Yes, he was a shoe-in in the sideboard against any problematic blocker or flier. Cards like gisela or spell queller are very good against this deck mainboard as we have virtually no way to remove them except to possible beat them in combat with a pumped angel of invention (but that means we wouldn't be able to generate the servos like we want to). Smuggler's Copter is also a concern, but the deck can actually outrace the copter. Another sideboard thought was Inventor's Goggles to protect fireweaver from cards like radiant flames and grasp of darkness, but I'm not sure of its full use.

gebell on Boros Artificer Allies [AER]

1 month ago

All good points. If I cycle back to trying equipment again I think I would be tempted to try it with four Inventor's Goggles and see. If you get the goggles on turn 1, into artificer on turn 2, that gives you a 4/5 with card draw if it's removed. But I definitely see what you're saying, I never got it to work well either.

smutazos on Red Artifact

1 month ago

Played this deck against my Budget R/W Vehicles Deck built around Kaladesh intro deck and it did not performed well.

Combustible Gearhulk is very fun card to play, but I wasn't able to play it - two times I got it on my hand I died before geting enough lands on the battlefield to play it. So I would throw it out.

Generally I don't see much synergy here. Yes you have Foundry Inspector so you can get artifacts cheaper. Yes you have Chief of the Foundry to pump artifact creatures. Yes you have Reckless Fireweaver to deal damage to your opponent but it's not enough.

If you want to stick with Kaladesh and stay very low on budget I would suggest:

1.Swaping Spark of Creativity with Built to Smash - this is kind of removal ;) it's instant speed and when played on artefact creature it can trample some damage in your opponent's face! And Spark of Creativity is a little bit risky - you don't know what you will draw (you don't have any scry cards).

2.Get rid of Skyship Stalker, Combustible Gearhulk, Inventor's Goggles and maybe Inventor's Apprentice (I know, I know - it's always good to have one drop with little synergy, but you will need some space in deck).

3.Consider adding Renegade Tactics - it's only sorcery speed, but for you can stop your opponent from blocking and draw a card (which is always nice)

4.For "little synergy combos" consider maybe adding Panharmonicon and some artifact creatures (or red creatures - but I'm not sure if there are any) with Fabricate ability. Imagine you have Reckless Fireweaver and Panharmonicon on the battlefield and you play Iron League Steed. For you get 2/2 with haste, 1/1 Servo and deal 2x2 dmg into your opponent's face.

5.Or maybe you should consider adding other colors? Just quick look at Kaladesh cards and I can see that black have some synergy with artifacts and some fabricate cards:-Unlicensed Disintegration instant speed removal + 3 in the face-Underhanded Designs suck life (triggers 2x with Panharmonicon-Tidy Conclusion little expensive, but if you have tons of artifact on the battle field maybe it's worth spending that -Marionette Master Fabricate 3 and dmg everytime artifact goes to graveyard

6.But if you want to stay mono red consider adding Vehicles instead of Artifact Creatures. There are good pilots in red color: Spireside Infiltrator, Speedway Fanatic. There is also Start Your Engines. As long as you don't crew the vehicles they count as noncreature artifact so you can ad Metalwork Colossus if you want a fatty in your deck and they will help you cast it. Some good budget vehicles: Sky Skiff, Renegade Freighter, Cultivator's Caravan, Bomat Bazaar Barge, Fleetwheel Cruiser.

Prysim on Beginner's Black

2 months ago

I agree with HyourinmaruX1's suggestions. I highly recommend Grasp of Darkness if you are going to stay mono-black. It removes most creatures and it does it at instant speed. You might also enjoy the flavor of Oblivion Sower. Plus it synergies well with Nightmare.

I would definitely take out Inventor's Goggles and Fortuitous Find they aren't helping you accomplish your goal.

As far as obvious fits, I think after you refine it and play test you will begin to see what it needs. Do you need more hand removal (Harsh Scrutiny, Transgress the Mind, etc.)? Does it need board whipes (Flaying Tendrils)? Does it need more threats (Nightmare, Noxious Gearhulk, etc)? Some of these decisions will depend upon which decks you play against and some will not. So keep in mind that if one particular strategy doesn't work against one deck that doesn't mean it is a bad strategy overall. For instance forcing your opponent to discard doesn't work well against decks that utilize madness.

After you do that if you still feel like it is missing something you might try to branch out to another color.

HyourinmaruX1 on Beginner's Black

2 months ago

I will assume, since you are new to the game, that you don't own a lot of cards and you might be hesitant to buy some really expensive ones, so i will give you some budget options.

A good plan for your deck would be to make one or two threats(things that can finish up the game) stick to your side of the board and keep the opponent's side of the board clean with your removal spells.

If you want to disrupt their gameplan, i would definitely go 4 of on Harsh Scrutiny and 4 of a combination of Transgress the Mind/Collective Brutality/Whispers of Emrakul where i think transgress and brutality are the better cards.

I like your 2/2 split of Murder and Essence Extraction. Black is a really good color for killing your opponent's creatures. You have some clunky or expensive effects that do the same in your deck, think Certain Death. usually these effects are better the less they cost. Another good one is Grasp of Darkness. So that's something to think about

Continuing on that note, I also really like the 4 Live Fast, but they would work even better with 4 Die Young accompanying them.

Alms of the Vein and Night Market Lookout are pretty bad, since they don't really accomplish anything. Consulate Skygate is kind of bad as well. Killing something is better than blocking something.

Inventor's Goggles doesn't have any synergy with your creatures, and it's really only good if you have a lot of artificers.

Metalwork Colossus... well, i've been here too. You love to see these big creatures that can smash your opponent down in just two or three turns, but this guy is just too expensive mana-wise. You would be halfway through your deck before you find the 11 lands to cast it. You're probably better off finding something cheaper and closer to the groud.

Noxious Gearhulk is a really good card if you can afford it, so is Ob Nixilis Reignited. Some more Gonti, Lord of Luxury would make for a good addition as well.

Sorry for the wall of text! I Hope I helped, and the best of luck to you and your deck!

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