Inventor's Goggles


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Inventor's Goggles

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+2.

Whenever an Artificer enters the battlefield under your control, you may attach Inventor's Goggles to it.

Equip (: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

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Inventor's Goggles Discussion

Rex_JB24 on U/B/R Artifacts

3 weeks ago

You aren't on a very synergistic Energy plan so I don't like Whirler Virtuoso here as they are going to make just one Thopter. I would replace it with Maverick Thopterist because Mave makes you TWO whole Thopters and his Improvise ability means you'll often only be tapping 2-3 lands for him anyway just like you would for Virtuoso. For bonus points, it's an Artificer to boot and plays well with Inventor's Goggles. I would also trim the three Opt and four Ornithopter for some more interaction with opponent's creatures or a vehicle of some sort. I'm thinking Lightning Strike or Sky Skiff since we're going budget.

TheFirstWarbird on Improvising in Ixalan, on a $20 budget!

4 weeks ago


I'm not sure I like Ornithopter. I like the idea but I wouldn't know where to make room for it. Also, it feels like it'd only really be good when you're already ahead. One of the reasons I like the 2 mana artifacts is because they help 'curve out' - where the potential to T1 Island, T2 Servo Schematic, T3 Reverse Engineer and then T4 Bastion Inventor say.

That said, I'm open to suggestions, if you can find a slot! I must admit, one thought I had was to add Inventor's Goggles somewhere, but I'm again not sure where they'd go.

BrenoSulz on Curse of the Aztec Gold

1 month ago

Hey, just comment one a treasure deck with Revel in Riches as win con. I really prefer Marionette Master to build around. I would suggest Metallic Rebuke instead of Cancel. Since a 4 power Marionette kills with 5 treasures, adding Inventor's Goggles can reduce that need to 4 treasures (and helps with improvise costs). Metalspinner's Puzzleknot helps you find your artificer and only requires 3 treasures to be lethal, since you'll be sacrificing 3 treasures for mana to sac the Puzzleknot.

I really thing this can be a legit deck, since your opponent tapping out and getting Spell Swindle can be gg as you'll simply cast the Marionette for the win.

BrenoSulz on Treasures B/U

1 month ago

Have you consider Marionette Master as a win con? It only takes 5 treasures to kill. Your opponent tapping out for a spell and getting counter with Spell Swindle can be devastating. And it only takes a Inventor's Goggles to be able to kill with 4 treasures right away. Even an early Metalspinner's Puzzleknot can reduce your need for treasures to 3 (sac 3 treasures for mana and sac the puzzleknot), which is very duable.

I think Mechanized Production is a very slow and predictable win con. Your opponent can always Abrade your enchanted artifact. Revel in Riches seems slow too, but at least it rewards you for killing stuff. I don't know, I want to make a treasure deck as well, but I'll build around Marionette Master, probably with some control or tempo cards.

If you want a more controlish position I suggest Metallic Rebuke main deck.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Metal Friends

2 months ago

I have a couple of questions.

Why are the cards organized by common? Pauper is all cards that were printed in common (paper) and released at common online.

Bastion Inventor is a cool idea, but if you make these adjustments you can improve the aggro curve and artificer value:

-2 [2] Bastion Inventor

+1 [4] Aether Chaser

+1 [4] Aether Swooper

-1 [2] Metalspinner's Puzzleknot

+1 [4] Pyrite Spellbomb

-1 [2] Sweatworks Brawler

+1 [4] Inventor's Goggles **This card works very well in your deck.

-3 [0] Bonesplitter

-1 [0] Welding Sparks This is great for the SB.

+4 [4] Thoughtcast YOU NEED CARD DRAW

I hope this redesign helps.

Ilmu011 on Grixis artifact tokens

3 months ago

Other commanders you might consider:

I would highly recommend to reconsider your commander-picks. Garza Zol, Plague Queen as well as Thraximundar are not likely to help you get your win conditions. They are very expensive and may not even help the conundrum of this deck as well.

Other cards you might want to include in your deck:

Merdolf_Gandlin on

4 months ago

Awesome. Have something similar I run but added 4 Renegade Tactics for card draw and to eliminate an opponents blocker. Works great with my menacing Sweatworks Brawler that I can usually drop pretty early using Inventor's Goggles and other early drop artifact cards. Pump with some Borrowed Hostility next round, swing and then cast Fling to add another degree of burn. Simple and fast. Love these types of decks. Good job.

multimedia on Artificer

4 months ago

Rilikb, welcome to Tappedout!

Because of your budget and not having access to dual lands I recommend you go with only two colors and if you must a small splash of the third with help from Aether Hub, Spire of Industry and Prophetic Prism. I wouldn't use four colors without having a lot of dual lands. You'll also going for an aggro strategy; the more colors you use the worst it will be. Not being able to play your cards when you want to. Aggro is about filling the battlefield with power in the early game using aggression, you don't want your manabase to slow you down at this stage of the game.

Consider changing your deck into two colors, blue and red possibly including a small black splash for Tezzeret's Touch keeping the artificer strategy with Inventor's Goggles, but also including improvise. I recommend blue and red because these colors give you the most amount of good artificers out of the other colors. Good artificers in these colors are:

The strategy of playing artificers with Inventor's Goggles is nice, but consider expanding on this by also including artificers with improvise. Once you get Goggles on the battlefield being able to use it not only to equip for free to artificers, but also to help improvise is good. Pia Nalaar is a good artificer for the improvise strategy because she makes an artifact. The Servos that Swooper and Chaser can make can be used to improvise. Sweatworks Brawler is a great artificer with Goggles because Goggles can help to cast him ahead of curve as well as give him 4 power with menace and 5 toughness is also nice.

I'm not going to give you a complete list that's for you to decide, but here's the starting core I would use:

This core lets you be more aggressive with Goggles and Apprentice. Goggles with Swooper or Chaser into Brawler is a nice curve. I've included Prism because it's a cheap artifact that draws a card and it can fix mana for you. Prism is also pretty good with Tezzeret's Touch if you're choosing to include it. Bastion Inventor is another good artificer with improvise although not as good as Brawler, but hexproof is powerful. You're going to want some kind of cheap main deck removal there are a lot of options, Harnessed Lightning is the best as is Incendiary Flow, it's good and even though Flow is sorcery it's better to cover a wider range of creatures to kill.

Metallic Rebuke is an improvise counterspell it gives you a mid to late game ability to counter your opponent's big creature, Planeswalker or mass removal spell. Pacification Array or Deadlock Trap are artifact options to tap down creatures and other permanents. Array is a one drop artifact which can be used to improvise if you don't need to tap down a creature or artifact.

If you're looking to include some more draw as well as improve energy production Era of Innovation is an option since it works with both artificers and artifacts both are being played.

Good luck with your deck.

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