Aradara Express


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Aradara Express

Artifact — Vehicle


Crew 4 (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power 2 or more: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)

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Aradara Express Discussion

sonnet666 on [List] The MTG Weapons Arsenal

4 weeks ago

Don't stop now. I believe in you!

razelfark on Boros Dwarf Vehicle

1 month ago

Interesting deck layout you have. Would suggest taking out the Aradara Express and use more of the Untethered Express or Aethersphere Harvester. Reason is that the crew cost puts it at that point that seems a bit awkward to get to and is not much stronger for the extra crew requirement.

MaZtermind on Creature-less Vehicles

2 months ago

I get that your deck likes to be able to animate things for short periods of time, but it still seems like the best thing you could do here would be to add more modification cards, like Aerial Modification, also, since you're mana base is essentially Mardu vehicles, it does feel like you might want more of the fast lands, also, I run Mardu Vehicles, and I absolutely hate Smoldering Marsh, and I feel like Canyon Slough, or even Foreboding Ruins, works much better, and I've tried all 3. Also, I would cut the Inventors' Fairs. I get that you're trying to stall the game with them, and they're nice for tutoring the peacewalker, but with dual cost cards in your deck like Fumigate, Yahenni's Expertise, and Siege Modification, it seems like you probably don't want colorless mana. Also, I do feel like Aerial Modification could be one of the best cards in your deck, allowing you to swing with maybe up to like 10 power in the air. I will have to agree with whoever said it above as well that running 1-2 Aradara Express mainboard would be a great idea, because it gives you evasion, the Ability to kill 2 creatures with one, and if you put an aerial or siege modification on it, that could be game breaking.

TucoBZ on vehicle elves

4 months ago

I prefer Aradara Express instead Irontread Crusher, since you have a lot off mana source here.

ChaosEngineer on Creature-less Vehicles

5 months ago

You make a great point with the Aradara Express. The only reason I was running the untethered express was for the Trample as a kind of evasion but the Aradara has that as well with a larger punch.

JaceFromStateFarm on Creature-less Vehicles

5 months ago

One option to deal with control, lost legacy, and other stuff that hoses your deck is to have the sideboard contain some creatures to crew your vehicles. Might not be great though. Just something to bounce around. Love the concept, it's unique and interesting!

Also, untethered express could maybe be replaced with something better as it's only really great with stuff that lets it repeatedly become a creature, but it seems like 3 is basically always your lethal vehicle count regardless. However, blockers sometimes are a thing, so maybe those could be replaced with Aradara Express. Turn n board wipe, turn n+1 play start your engines and swing in past their one blocker they played (b/c menace) for lethal? Just an idea. Great list!

mrdefender99 on R/W Vehicles

6 months ago

As tremblayk19 said, the Aradara Express is not really at the forefront of vehicles. Heart of Kiran, Aethersphere Harvester, and Fleetwheel Cruiser are all fabulous drops that also curve out perfectly. Your deck seems like it wants to be aggro, but I see no 1-drop creatures. Something like Toolcraft Exemplar may be very good in this deck because of its low mana cost and ability to crew with 3 power when a vehicle is in play. Lastly, Stone Quarry, which only has "come into play tapped", can be replaced by one of my favorite elemental lands: Needle Spires.

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