Evincar's Justice


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Uncommon
MTG: Commander Common
Tempest Common

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Evincar's Justice


Buyback (You may pay an additional as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Evincar's Justice deals 2 damage to each creature and each player.

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Evincar's Justice Discussion

fasmith718 on Black Sales at Sunset

3 weeks ago

Based on my play experience I find that I often side in my fourth Chainer's Edicts for the card value, and side out a number of Geth's Verdicts in favor of hand disruption/targeted removal. I also have wanted sweepers more often as I run into Kuldotha Boros, Saproling decks, and decks that employ MBC countermeasures like undying creatures and cheap edict fodder. Sweepers are also good at clearing the way for edicts against Bogles, fairies, stompy, elves, and are better against decks like goblins as well.

Wahrghoul84 on G/W Hexproof

1 month ago

@Von.Banamaor my local meta is really control heavy. That's why single spelling is such a bad thing. Your angle of running them out of counterspells isn't going to work when they have so much card advantage and our deck has almost none. My LGS is full of very serious magic players. They build the best decks and are very proficient pilots. They will run out eventually sure, but not before they buy enough time to establish a lock. The only way to beat them is to get in damage in as large amounts possible very early and every turn. Running a single spell into a counter spell isn't going to get that done. Golgari Brownscale + Spore Frog = fog for eternity. This deck needs to win with combat damage so we gotta race that. That is just 1 example. But that's the situation I'm playing in. Evincar's Justice hits all creatures for 2 and can come down on turn 3 so our creatures gotta get to 3 toughness really fast. Crypt Rats wipes out all the tokens for a single mana leaving just one big hexproof creature for their Chainer's Edict. These are how games commonly play out. That's what I'm trying to beat. The way to beat their counters isn't a long game, that's the game they want to play, but by overloading on single mana spells so they run out of mana to counter because, trust me, they aren't running out of cards.

Von.Banamaor on G/W Hexproof

1 month ago

The way I put together my hexproof deck, Godzilla, is a little different, but may give you something to think about. I realize you're trying to defeat a specific metagame and I'd love to learn more about it and what you're facing, but here is some of my food for thought about enchanting hexproof creatures.

BTW, why is single spelling in a turn such a bad thing in your environment? Not judging, just curious if I'm missing something and would like to learn.

Anyway, here we go. Oh, and fair warning. I can be long winded.

When I play against counterspells I make every spell I cast something they have to counter. Eventually, they will run out of counterspells and I will run them over. So in my deck, every creature enchantment gives my creatures at least +2/+2. This makes each creature really hard to kill even when it only has a single enchantment and starts a very quick clock.

I am not a fan of Abundant Growth. Yeah, you draw a card and dropped an enchantment, but getting higher quality cards out faster is more important. I want to get spells out quickly and Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth get me that much needed tempo. Otherwise, I imagine I would end up wanting to play cheaper and much less effective enchantments, much like it seems you are.

Speaking of tempo, I can't afford for a single land to come into play tapped. A one turn delay can be brutal. I use all basics to keep things moving forward quickly.

It's tempting but I wouldn't play Heliod's Pilgrim. Yeah, you get to go get an enchantment, but in this deck Kruphix's Insight is the much better card. Amazing card. 3-mana spell where you average drawing 3 cards to reload mid-game. It's a back-breaker.

Armadillo Cloak is quite possibly the best card in the deck. No reason not to play four. I'd play ten if I could. No, make that eight. But you get the idea.

My friends keep encouraging me to play Rancor, largely because it is neat and used in faster decks, but I find it a liability. A 3/3 or 5/5 hexproof creature is much less likely to die than a 3/1 or 5/3 trample hexproof creature. So the return to your hand effect being a benefit is an illusion. I just choose to play a better creature enchantment so it doesn't have to die in the first place.

BTW, vigilance in this type of deck is very underrated.

I really like Aura Gnarlid too. Yeah, it's a target for counterspells and creature-hate. It should be. No deck has much time to deal with a 10/10 unblockable Aura Gnarlid you paid 3 mana to cast. It makes your opponent have to keep in creature removal when they normally wouldn't against a hexproof deck. And token creature removal like Disfigure or Evincar's Justice just isn't going to cut it.

In a heavy edict environment, I'd main deck Fists of Ironwood and may toss in some Young Wolf to make them really work to come and get me.

Not a big umbra fan. That's what the hexproof and the +2/+2 enchantments are doing. Stopping things from being killed. Umbra's might make more sense with Aura Gnarlids though... that's a thought.

Anyway, my two cents.

And hey, saturnosring, I totally never would have thought about Celestial Flare that's awesome. I need that in several decks. But I prefer Calming Verse in a mirror match, but don't let anyone in Denver know that. Shhh...

Daalot on Grixis Control

6 months ago

Add Evincar's Justice. It functions both as a sweeper and win condition.

Pinkie_Satanas on Teaching the Dimir Way SLOWLY

8 months ago

Hi! I'm a newbie dimir player and i'm still figuring things out. For exemple, i like this list a lot. It has more cunterspells than mine and is in general more blue, which means more consistent, but it feels really slow, even slowr than mine, and not really able to answer to creatures in the first turns that much. I guess that you will get your life to 10 or 5 before starting to take over the game with your control strategy and fuck aggro up, and for that matter the playset of Sea Gate Oracle must be key, right?. You also don't have Pristine Talisman in the main board, which is used as a tool to win with Evincar's Justice, which amaze me xd so you basically sit down until a Gurmag Angler comes up and kill the oponent with it, and then sideboard to your needs, right?

Pinkie_Satanas on WB Basilica Control

8 months ago

I like this deck, i was planning on building something similar

First thing, i would run 3 or maybe 4 Icatian Javelineers. It is great early game removal, and good chunkblocker. I would remove Sunlance from the mainboard and put it in the sideboard for some Basilica Guards, who is a great chunkblocker and allows you to drain your oponet health, and even heal some yourself, and i think they can work really well if you have Dark Ritual

I would remove the second copy of Evincar's Justice . I feel like you only need one buyback card in any deck, that there are better ways to do the job and the buyback card is just for late game goodies. For exemple you have Crypt Rats , Holy Light , Shrivel and Crown of Suspicion. The first one does the same earlier and better if you have Dark Ritual , and the other just earlier, which is good against aggro decks.

I would also remove Geth's Verdict for another Chainer's Edict , i feel like 3 is the way to go. And as i think you are trying to keep the mana cost high for Judge Unworthy , maybe put some copies of Snuff Out somewhere? It has high mana cost but you can also cast it for free. Street Wraith could be a good adittion for the same reason, and also to get more cards and a good late game body.

Finally i would put in Castigate for Purge the Profane , i just love that pauper Thoughtseize :P

Boza on Esper Control

10 months ago

Well, this is enterily too much do-nothing and a case of not having enough of anything.

You have exactly 4 sources of card draw which is ninja, which will never hit a vigilant opponent (rhystic study just says "your opponents spells cost 1 more" instead of its actual text).

15 of your lands are CIPT, which makes the deck incredibly slow.

White is entirely unnecessary - the mana enchantments can just be 2 mana kill spells in black, while 2 safe passage will hardly ever be worth it when you have more than a dozen removal spells. Razor Golem is a terrible top end that is just an average sized body with vigilance in the world of Gurmag Anglers, that will never cost less than 3 mana.

Overall, the deck will get rid of every creature the opponent has, but will not do much else. IMO, you have to cut white and focus more on providing reliable card advantage with an engine (like Trinket Mage and a toolbox for it, or Mystical Teachings) and solid way to finish the game (Peregrine Drake combo, Evincar's Justice and 2xPristine Talisman), while having actual card draw spells (Think Twice, Accumulated Knowledge)

Boza on

10 months ago

UB Control decks usually have some kind of engine to secure the win - Capsize, Evincar's Justice, Mystical Teachings or Trinket Mage toolboxes. I really only see a single grim harvest here, which is risky and is less impactful. The random 1/1 faeries also lack impact and having no way to boardwipe will be quite detrimental in aggro matches.

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