Flayer Husk


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology Common
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Planechase 2012 Edition Common
Mirrodin Besieged Common
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Common

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Flayer Husk

Artifact — Equipment

Living weapon (When this Equipment enters the battlefield, put a 0/0 black Germ creature token onto the battlefield, then attach this to it.)Equipped creature gets +1/+1.Equip 2

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Flayer Husk Discussion

HurricaneZach on pauper affinity!

2 weeks ago

Do you really need the Relic of Progenitus MB? Why not just 4x Flayer Husk? Its a do something T1 play that can fuel a Springleaf Drum. I like the Somber Hoverguards though. +1!

Kiivuhl on [[PAUPER]] Dawn of the Hawk

1 month ago

Inspector is probably best white card ever printed with cmc = 1. After Mother of runes ofc. :)

The same way I can ask you why you need to play more blue cards? Mulldrifter is enough (and maybe some hydroblast in side). In the other hand scroll looks pretty bad here, cause you will get only sometimes this cantrip, so most of the times this will be only card for gaining 5 life. Bad huh? Especially 4x. Maybe if you want to play this scroll - you can add Trinket Mage, so you can save lot of space - can add Sylvok Lifestaff, Relic of Progenitus, Dispeller's Capsule (side), Viridian Longbow (side). Or play more aggro-mage version with Court Homunculus.

And even if you stay mono W:

Herrosix on Boom, Crack, the Sound of Your Heart.

1 month ago

as for "crack fodder" these are the things I came up with as options

Memnite might be good doubles as blocker.

Tormod's Crypt is great graveyard hate that fills that role.

Altar of the Brood mills a bit

Avarice Totem might get them to play around itself.

Bomat Courier can fill hand back up if it survives or just sit as sac option.

Codex Shredder mill can help you or get something back later if need be.

Flayer Husk gives you 2 objects to sac from 1 mana.

Glaring Spotlight for help against boggles.

Locket of Yesterdays seems interesting.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Sharuum The Artifact Queen

2 months ago

Thirst for Knowledge could be easily swapped in for Tezzeret's Ambition. Costs less, instant speed, and you'll be wanting to throw artifacts into your graveyard for Sharuum anyway.

Also, I just realized that Solemn Simulacrum isn't in your decklist for some reason. It's an artifact creature with mana fixing, card draw, and it's a pretty great reanimation target. Why the heck are you not running Sadbot?

I would also run Dimir Signet and Azorius Signet for ramp and mana fixing.

Anguished Unmaking and Cyclonic Rift are two excellent EDH removal spells in your colors. I suggest including them in place of Sanctum Gargoyle and Tidy Conclusion.

Trinket Mage is a useful tutor for cards like Sol Ring and Flayer Husk for piecing together your combo.

Also, if you're running Time Sieve and a bunch of tutors, why no Thopter Assembly?

Freezingfist on Equip It

2 months ago

Have you considered Ancient Den?

It's vulnerable to artifact destruction, which kind of sucks, but it'll get you to Metalcraft faster... and if Indomitable Archangel hits the table it's mainly protected. Darksteel Citadel could work as well. Built in protection, but it's uncolored. Not bad, since a lot of the deck is artifacts.

Flayer Husk is a nice early game play. Sigarda's Aid, and this is a surprise chump blocker. A bit on the low end, but can give you a nice presence to build upon...

VulpesDaemon on Breya, Artifact Queen

2 months ago

While this is a great deck its missing a lot of breya staples like Mirrorworks, Krark-Clan Ironworks, Time Sieve, Sword of the Meek,and Eldrazi Displacer. Also if you are going to put in Mycosynth Lattice you should also put in Unwinding Clock. Another good combo i would suggest is Salvaging Station + Flayer Husk + Krark-Clan Ironworks + Disciple of the Vault this is an infinite mana combo and causes them to lose infinite life.I have just seen that Sydri combo you suggested to me and that would also be something you should put in the deck. Another good thing to add is Muzzio, Visionary Architect as it could speed up the deck. I am probably missing some things i could suggest to you but thats all for now i hope you consider these as i believe it could significantly improve the deck.

Femme_Fatale on

3 months ago

No Lightning Greaves? Accorder's Shield? Trusty Machete? Kitesail Apprentice? These I feel are the most imperative of selections for any equipment Puresteel deck. Greaves I generally leave as a 1 of in combo aggro style decks, but with Sigarda's more disruptive midrange style play, 2 is a good number. Accorder's Shield is a free anti-bolt card with Sigarda in play. Something to consider when playing Kitesail Apprentice, who's flying is actually more important than you might realize. If doing these two together, they are definitely more valuable than Invisible Stalker. Finally, Trusty Machete over some of your other 1 drop artifacts purely because the stats it gives are better.

When running Steelshaper's Gift, having too many of these things can actually slow you down too much. You generally only need to see 1 throughout your game. Thus I always keep my gifts down to 2.

The other potential cards that I don't think are as imperative for you but are worth playtesting are: Paradise Mantle + Puresight Merrow combo, Retract, Myth Realized + Emerge Unscathed package and Leonin Shikari.

Myth Realized I found to be quite important against control and midrange decks, with Emerge Unscathed happily giving it 2 counters for one spell. It also works very well with Steelshaper's Gift, also upping those counters up quite high. However its inclusion is solely dependent on your midrange and control match-ups.

As for Emerge Unscathed itself, being able to protect your creatures is very important in this voltron style deck. Invisible Stalker will only get you so far. The best thing about Emerge Unscathed is its ability to also give you a potentially unblockable attack next turn. Leonin Shikari I found to be very powerful in tangent with either Puresteel Paladin (instant speed free equips) and/or lightning greaves (instant speed removal protection). Generally only need her as a 2 of.

I also want to let you know that having Path to Exile is more important than Dispatch, especially with your prevalence on 3 drops and infect and affinity being faster than you can guarantee having 3 artifacts in play. I'm also interested in the Darksteel Citadel choice, though I feel Ghost Quarter is better suited here mainly for the importance of disrupting eldrazi and tron. Ensoul Artifact is a potential consideration if you are set on the citadel and Flayer Husk inclusions.

Rediblackdragon on The stuffiest of dolls

3 months ago

Hey, this deck looks pretty cool actually. I think it could be reformed into something amazing with a little work, so I'm going to suggest a few changes.

  • Drop -

Flayer Husk: Ultimately not very good in this deck. It doesn't help towards the deck's goals and takes up a slot.

Fire Servant: A bit pricy for the deck. It's also real vulnerable to kills spells.

Pyroclasm/Wrath of God: I just don't see their place on the playing field. If you have a real reason to keep them, do so.

Boros Guildgate: Really? Do I even need to explain this one? At least toss in Wind-Scarred Crag or Temple of Triumph in its place.

Gods Willing: The protection gained from this card actively works against the deck's main goal of shooting your own creatures in the face as hard as possible.

Rest for the Weary: Ultimately, not really worth it. The life gain is fairly weak and you should be doing much more important things in that mana slot.

Basilica Guards: Not really that great of a creature. I'd say to replace that slot with another Spitemare or AEther Membrane.

  • Adds -

Bump Pariah and Pariah's Shield to 4x. You'll be more or less invincible with these out like that.

Open the Armory: To get your Pariah buffs into your hand as reliably as possible.

Lightning Bolt/Blasphemous Act/Shivan Meteor: Fill these out. They're probably you best removal and also really good at shooting stuffy in the face.

Soulfire Grand Master: Really self explanatory. Lets you easily outpace most burn and aggro at your tier level. Also works towards reducing the cost of Blasphemous Act for a sweet game-winning combo.

Inventors' Fair: A nice emergency artifact search just in case you need a Stuffy Doll or Pariah's Shield.

Buried Ruin: Literally just a better version of Sequestered Stash. It's Your choice which one you want, though.

Welding Sparks: Real good in this deck. Guaranteed 4 damage to opponent with Stuffy Doll, and even more when you start tossing in more stuff.

Hope you take my suggestions and have a good time in your games!

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