Rabid Bite


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Rabid Bite


Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.

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Rabid Bite Discussion

dontpanic503 on Deathtouch Shenanigans

1 day ago

Consider Lightning Volley or Furystoke Giant instead of some of the more expensive fight spells. Why fight enemy creatures when you can just pick them off instead? Setessan Tactics could be a good board clear effect as well. I'd take out Alpha Brawl, since it only affects your opponent's creatures, so unless you spend even more mana to give one of their guys Deathtouch, it won't have quite the same effect. Also, Rabid Bite for another one-sided fight.

Mr_Radical on Deathtouch Abuse

3 days ago

Always a fan of deathtouch themed decks, +1. Here are a few suggestions:

-4 Pharika's Chosen, +4 Ruthless Ripper

-4 Deadly Recluse, +4 Narnam Renegade (rely on removal to deal with flying)

-4 Runechanter's Pike, +4 Sharpened Pitchfork (unless you add more instants & sorceries)

Since deathtouch applies to all damage a creature deals, Nature's Way and Rabid Bite can be just as effective as Murder if you don't mind trading instant speed for 2cmc; Clear Shot's an option as well. Fighting (Prey Upon, Pit Fight, Ulvenwald Tracker, Setessan Tactics) also has the same effect.

There's also something to be said for swapping a few equipment cards out for Midnight Charm so first strike comes as a surprise.

Maskirovkas on One hit killz

1 week ago

I just ran this through a couple of playtests, and I think this is a pretty solid foundation build.

Pretty nice take on mono green creature destruction, utilizing deathtouch and all. The one thing that would throw a wrench into that is hexproof. To get around that, I'd like to suggestions Bonds of Mortality, at least as a sideboard contender.

As for Grapple with the Past, in the few playtests I ran on this, most every time it came up, I was throwing away non-creature spells more than anything else, and not getting anything back. Perhaps dropping it from 4 to 2 copies? But perhaps you had better luck with pulling creatures and such in a real game, where your creatures would die more readily than a one sided playtest. But having x4 Grapple with the Past and x4 Pulse of Murasa together seems a bit overflooded in creature return.

You might have some better luck throwing in a few more "my creature deals damage to your creature" type cards, like Clear Shot, Rabid Bite, and Nature's Way. All three of those cards allow your creature to deal its damage to another creature, and triggering deathtouch, but without taking damage in return, and thus increasing their longevity, AND are 3 CMC or less.

Additionally, Nature's Way would allow your beefed up Tireless Trackers (beefed up from all the clues you can sacrifice) to bypass most chump blockers via the newly acquired Trample.

But, as I started earlier, I think this is a pretty solid build for a fun deck to play. A friend of mine has an EDH deck with the same idea, utilizing "ranged" deathtouching, and he has a lot of fun with it.

Keep up the good work!!

Firebones675 on evolve

3 weeks ago

Looks good! Id try to cut some cards. Generally speaking, you want to play with the minimum number of cards, 60. This gives you the best chance of drawing your best card or the card that you need in a given situation. I'd probably start by trimming a few lands as. Your deck is full of cards that cost 4 or less and as a result can get a way with less. I'd aim somewhere in the ballpark of 21ish lands for now (which would conviently bring you down to 60 cards in the deck).

Also a lot of the cards in the deck are 1-ofs. This means the deck might be a bit more unreliable. If you're just starting out and don't have as many cards dont worry about it but as you pick up more, ask yourself what cards you would want to have in your hand most often and add extra copies of them to the deck. (the one caveat to this is to be careful with legends, planeswalkers and high mana cost cards so they don't end up stranded in your hand).

One other thing i think that would improve the deck is a way to interact with the opponent. Other than the krasis snare, you can't do much at present if your opponent plays a creature that is problematic for you. Blue/green tend to struggle in this department meaning that a lot of the removal you could play is a bit situational. Most of your better options would be things like Beast Within, Reality Shift, Pongify or Rapid Hybridization which would turn it into something more manageable. Alternatively you could try "fight cards" like Ulvenwald Tracker, Mutant's Prey, or other similar effects like Clear Shot or Rabid Bite but these require you to already have a bigger creature in play.

Radarmonkey on Mono Green Aggro/Energy

3 weeks ago

If you don't want to add another color, you could use cards like Hunt the Weak, Rabid Bite, or Nature's Way for creature removal.

Aquiitas on GW Servo Fabrication

3 weeks ago

WarrKing okay I think that should work. Balanced the mana out a little bit, added one more Glint-Sleeve Artisan, and one more Sram's Expertise. I still worry about removal and my opponent getting too big before I get to Westvale Abbey  Flip. Other than what Lascax suggested, neither of which I own yet, do you see a need for control? I was thinking Aura CC like Choking Restraints and Bound by MoonsilverOr possibly buff and attack with Rabid Bite and Hunt the Weak

Firebones675 on

3 weeks ago

I'd be a bit careful. Ramp is nice and all but your curve jumps from 2 to 7. I could see have a lot of awkward hands. Elvish Aberration, Kozilek's Predator, or Overgrown Battlement/Axebane Guardian can help bridge the gap a bit.

Also you are a bit lacking in the removal department. Rabid Bite or Prey Upon can help once you get your fist big creature. Ambush Viper is sort of like removal if you cast it after they declare their attackers but before you pick your blockers.

maswizzle on mirrorwing dragon wonder burst

1 month ago

In case you weren't aware, Nature's Way is a strictly better version of Rabid Bite.

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