Key to the City

Key to the City


, Discard a card: Up to one target creature can't be blocked this turn.

Whenever Key to the city becomes untapped, you may pay . If you do, draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Historic Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Arena Legal

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Key to the City Discussion

SerBorksaLot on Akatsuki, the Horizon's Shadow

3 days ago

IMHO, I think you need to swap out some low-drops for evasion, you don't have a lot of bounce/recursion to re-Ninjitsu your big fatties. I'd recommend Key to the City or Dauthi Embrace. Crystal Shard if you want to lean towards more bounce.

ellie-is on Ball Lightning Never Dies

1 week ago

Fun deck! I do feel like you probably need more creatures and more things to do before you get to 3 mana. Key to the City is probably the card you want to take out to make room for others, and you definitely want a fourth Ball Lightning. Might want to consider Spark Elemental as it synergizes with Call of the Death-Dweller in a way the big balls don't (you can actually return two of them with it due to the low cmc).

Finally, I'd say you need a playset of Thunderkin Awakener in this kind of deck. It does what Unearth does, but every single turn its in play. It's the card that made this archetype viable in the first place (not top tier, but at least tournament playable). Even if it dies attacking, it at least cost you one less mana to do than call of the death dweller did. To make room for it you might want to rethink the heavy discard strategy of cards like Ransack the Lab, discarding just to reanimate in a card that's going to die at the same turn doesn't seem like the best use of resources.

Hope that helped!

Optimator on Giant's Deck

2 weeks ago

Next step is card-draw and card-advantage. Unfortunately, the Boros colors are the worst at drawing cards. Graveyard recursion is a type of card advantage, so Colfenor's Urn can count. I've never seen that card before! Nice find and good instincts!

Here are some options for you.

First up, the cards I own that I'm willing to part with:

Seer's Sundial - Staff of Nin - Farsight Mask - Key to the City - Infiltration Lens - Mask of Memory - Tome of Legends - Outpost Siege - Khorvath's Fury - Humble Defector - Chandra, Flamecaller - Magus of the Wheel

Cards I don't have that you should consider:

Tectonic Giant is mandatory! He's so good! Protector of the Crown is on-theme too--highly recommend.

Bonders' Enclave would be worth picking up, I think.

Browbeat - Loreseeker's Stone - Arcane Encyclopedia - Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip - Ignite the Future - Reforge the Soul - Wheel of Fate - Mind's Eye (used to be the gold-standard! Very mana-inefficient though) - Icon of Ancestry (interesting choice since it has the anthem) - Rogue's Gloves - Well of Lost Dreams (great choice with your commander!) - Coveted Jewel (ramp and draw! Unreliable and mana-expensive, but chaotic and fun!) - Mangara, the Diplomat - Runehorn Hellkite - Dragon Mage - Knollspine Dragon - Herald's Horn - Endless Atlas (a bit suspect in two-color decks unless your colors are very skewed or you have lots of Renegade Map-type cards) - Bag of Holding - Arch of Orazca - Geier Reach Sanitarium - Mazemind Tome

Underworld Breach, Sunbird's Invocation, and Stolen Strategy might count as card-advantage, should you feel jaunty. Stolen Strategy is definitely a fun card and get you fodder for Brion's throwing.

Howling Mine + Inspiring Statuary is kinda funny. Probably not worth it though.

abby315 on United States Marine Kor | Akiri, Fearless Voyager

2 months ago

I have almost zero suggestions because I never run Equipment decks, just want to point out that Akiri's ability triggers for each player you attack, so ideally you have 4 creatures attacking 4 different opponents. I like that you put in the living weapon Equipments for this reason! Maybe Ancestral Blade would be a good fit as well? Captain's Claws is a little underwhelming but it helps gets tokens on the field for future turns. Alternatively, Kemba, Kha Regent.

Here are a few options that might help you get through any defenses:
Break Through the Line
Key to the City
Signal Pest
Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner
Wings of Hubris

Also, this is a good time to pick up Stoneforge Mystic and play it.

I second the above comment, also: the new auto-equip cards seem really good. I don't think we've seen the red one, but the white one seems like it fits the bill.

Artatras on The Many-Faced God - [Primer]

3 months ago

I'm not a huge fan of Ghostly Pilferer. We already have access to Cephalid Inkshrouder which, despite costing one more mana, does add shroud in addition to evasion. Yet, it is still not good enough compared to Invisible Stalker. Having access to a discard outlet on a creature is not that important, as we have many other options and we don't need to discard 3 to 5 cards all at once multiple times during a game. The one mana increase on the Cephalid is simply not worth it. Pilferer, in my opinion, is even worse. He doesn't offer any protection, and evasion is yet again tied to card disadvantage. While this can let you discard a key creature with its first one or two activations, it becomes more and more awkward as the game goes on. Once you are out of creatures, you will be forced to discard cards you actually need. Pilferer's first ability is also extremely clunky. You would need to transform Lazav for during your upkeep (since it will be very unlikely that Lazav's final form after an attack will be that of a Ghostly Pilferer) and then pay another to draw. 4 mana to draw a card is definitely not a great deal. Lastly, the ability to draw whenever an opponent casts a spell from anywhere other than their hand is too situational to be reliable. Sure, it triggers whenever they cast their general. But how many times does that happen during a game? And of those times, I'm not sure if you would be able to get value out of Pilferer because maybe you would need your mana for something else. Let's say you manage to get 3 cards out of Pilferer (which is rather optimistic, in my opinion). Dark Tutelage or Phyrexian Arena will achieve the same result over three turns, but with a lot less hoops to jump through.

The direct comparison that comes to my mind when I think about Pilferer is Key to the City. They both work in the same way. They let you exchange discarding cards for evasion (and also share the same added bonus of drawing a card by paying during your untap step). The thing that makes the Key so much better is the fact that you play it for and never worry about it for the rest of the game. It stays on the field, ready to be used whenever you need and for free. With Pilferer, you have to waste every time you need evasion or a discard outlet.

I'm not saying that Ghostly Pilferer is complete garbage and should never be considered. He tries to do a lot of different things and fits with the deck's playstyle. However, I think we already have other cards that do probably less, but much more efficiently.

sirnag on Urza, Lord High Artificer cEDH *Primer*

3 months ago

For the budget deck have you thought about adding Key to the City over Sensei's Divining Top? I think it makes a great draw engine for infinate draw or even a card a turn. Play it and tap it for blue, then every untap phase retap it for 1 and tap something else and boom additional draw!

Or adding Deadeye Navigator as a budget way to make infinite constructs?

BRG24 on Look Ma! No Hand!

3 months ago

Interesting deck. Perhaps it might be worth considering some sort of madness package to make your discards hurt a little less? Fiery Temper would be great card, and it works really well with Lightning Axe in my experience. A Bloodmad Vampire or an Incorrigible Youths could also do a similar job, reducing the tempo loss of your discarding most of your hand. As a slightly slower discard effect, Key to the City could be good too, allowing you to punch through with your big creatures to end games. Just some ideas, hope these are helpful, and good luck with the deck.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Sharp hugs

3 months ago

Hi there,

I used to run a Sygg deck myself a few years back. Ninja's are a fine route to go, but the most important things that I discovered was how hard it was getting Sygg to trigger on opponents turns and the necessity to be able to withstand some table hate. Some cards that I found to be quite powerful in my old deck were:

Illusionist's Gambit - Such an underrated card which can save you in a pinch and force a Sygg trigger

Dulcet Sirens - Can force someone into attacking with the benefit you getting to chose whom they attack

Pestilence - A lot of times people will incidentally lose 1-2 life during their turn due to fetch or shock lands. Pestilence lets you get that 1-2 extra damage needed to trigger Sygg

Undermine - Counter anything and then draw a card

Any of Dauthi Embrace/Whispersilk Cloak/Key to the City/Keeper of Keys - Giving unblockable to whoever needs it

Smuggler's Copter - Flying 3/3 that loots and can be crewed by just about any creature

Some new cards that came out after my build that could find a home in Sygg are:

Loyal Subordinate - 3 guaranteed damage on your turn with Sygg out.

Rankle, Master of Pranks - It has 3 power, it flies, and you can always come out ahead with his discard ability if Sygg is on the battlefield. Oh, and he is basically a legal Braids, Cabal Minion

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