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Long time Modern player here. Bought tons of staples over time, my friends stopped playing MTG a while ago and I only rarely played tournaments outside FNM's.

I've come to the decision to sell most of my valuable cards and keep only 6 casual EDH decks that are somewhere between fun, janky and powerful. They're a good way to play now and then with my friends and great to introduce newcomers to the game and the color pie.

There are multiple ideas behind this cycle and the way I designed it:

  • I didn't want to have the ultimate powerful decks. There is no crazy combo or oppressive strategy. Instead, I aimed at easy-to-play mono-colored (to not get mana screwed) decks that can be used to introduce newcomers to the game, but also to allow more experienced players have a good bit of fun.

  • The decks are built to synergize well with their commander, but I mostly insisted on mechanics/themes that represent the best - in my eyes - their color's identity.

  • All decks should be balanced to 1v1 each other. Average CMC and power levels are more or less even. However, they're initially designed for multiplayer games.

  • I naturally had to prevent myself from including cards like Witchstalker , Stormbreath Dragon or Mirran Crusader to avoid one-sided matches/never-ending games.

  • I included (except for Traxos) several legendary creatures that can easily be switched with the original commander for more flexibility/diversity.

  • I have designed a specific d6 with each side representing a color. That's what we'll use to know who gets what deck.

Here are the link to the individual decks :

Let me know what you think of the decks by commenting/upvoting/sharing the decks! :)



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