Voltaic Servant

Voltaic Servant

Artifact Creature — Construct

At the beginning of your end step, untap target artifact.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Voltaic Servant Discussion

1empyrean on Manascape Refractor

5 months ago

Well, it also needs a way to untap an artifact (common effect). Kinda forgot that part. With one of them you don't even need to skip a turn.

Aphetto Alchemist , Manifold Key , Synod Artificer , Tezzeret the Seeker , Voltaic Key , Voltaic Servant , etc.

There are lots more, and there are other ways to solve the skip turn issue as well.

Reznorboy on Donate To-Don'tRoastMe Defense Fund

1 year ago

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm ignoring you. I'm trying to take your suggestions into consideration and use them. I want to fit a theme and I don't have all of the exact cards to work with. I got some new cards and made changes accordingly (~12 cards). I agree that Tolsimir is far from perfect, in this deck, but I don't have Selvala, Explorer Returned right now and I'm trying to first see if she's necessary. I actually did pretty decent today when I played against people. With the updates, I had consistent mana and consistent draw power, and almost always something to do with it. I even almost was able to defeat Sigarda. The issue I ran into was that I did not mill people quickly enough to win. I consistently had ~10 artifacts on the field by turn 5, all of which were helping me in various ways. I was able to defend myself and do things. The issue was that I (misplayed a lot, but besides that) did not finish the job in quite enough time. I know you said that I only have 5 mill cards, but some of the cards, such as Voltaic Servant, are actually dual purpose, (ramp and mill), and I (especially now) play a lot of draw power. I think if I were to play a few more good mill cards, I would be in good shape. I know that Tolsimir was intended to be wolf tribal, but in my philosophy, you will never achieve greatness if you only act in the intended way. Your opponents will not lose to themselves, you have to take a step outside, beyond what was previously thought possible, to be great. Anyway, I think the deck (despite the competitive meter rating) is starting to shape up. I think what I need is the protection cards in my aforementioned post, more ways to blink and/or sac then reanimate at instant speed, and a little bit more mill. The deck is faring well in certain departments, but is also incomplete.

Brutal_B on Living Toasters

1 year ago

Voltaic Servant may be of some use to you.

Brutal_B on Padeem Artifacts

1 year ago

I'd definitely find a spot for Mirage Mirror . Voltaic Servant would fit in nicely as well. Throw Seat of the Synod back in the main. Master Transmuter if it's within your budget. Sai, Master Thopterist should be an auto include. Saheeli's Artistry ? Metalwork Colossus ?

I'm not gonna tell you what to take out as that is hard for me to do on my own decks let alone someone else's, so I'll leave the deciding to you.

Haima13 on Alela, warden and collector

1 year ago

well somehow my comment broke. that sucks. Recommend to remove: Voltaic Servant Sprite Noble Empyrean Eagle Golem's Heart Cathedral Membrane Heraldic Banner Journeyer's Kite One of the things you have that makes things enter tapped. Maybe. And some lands.

Highly recommended: buffs creatures Reconnaissance Path of Bravery Makes stuff cost less Semblance Anvil Etherium Sculptor Recursion Dance of the Manse Stall Standstill

Recommend: Anthem(1-2 more of at most) Spear of Heliod Obelisk of Urd Leonin Sun Standard Stuff cost less Helm of Awakening Jhoira's Familiar Hatefull Diversionary Tactics Suppression Field Protec Retract Draw Slate of Ancestry Etherium Astrolabe Does Everything The Immortal Sun

Haima13 on Alela, warden and collector

1 year ago

So after looking at it real quick, here are lists of lists:

Things I would definitely take out: Show

Things I might take out: Show

Cards to consider adding. Show

Gprinziv on In-work Voltron

1 year ago

Return to Dust
Revoke Existence
Forsake the Worldly
^ The above 3 are all pretty much better than disenchant because they exile. Choose one or maybe all 3.

For removal, there are a lot of good Oblivion Ring style effects. You might want Gideon's Intervention to stop problematic commanders and the like as well.

Inventors' Fair is anothe good land you could use. Also grab an Ancient Den and Darksteel Citadel as well to maximize artifact synergies. Refurbish , Emeria, The Sky Ruin , and Open the Vaults can also let you get things out of your graveyard.

Don't forget key tutors like Enlightened Tutor and Open the Armory

Reya is probably too expensive. Sun Titan is better.
Cut Heavenly Blademaster, you don't have enough creatures to take advantage of her.
Kemba, Kha Regent would be a more appropriate one because she generates tokens as blockers and swarmers if neede.
I'm not huge on Nahiri, the Lithomancer . 5 mana to not really get a lot done but make a 1/1 and equip it once. Similarly, Ajani Goldmane doesn't seem to do a lot in your deck. I think walkers like Ugin, the Ineffable and Elspeth, Sun's Champion might just straight up be better fits. You want to capitalize on that artifact synergy.
If you absolutely need something expensive and threatening, Zetalpa, Primal Dawn or Heliod, God of the Sun are good options with baked-in indestructible.

as for artifacts and equipment, I don't think you're gonna get a lot out of Voltaic Servant or Voltaic Key . It might be better to put in other cards here. Etched Champion comes to mind.

Land Tax and Smothering Tithe may also be very big includes. The second generates artifacts for anything that needs them as well as makes lots of mana or slows your opponents down considerably. Both are good for you.

Finally, you have some fun infinite mana generation in there but... what does it do? You've got no real payoff for abusing Basalt Monolith. There's no way to chain or bounce things, no aetherflux resrvoir, etc. Maybe instead of Doubling Cube , you run more linear ramp like Sword of the Animist , Explorer's Scope , or Land Tax

Desert_Jackal on Esper vault

1 year ago

Since you're on Time Vault as a win-con I'd suggest playing the other 2 cmc transmute cards ( Shred Memory and Dimir Infiltrator ) since they find Time Vault if you need to win, and a couple of counter spells and removal spells if you need an answer. Also, Voltaic Servant is an untapper that can sometimes block, and is searchable with all your artifact tutors and your 2 cmc transmute cards.

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