Lodestone Golem

Lodestone Golem

Artifact Creature — Golem

Nonartifact spells cost more to cast.

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Lodestone Golem Discussion

libraryjoy on Messing with Lore

3 months ago

I'm not sure about Lodestone Golem, as it hits a lot of your cards as well (24 of your cards).

wallisface on Modular Scales

5 months ago

ThisIsMyAccount gotta disagree on the “too many legendary” thing. Scales wants as many copies of The Ozolith (& Hardened Scales ) that it can run, cause we want at least one of these out turn 1 so our deck can function - running 4 copies of The Ozolith is great for us as it gives us less dead draws.

I don’t think running multiple copies of Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp hurts us either, the second one just effectively adds at minimum 2 counters to the boardstate. Also remember the deck thrives off being able to sacrifice our own stuff to Throne of Geth and Arcbound Ravager .

I don’t think the deck wants Lodestone Golem in it at all either. 4 mana is steep, and against the decks this effect would usually aim to stop (storm, burn etc), its already too late. Not to mention, Hardened Scales decks should be aiming to win by the time they have 4 mana, not playing this stuff

ThisIsMyAccount on Modular Scales

5 months ago

You've got to have Lodestone Golem at least in the sideboard. It is too good in some matchups. I am going to recommend you go up to 4 copies of Urza's Saga , too.

Also, too many copies of legendary permanents. Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp and The Ozolith really aren't cards you need more than one or two of.

Oof_Magic on A Quest for Power: Unrestricting …

9 months ago

I guess my question is why? Like I said, slice it how you want. I just wanted to be comprehensive. What’s the strongest deck in Vintage? What’s the strongest deck with a completely unrestricted card pool? What’s the strongest deck with these nine colloquially known cards restricted? I guess I hadn’t considered that as I hadn’t been asked that. I think the answer is Stax easily takes the format as most of the combo decks lose a lot of consistency of mana, Ancestral Recall and Timetwister . People get wrapped up in P9 and forget Stax has added a fair few member to the Restricted List. Chalice of the Void , Thorn of Amethyst , Lodestone Golem , Trinisphere , and less connected Mystic Forge . Maybe some Oko Midrange build can still be a solid contender against that but I don’t know.

sylvannos on New hubs to be added

11 months ago

I agree with legendofa, we need hubs for Ad Nauseam, MUD, Belcher, and Xerox. These are all archetypes frequently present in Legacy and Vintage, sometimes overlapping into EDH or having Modern ports.

Ad Nauseam is, of course, built around the card Ad Nauseam. Frequently Ad Nauseam into Tendrils of Agony earns the deckname ANT. Doomsday ANT is another popular deck, and arguably the hardest deck to play in MtG (there's about a dozen ways to accidentally kill yourself early in the game).

MUD stands for "Mishra's Ultimate Domination" and refers to the old borders on artifacts, such as Black Lotus. Sometimes this deck is referred to as "Mono-Brown." It relies on Mishra's Workshop with the occasional Mishra's Factory to cheat out huge threats early on in the game. Initially, it was pretty much limited to Vintage. But in recent years, the deck has been moved over to Legacy where it uses Cloudpost instead of Mishra's Workshop. People have also tried playing the deck in Modern, trying to abuse Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere, and Lodestone Golem. However, Modern doesn't have the powerful mana to make the deck stronger than Eldrazi or regular Tron. What separates this deck from other colorless decks and Tron, however, is its ability to abuse "artifacts matter" mechanics.

Goblin Charbelcher has been one of the most popular combo cards since it was first printed. It sees play in every format it's legal in, since it's one of the most consistent turn 1 kills in Magic.

Xerox is definitely something that has gotten more viable as the game gets bigger. It's a type of tempo-control deck that relies on cantrips to constantly generate value. The archetype is viable in Vintage, Legacy, and Pauper. I've even messed around with it in Standard. As more cards like Opt, Serum Visions, Thought Scour, Brainstorm, and so on get printed, the viability of the deck across all formats only increases.

Show and Tell/Sneak Attack/Through the Breach/Eureka/Hypergenesis/Channel are IMO all part of the same archetype of putting dumb cards into play for no mana. Probably could put this all under the hub of "Sneak and Show."

@RemoteV & Femme_Fatale: "Big Red" is the Standard/Modern version of Dragon Stompy. Use a strong mana base to pump out prison cards and cheap, efficient threats like Bonecrusher Giant or Inferno Titan. Stompy decks are typically built around Sol lands (Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors) and other fast mana. I think what we really need is a hub for Stompy decks. Mono-Green Stompy is one of the oldest archetypes in Magic and I'm surprised there isn't a hub for it already. There's also Fairy Stompy, Sea Stompy, and MUD. If MUD doesn't get a hub, we definitely need Stompy to file it under.

Epicurus on The Longest Time

1 year ago

I love creative builds like this one. It looks annoying as shyt to deal with, haha...

If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to add in things that make it more difficult for your opponent(s) to do anything with the time they're allotted before this deck begins to smash face. I wouldn't expect that you could fit all of the following in there, but here's some examples of what I'm talking about:

And then, also, Braid of Fire, since Jhoira can be activated during your upkeep.

I furthermore think that you would benefit from wheel effects, because I envision that you run out of cards in hand pretty quickly. I won't list them all, because I assume you're familiar with the best of them.


Gidgetimer on Does casting cost affect turning …

1 year ago

You pay the card's mana cost to turn it up with Manifest. The mana cost is what is printed in the upper right of the card (or along the left side of the art of cards using the Future Sight frame). Cost reductions, additional costs, alternative costs and cost setting abilities are not taken into account for the mana cost of a card.

You would have to pay to turn Ghalta face up no matter how much power you have on the board. Trinisphere will not make Manifests with a CMC of less than 3 cost 3 total. Lodestone Golem doesn't add to turning non-artifact manifests face up.

701.34b Any time you have priority, you may turn a manifested permanent you control face up. This is a special action that doesn’t use the stack (see rule 116.2b). To do this, show all players that the card representing that permanent is a creature card and what that card’s mana cost is, pay that cost, then turn the permanent face up.

202.1. A card’s mana cost is indicated by mana symbols near the top of the card. (See rule 107.4.) On most cards, these symbols are printed in the upper right corner. Some cards from the Future Sight set have alternate frames in which the mana symbols appear to the left of the illustration.

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