Soul of New Phyrexia

Soul of New Phyrexia

Artifact Creature — Avatar


: Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

, Exile Soul of New Phyrexia from your graveyard: Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Pioneer Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Soul of New Phyrexia Discussion

MoreSizemore on esper control for nick

1 month ago

Take Outs:

  • Despark is a good card but some counter synergy.

Possible Includes:

VaneRaklan on Flying Snakes of Fortune

1 month ago

Main Notes

I think you should replace Plasm Capture with Rapid Hybridization or Pongify because holding up 4 mana for a counter is rough but holding (or using) 1 mana to get rid of a boi is a lot easier

I think you should take out Dictate of Kruphix and Rites of Flourishing and slot in something else, like board wipe protection or another wheel.

I feel like unless you are confident that you are going to maintain a hand of more than 7 then maybe consider swapping out Spellbook might be a good idea

Not sure how useful Patron of the Orochi will be especially being at such a high cmc

Reforge the Soul only triggers the miracle cost if it is the card you draw for turn so you would have to pay the full CMC if you drew into it from a wheel. Thus, could save a few bucks by swapping it out for a different wheel card.

Nadir Kraken might not pull that much weight since you're theoretically going to be creating a ton of snakes and drawing a bunch of cards. Plus I'm not sure if you'll end up wanting to spend the mana to add the +1 counter and make a tentacle

Fun synergy

Bag of Holding $0.35 instead of losing all of your cards to wheels, you can actually get them back later lol

Second Harvest $1.29 2GG to double all your creature tokens... could be useful? could also just do with another wheel lol

Soul of New Phyrexia $4 Might be a lot of mana to run but if you have ashnod's alter out then you should have no issue sacking three tokens to give everything indestructible. Just one more board wipe protection

Haste Givers

Rhythm of the Wild $3 can either give them haste or make them a lil bit bigger

Ogre Battledriver $0.6 buffs snakes upon ETB and gives them haste; if this is already out and you wheel...OOF

Horizon Chimera $0.25 padding your life total isn't a bad idea; granted you are likely going to be aggressive affff

More Wheels

Molten Psyche $4

Whirlpool Warrior $4

Geier Reach Sanitarium $2.5 Might not be worth it but having a little something-something on a land is hard to deal with and could help in a pinch

Dragon Mage $0.25

Prosperity $1.5

Minds Aglow $2.5

Khorvath's Fury $3

Burning Inquiry $1 One red mana to get 9 snake bois and might get some good stuff out of someone else's hand

Game Plan $0.39 Heftier side of things at 6 CMC but everyone draws 7 instead of perhaps the same amount they discarded. Plus everyone refills their library so any graveyard shenanigans gets shut down and you don't risk milling yourself for a little bit longer

Michigone on Catch-22: Damned if You Tap, Damned if You Don't

3 months ago

NoSoyYucateco: Hey, thanks for all the great input! I was just having a conversation with a friend today about cutting down to 37 lands by removing a basic and putting in another creature for the slot anyway! And you're right, War's Toll needs to be in the deck.

I think the reason I slotted in higher end cmc spells is because my commander has ramp inherently built in, and usually I find the deck is able to hit 8-9 cmc by turn 5, so I thought, why not up my big bomb counts with the aim of winning sooner? However, I do feel that lurking predators and guardian project with the low creature count aren't really getting me as much value as War's Toll or Return of the Wildspeaker can, so I made those changes too!

I'm going to try the Heroic Intervention in for Soul of New Phyrexia change, because earlier today I ran into a situation where Soul was in my hand, but it took me two turns to get it out and then set it up so that I had indestructible online for my permanents and by that time I had already lost some permanents that I wanted. I guess I just like the repeatable aspect of its ability coupled with the fact that it's a way to dump mana if I need it.

NoSoyYucateco on Catch-22: Damned if You Tap, Damned if You Don't

3 months ago

Michigone: I'm glad you liked it! I love that card. And people don't get too mad about it because they have a choice not to sacrifice lands. Still mean, though.

I also like Manabarbs and War's Toll in here. I think you have a lot of cards that don't synergize much with the deck theme, or just cost too much for what they do, and they should be cut to make the deck more focused. plainsrunner made a lot of good suggestions for cuts.

I think a lot of the stuff at the top end of your mana curve may not be worth keeping. Like Hellkite Overlord, Worst Fears, Lurking Predators (your creature count is actually kind of low, Asceticism for the same reason.

In fact, even Soul of New Phyrexia could be swapped with Heroic Intervention and I think you'd be happy with the switch.

Your land count is also a little on the high side. I think you could cut one or two and be fine. You're playing green and you have lots of land ramp.

zuharran on Infinite Mana, Infinite Creatures

4 months ago

Sultai_Sir, I took a look at your deck and I like it, cheaper than mine with similar goals, however I'm concerned about the decks consistency. With very little sustained draw power, it seems unlikely to consistently pull off early game wins. And with the hate that cards like Vorinclex pull, you're likely to get hated out before comboing off, imo. That said, I definitely like cards like Skyshroud Blessing for extra protections, might swap Soul of New Phyrexia for it as it's easier to cast and stickier. I'll look into finding a slot for Genesis Wave, but as of now it seems like it would really only be useful when I'm infinite, which means if I draw it at the wrong time, it's a dead card in my hand. Thanks for the suggestions tho! I'm going to formulate a response for your deck to comment on your deck page.

bamichinees on The old ways

5 months ago

If you seek protection in mono green, there a several ways to do that. I hope my suggestions can be of some use to you.

  • City of Solitude: no removal during your turn, although you also cannot interact with your opponents during their turns.

  • Soul of New Phyrexia: can give your board indestructible for 5. Is not a shaman though.
  • Kamahl, Fist of Krosa: you can punish/cheese your opponent with this card, by tapping your shamans and targeting their lands. With enough mana, you can Armageddon your opponents, if it is a creature boardwipe. You can also use it for it's Overrun effect lategame.
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