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Mountain Discussion

HunkGTIKittyman on Frantic Archaeology [Infinite Graveyard Jank]

2 days ago

So, here's what I found Cheiromancer. To win on turn two, you have to have three Fossil Finds, a Monastery Swiftspear, Wild Cantor Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip and Mountain in your hand, ten go second, so you can draw a Gut Shot first turn, then do everything normally. So you have a third fossil find in your hand to retrieve if things go wrong

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

4 days ago

Remember a while ago where I made Zaren, Silverback Ironfist? The Ape Berserker who revolved around the Fight mechanic? So I built a deck and he was way to powerful. Every single creature spell becoems removal. Even when I nerf him, dropping it from two +1/+1 counters when the creature survives down to just a single +1/+1 until end of turn, everything just decimates the boardstate. Dropping a Hornet Queen just wrecked a game I was playing in. Because he is a custom commander, I have the deck here on Tappedout and I have the browser tab open. My current boardstate (after winning the game) looks like this:

Oh, right. I also have 5x Forest in play, 4x Mountain, Gruul Signet, Mox Amber, Mana Crypt and Arcane Signet. Das a lotta mana, man!

  • It's my Turn 9.

Game ended with me at 24 life.

Took down The Ur-Dragon, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Maelstrom Wanderer.

Poor Ur-Dragon died twice to my fights; Once to Akroma, Angel of Fury after she triggered a second time since The Ur-Dragon is both white and blue, she couldn't deal damage back. So when Akroma dealt 6, she got +1/+1 until end of turn and I had her fight again with Hunt the Hunter, since The Ur-Dragon is green. Later, Hornet Queen made short work of it, again.

I think I vastly underestimated the power of the Fight mechanic, and now I understand why we do not have a Fight Commander. T-T

Challenge Dominance


At the beginning of combat on your turn, you and target opponent may each reveal cards from the top of your library until you both reveal a creature card. If you do, they enter the battlefield tapped and fight each other. Put the rest of the revealed cards on the bottom of their libraries in a random order. If one creature survives, it remains on the battlefield. If both creatures survive, their owners shuffle them back into their library.

Wild T-T

legendofa on Progenchantment

4 days ago

Shield_of_Aiur Not my deck, but I should mention that Wastes doesn't affect Collective Restraint or other domain effects. Wastes doesn't actually have a land type in its type line, so the basic land types are still the usual five. Compare the type line to Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest

rotimislaw on Certain basic lands

1 week ago

The solution enpc says is visual. If you'd like, you can also add the shortened name of the set and card number you're after in the brackets from the decklist level, like this:

Mountain for [ [Mountain] ]

Mountain for [ [Mountain (KTK)] ]

Mountain for [ [Mountain (KTK:264)] ]

Mountain for [ [Mountain (AKH)] ] - the one you're looking for, I guess?

Just remove the spaces between the square brackets above - I added them so that the markdown language of the page doesn't render them as cards ;)

BossUltinuc on What are some affordable improvements …

1 week ago

So I built this Sliver focused deck, but I really don't have the budget to be spending $20 AUD per card so that I can build the sickest deck ever. Therefore, I'm wondering what some improvements I can make to this deck are to make it more capable, even if it isn't going to be winning any tournaments

Creatures x4 Cloudshredder Sliver x4 Diffusion Sliver x3 Galerider Sliver x2 Megantic Sliver x2 Venom Sliver x3 Manaweft Sliver x2 Tempered Sliver x2 Sentinel Sliver x3 Leeching Sliver

Instant x3 Shock x2 Giant Growth

Sorcery x4 Channel the Suns

Lands x3 Evolving Wilds x3 Transguild Promenade x4 Plains x4 Swamp x4 Island x4 Mountain x4 Forest

BruhYouFarted on Pauper Infinite Artifact ETBs UBG

2 weeks ago

A little jank, but seems very fun! If I could make a few recommendations, at would be to remove Strategic Planning for the much better Impulse and 1 Mountain for an Ash Barrens. I know that Strategic Planning dumps the cards in your graveyard, however i feel removing Exhume and those other yard-matters cards can open yourself up to great draw spells like Preordain, Brainstorm, and Ponder. I guarentee this will make your deck way more consistent. But again, this is just my two cents.

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