Worn Powerstone

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Worn Powerstone


Worn Powerstone enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add .

Profet93 on Empress Stealina

2 days ago


  1. Grafted Exoskeleton - What is the purpose of this?
  2. Puppet Strings - Do you have enough mana to reliably abuse this?
  3. Vedalken Shackles - One of my favorite artifacts for mono blue. But given you only run 15 islands, is this impactful?
  4. Terrain Generator - Same question as above
  5. Ramp - I have/had a mono blue theft deck. The issue is the high cmc of theft cards. Do you feel you might be better served by swapping some of the above cards with additional ramp pieces to more quickly use your commander as well as other theft spells?

On that above note....

Sky Diamond/Arcane Signet/Thought Vessel (?)/Mind Stone/Worn Powerstone

king-saproling on Life gain, life loss

2 months ago

I agree with austintayshus and recommend these mana rocks since they allow you to get Oloro out on turn 4: Coalition Relic, Component Pouch, Worn Powerstone, Palladium Myr

Icaruskid on Doomsday Clock | Budget No Combo Urza [PRIMER]

4 months ago

capwner Great ideas! Worn Powerstone is where I'm starting with testing them out because that just fits with the untap support. Thanks!

capwner on Doomsday Clock | Budget No Combo Urza [PRIMER]

4 months ago

AArrgh this deck wants Urza's Saga so bad it hurts! Respect the budget though. Love seeing cards like Riddlesmith and Sai, Master Thopterist, these bring me back. I've not played much artifacts in a while but I remember Memory Jar is pretty freakin sweet, also a big fan of God-Pharaoh's Gift although both of these are probably better in red decks that can do more Welder-y things. Sculpting Steel, Phyrexian Metamorph, Worn Powerstone, Ashnod's Altar are all affordable classics that seem like they'd fit nicely. Skyship Weatherlight and Ring of Three Wishes are budget friendly tutors (also artifacts!) that find your wincons!

king-saproling on Democracy is Fun!

4 months ago

Cool deck! Personally I would make these swaps:

Messenger Jays -> Academy Manufactor
Lieutenants of the Guard -> Coalition Flag (fun to put on Tivit since he has Ward 3)
Venser's Journal -> Auton Soldier (can copy Tivit!)
Winged Words -> Battle Mastery (double strike on Tivit to double his effect)
Propaganda -> Thorough Investigation
Warden of Evos Isle -> Worn Powerstone
Emergency Powers -> Anointed Procession
Fact or Fiction -> Spark Double
Dig Through Time -> Irenicus's Vile Duplication
Eligeth, Crossroads Augur -> Inspiring Statuary (can tap itself to reduce costs, also allows you to tap clues & treasures to reduce costs)
Sphinx Sovereign -> Brago's Representative
Treasure Cruise -> Sakashima of a Thousand Faces
Opt -> Sakashima the Impostor
Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign -> Time Sieve
Vexing Sphinx -> Mirkwood Bats
Aetherize -> Mondrak, Glory Dominus
Sphinx of Foresight -> Rise and Shine
Glyph Keeper -> Cyberdrive Awakener

Azoth2099 on So basically dimir Talrand

5 months ago

Yeah, I suppose that was a rude way to say that, I apologize.

Once this deck is streamlined, you'll have more than enough token generation to slot Diabolic Intent, especially considering that one of your main combos is Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter. Sacrificing a token so that you can make infinite tokens is worth it.

Also, the utility offered by Black Market Connections here is insane. If you don't want to throw a bunch of life into it once it's served it's purpose you can just pay 1 for a treasure, which is fantastic. The tokens it generates are Changelings as well, which matters a lot if we're talking about quickly getting to the 9. Never be afraid to use your life as a resource, especially in color combos including . You're kicking yourself by doing so! The more powerful and dialed in your decklist is, the more powerful your life will be as a resource, I cannot overstate this.

If you don't want to police the table for fun's sake...that's awesome lol, you're probably super fun to play with! In that case, I'd add more cantrip effects for yourself like Ponder, Brainstorm, Serum Visions, Opt...There's a ton. Windfall, Tolarian Winds, Sign in Blood & Night's Whisper would do great in this new hypothetical card draw pack, too.

As far as what I'd cut to make room for more core strength, here it goes:

Teferi's Veil, Levitation, Cover of Darkness, Glamdring, Maskwood Nexus, Uncovered Clues, Pieces of the Puzzle, Worn Powerstone, Metallurgic Summonings, Quantum Misalignment, Decoy Gambit & Soul Shatter.

None of these are bad cards per se, I definitely understand why you slotted most of them, but if you replace them with some of the cards I mentioned your deck engine will run a lot smoother a lot more often.

Coward_Token on So basically dimir Talrand

5 months ago

"Let me know if you need help with cuts, I'm seeing a lot of them." Ooof, but have at it. I'm guessing you're eyeing Coalition Relic & Worn Powerstone? I like them, instead of the trending 2 mana-rocks, for the niche of MV 5 commander in particular since it means you can afford to miss an extra land drop.

Not really a fan of creature saccing stuff like Diabolic Intent here? Wanna keep building towards that critical nine.

A bit nervous when it comes to life paying stuff like Black Market Connections, no life drain to compensate. But sure, we're in a 40-life format, so that might just be cowardly.

As mentioned in the description, don't really feel like making a table police deck so less counterspells than you'd probably expect in favor of stuff that's versatile and/or hits everyone (e.g. Gruesome Realization).

ashby4 on Zaffai, Thunder Conductor

6 months ago

These cards both fit the theme and have at least some synergy with the deck- Muse Vortex, Spellbinding Soprano, Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel, Fires of Victory, Victory Chimes, Entrancing Melody, Maelstrom Muse

Talruum Piper is a bad card, but it is a musical Minotaur.

These cards don't quite fit the theme but are powerful in this sort of deck- Volcanic Vision, Immolating Gyre, Tzaangor Shaman, Omnispell Adept, Galvanoth, Epic Experiment, Summons of Saruman, Aminatou's Augury, Commence the Endgame

Also some cheap land upgrades- Fiery Islet, Frostboil Snarl, and Command Tower.

You should also consider running more lands than 35, with a mana curve this high it can be easy to stumble on lands. Alternatively you could play more ramp spells like Worn Powerstone and Coldsteel Heart.

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