Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it into its owner's hand instead of into that player's graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Remand Discussion

Thor_Naadoh on Illusion 2.0

2 weeks ago

Mothdust Changeling and/or Universal Automaton might be better than the bear (at least, they don't die on targeting.) Else you could also look into Aether Vial for more flexible plays.

Could you elaborate more on your goal? Do you plan to win by milling with a huge Master of Waves or by flying over with Illusions? At the moment you have both of them, which results in both being weaker than they could be.

Brainstorm and other such cantrips should help with your card drawing problem, especially with the milling plan - you don't need to draw many cards as long as you draw the right ones.

In your experience, is it worth dedicating six more slots to make Master of Waves (who's not even a four-of) work? I can see, they also protect Lord of the Unreal, but here some cheap Counterspells (like that one, Remand, Memory Lapse,...) would also be helpful.

king-saproling on STAX on STAX

4 weeks ago

Yep Omniscience_is_life is right. Delaying Approach so you wouldn't have to wait to redraw and recast it would be a neat way to get a quick second cast, but Approach actually states that you have to cast it from hand in order to win with it. If Approach didn't include the "If .. was cast from your hand" part, qwikster would be right.

butimadog runs Remand which would allow for a fast second cast of Approach. Would take a ton of mana to pull that off without a catalyst like Dream Halls or Omniscience though.

GloriousSeeker on Mono Blue Delver 2021

1 month ago

Hi man!

Nice list, but.. I have some things you may have to change to make the deck really work. Mono blue can be really good if you know how to build it. For example Merfolk is better in Mono blue then Simic (green/blue) because of the tempo you have.

Mainboard: -4 Cryptic Command -1 Archmage's Charm -2 Remand -4 Scalding Tarn -1 Snapcaster Mage +4 Consider +1 Force of Negation +1 Murktide Regent +2 Demilich +2 Island +2 Fiery Islet

Sideboard: -2 Spell Snare -2 Vendilion Clique -1 Negate -1 Remand -1 Force of Negation -1 Annul -1 Murktide Regent -2 Ceremonious Rejection +2 Hurkyl's Recall +2 Thing in the Ice  Flip +1 Dispel +2 Malevolent Hermit  Flip +2 Tormod's Crypt +1 Spell Pierce +1 Narset, Parter of Veils

Try this out, all the changes I made in this list has their reasons. Some cards have their special power on their own. Make use of more cheap and better counterspells. Try it out and ofcourse this are tips what you can do better with mono blue delver. I play it myself and it's great.

wallisface on Soulherder Flash

1 month ago

I would also suggest Counterspell instead of Remand. With the Eternal Witness and Ephemerate combo, you want your spells to be both instant speed and oppressive (imo this is why Path is much stronger in soulherder decks than Prismatic Ending). Remand doesn’t ruin lives like Counterspell does - and once you get the Witness/Ephemerate combo running, Counterspell should effectively lock your opponent out of being able to play.

I would also suggest ditching Opt for a mana dork (preferably Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch)

wallisface on Bolas Grixis Control

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • ditch Cruel Ultimatum and Dark Intimations. They cost faar too much mana and are generally bad cards. You already have plenty-enough high-mana cards in your 3 bolos planeswalkers, so try keep the rest of your casting costs reasonable.

  • As far as replacing those 5 cards mentioned above, i’d first suggest bringing in the 2 Cryptic Command in your sideboard. After that i’d suggest adding one more each of Gurmag Angler, Thoughtseize, and Inquisition of Kozilek.

  • Countersquall and Remand aren’t great here, as the first is situational and the second doesn’t actually stop the opponent doing what they need to. I’d suggest to replace them with a playset of Counterspell, and a single Archmage's Charm.

zapyourtumor on Royal Temur Moon

1 month ago

Any deck still playing Remand, Electrolyze, and Vendilion Clique makes me happy.

I particularly like the interaction between Prismari Command and Narset where you can target your opponent with the second mode to make them discard two (which I don't think you mentioned in the description).

The_Acid_Drip on Flickertwist

1 month ago

what kind of interaction are you running besides the hermit? I get that you have some killer plays with flicker spell being able to sneak in a brilliant counter spell by flipping him back.

Maybe some amount of Remand to help you tempo them out as well as a few Familiar's Ruse to combo with the Watcher for Tomorrow.

Good luck!

zapyourtumor on UW Sun Titan Control 2021

1 month ago

Skyclave Apparition and Vendilion Clique are some additional options.

You could definitely make Yorion, Sky Nomad your companion which I think would help the deck a fair bit. Given that you can just add more counterspells and etb effects, the consistency of the deck shouldn't be negatively affected. You could add some cantripping like Omen of the Sea and Spreading Seas, maybe even some Yorion mainboard. You could also add additional counterspells like Archmage's Charm (I assume force is too expensive). Remand isn't as good as it once was so I'd go up to 4 counterspells and maybe cut some remands if you have enough counters.

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