Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it into its owner's hand instead of into that player's graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Remand Discussion

lagotripha on Nightmare (Final Draft)

2 days ago

I'm saying play more 1-ofs that you can transmute for. Its the payoff for transmute; golden bullets.

When you need to look out sideboard cards List of Modern Sideboard Staples hasn't been updated in a couple years but still has most of the stuff, but you can also look at tournament lists to see what people are putting in.

Profane Memento,Cling to Dust, Stern Dismissal, Drown in the Loch, Echoing Truth. This could also help you find the power cards you are missing; stuff like Visions of Beyond or the Archive Trap/Scheming Symmetry interactions. Generally the most competitive version of the deck is just fetches and saying "Hedron Crab, save me!", but its been an expensive tier2 list for a long time; there are budget options for a lot of the slots.

If you need power without picking up a bankbreaking manabase, pick up visions and then think about tinkering with Sphinx's Tutelage type 'stick enchantments and draw cards', with spells like Remand to stay alive is fun; the main advantage of non-netdecks and rogue decks is unpredictability; play around with different plans.

Pick sideboard cards based on what your deck needs to do in the matchup; slowing down aggressive decks that want to race you and protecting your threats/putting down a difficult to remove threat against decks that are slower than you. Mostly it'll be specific 'this buys me a couple turns for my orbs to win the game' cards.

Look at why matchups don't feel good and think 'what cards in my hand would have needed to be other cards to win that match'. Sometimes the answer is 'play a different deck', but other times you realise that if a secretkeeper was an Echoing Truth to search for, you'd win.

Massacar on Just a shapeshifter and his demon kraken

4 days ago

It would seem you're a bit light on lands for the CMC you're running currently. I would recommend adding at least 3 more lands to get you to 34.

Also I would really recommend including a few counterspells so that your deck can hold up to at least some level of interaction. Counterspell, Remand, and Rewind would all fit your companion constraint.

Flooremoji on Modern Phantasms

4 days ago

Phantom Warrior, Cancel and See Beyond are all bad.

Cyclonic Rift is very lackluster in modern, I would reccomend replacing them with Brazen Borrowers.

I can't ever justify paying the transmute cost for Muddle (it's also usually a less than ideal counterspell), I would reccomend just putting in better cards in it's place than a tutor for Lord of the Unreal.

Consider somthing along the lines of Remand or more Mana Leak for stall. Krovikan Mist is probably your best illusion, I think 4 are mandatory considering how bad illusions are.

Maybe Spark Double?

Serum Visions could be an okay replacement for See Beyond.

Force of Negation is amazing in most blue decks.

Tbh I feel like whatever you do with Illusions it's just going to be a worse spirits/merfolk tribal deck with none of the advantages.

zapyourtumor on

2 weeks ago

New rogue looks interesting. There's also Thieves' Guild Enforcer if you want more mill payoff. Have you considered some removal or other types of control, like Fatal Push, Inquisition of Kozilek, Remand, etc? Earwig Squad for sideboard? Sygg, River Cutthroat is also cute although I don't know how good it would be in this deck. Hidden Strings lets you attack w/ rogue then tap down your opponent's lands if they are control before casting stuff on ur second main phase, or untap your lands to leave mana open for a Remand, etc. Bitterblossom gives u a crapton of rogues, great with your lords (and definitely with the new one).

Other rogues: Latchkey Faerie, Slither Blade (probably not necessary), Invisible Stalker, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner (baby bob)

zAzen7977 on FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTS (Blightsteel Combo)

2 weeks ago

The_Legionarre, thank you for the suggestion! I will take your advice and swap the Force of Negation for Remand.

The_Legionarre on FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTS (Blightsteel Combo)

2 weeks ago

I'd remove force of negation since this is a combo deck. The counters in this list are going to exist mainly to protect your combo, and force of negation doesn't let you cast it for free on your turn. I'd recommend a playset of Remand instead.

jacobpmesser on ▷ 8 Crab MILL! ◁ 【Zendikar Rising】Competitive!

3 weeks ago

I'm gonna test with Noxious Revival and Growth Spiral, Explore to ensure land drops. Those + Remand keeps hand full. Then, some other interaction.

lukeanto on crab tribal mill

3 weeks ago

Why not Growth Spiral? i would add x4 and take out 2x Explore , 1x Remand and 1x Mana Leak

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