Darksteel Citadel

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Darksteel Citadel

Artifact Land

Indestructible (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy this permanent.)

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NensouHiebara on Halvar, Divine Voltron

2 weeks ago


I replaced Inventors' Fair with Urza's Saga last year. I have no intention of putting it back in.

Darksteel Citadel and Flagstones of Trokair both do absolutely nothing.

CavemanlyMan on Halvar, Divine Voltron

2 weeks ago

Also, if you aren't quite sold on Blinkmoth Nexus and you are looking for other utility land options, then I really like Inventors' Fair in my deck. Some other lands that I have that you haven't included are Darksteel Citadel and Flagstones of Trokair, which if nothing else those would be easy cuts in the future.

I also think you could easily cut a plains for flagstones, but I'm sure you'll probably find an issue with that, as it makes you go below your slightly arbitrary number of 20 basic plains (even though it is still untapped white mana). But hey, you do you.

ManiacalPotato on Night of the Living Robots v2 | Feldon EDH

3 weeks ago


Thanks for the recs!

Hanweir Battlements  Meld is a very solid option, will definitely seek one out. c: Also, Darksteel Citadel is mostly in the deck for Prototype Portal shenanigans, but it also has the niche benefit of sticking around in case I end up nuking my own stuff, I miiiight take out another mountain and keep both cards.

Homeward Path would be a very strong inclusion, I love the utility for sure, and getting a humble defector tap every turn sounds spicy! It's a bit out of my price range, but for sure going in the acquireboard.

Wheel of Misfortune seems fun and potentially very strong, but I don't like the uncertainty around the effect, and giving my opponents the ability to opt-out of wheeling their hand removes the combo-breaker utility. Wheel of Fortune would be very good but also is very, very expensive

Inferno Titan has been in a couple of iterations of this deck, I have a tendency to underestimate the power of dealing damage with no strings attached, I'll think about what I can sub out for it!

Flametongue Kavu same as above, although I'm leaning towards inferno titan for the reuseable damage and more flexible targeting.

Curse of Opulence was like $15 before its reprint, now that it's cheaper I'll see if I can find a copy!

king-saproling on Kura, the Boundless Sky [Lands]

3 months ago

Inventors' Fair might be worth making room for. It can find your sac outlets. You could include Darksteel Citadel, Treasure Vault, and Tree of Tales to ensure that you're able to use the Fair.

These might interest you too: Sakura-Tribe Scout, Skyshroud Ranger, Llanowar Scout, Budoka Gardener  Flip, Scaled Herbalist, Walking Atlas, Terrain Generator, Deserted Temple, Tranquil Thicket

Niko9 on An Axe, carrying an Axe $15 Ultrabudget Casual

3 months ago

Ha, I feel like this deck is awesome and it's just a matter of axe puns now : ) Seriously though, when I realized you could ensoul Darksteel Citadel, that's just mean. Delightfully mean : ) Definitely one that will leave opponents perpl-axed.

Sorry...sorry...don't mean for it to spiral into a L-axe-icon. I mean...I kinda do : )

DemonDragonJ on Metal Militia

4 months ago

I have replaced the four copies of Darksteel Citadel with four copies of Treasure Vault, since the latter land shall be more useful in most situations.

I definitely would like to put the artifact dual lands (Darkmoss Bridge, Drossforge Bridge, and so forth) from Modern Horizons 2 into this deck, but this is a fast deck, and I cannot afford to use lands that enter the battlefield tapped, with the sole exception being Cloudpost, since those lands can generate massive amounts of mana.

TheoryCrafter on Mon AMyr (Advice / Thoughts?)

4 months ago

Have you considered Inspiring Statuary? This will be useful for your nonartifact spells-especially the ones with "X" on their mana costs. If you add it to your deck other cards to consider are Introduction to Annihilation and Scour from Existence to deal with the Karn, the Great Creator/Mycosynth Lattice combo.

I would also suggest the Artifact lands Darksteel Citadel, Power Depot, Seat of the Synod and Treasure Vault. Not only can you make multiple copies with Portal Prototype, but boost your affinity. And you can't go wrong with Inventors Fair in your deck. You have a mana source and a tutor for ready at a minute's notice to use if you turn out to need it.

Stoic Rebuttal's metalcrafter ability will effectively make it the same cost as Counterspell.

Thank you for reading me out. I hope it helps. Happy Hunting!

TheMadRocketeer on Affinity for Artifacts

4 months ago

FireHawk828, Thought Monitor is great. Pretty sure I've not seen that one before. I have just one Cranial Plating. I don't tend to target buy cards, but that one I might get more of some day. Currently, Darksteel Citadel is the only artifact land I own, and I have no moxen or Tolarian Academy. I play Casual and Commander, but 99.9% of anything in any of my decks I pulled out of a booster pack or found in the bins in a card shop, and I just can't imagine spending $50+ for single cards. Your suggestions are very good, and this deck is mediocre and in great need of help, so I appreciate them.

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