Shamanic Revelation

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Shamanic Revelation


Draw a card for each creature you control.

Ferocious — You gain 4 life for each creature you control with power 4 or greater.

Profet93 on My 3-headed baby girl

1 month ago


Tokens are outside my wheelhouse, but I'll do my best to help. Also, I see you run the Emeria Shepherd + Sakura Tribe elder synergy, nice!

Shamanic Revelation - Draw with a side of lifegain

Alhammarret's Archive - Double lifegain, double draw!

Harmonize - Simple draw

Elemental Bond - Steady draw

Skullclamp - You run a decent amount of mana dorks.

Reliquary Tower - Maybe not needed yet but once you add more card draw, it should definitely be considered. Currently, Creeping Renaissance could warrant this inclusion.

Greater Good - Such a good card for draw. Also helps prevent exile and theft tactics.

Momentous Fall - Used in response to removal. Beware of the blue player! Also note Life's Legacy.

I understand that tokens are secondary, but have you considered at least adding one token doubler card such as Doubling Season? Not necessarily doubling season itself given the price constraint but any one of it's close cousins can fit the bill.

Winding Canyons/Emergence Zone - Flash would help primarily with Felidar Sovereign, Sunblast Angel and combat tricks. It also helps you from over-extending your board

Castle Garenbrig - Ramp

Profet93 on Cacti Counters

1 month ago

I don't see a lot of draw in here, how about a Momentous Fall or a Shamanic Revelation? For something more on theme although symmetrical, Horn of Greed. Greater Good is also a great option. It's a sac outlet to prevent theft, exile and can net you a ton of cards.

Castle Garenbrig - Simple ramp

Fetchlands like Fabled Passage, Terramorphic Expanse and even Myriad Landscape are potentially worth considering. Especially given you run crucible and ramunap. You run a lot of basic forests. Have you considering swapping some of them out to create additional utility in the mana base? Sadly a lot of the more powerful lands are expensive but there might be some that are worth considering depending on what you're looking for.

Potential Cut - Questing Beast. I don't see how it's purpose in the deck. Is it a meta call for a PW deck?

Profet93 on Non-Alchoholic Patron

2 months ago


Early Harvest - ramp

Return of the Wildspeaker - Draw / overrun

Greater Good - Draw / sac outlet (prevent stealing, exiling, etc...)

Regal Force / Shamanic Revelation - Draw

Yavimaya Hollow - Regen / politics

Crow_Umbra on Terrenos de Don Windgrace [Retired]

4 months ago

Thanks for checking out my decks as of recent, Profet93 I appreciate it. This is my second go at trying out a Lands strategy. Zimone and Dina were pretty interesting, but they felt like they were being pulled in a couple of different directions.

Since this deck is fairly new, I haven't had a chance to try it here yet. I used to run Insidious Dreams in my old Alesha, Who Smiles at Death deck. I liked it the times I played it there, but felt it was kinda clunky at 4 cmc, especially for a Mardu deck. I figured the mana cost wouldn't be as big of a deal in a deck with Green in it lol. I'm also playing it here because my one copy of Demonic Tutor is currently in my Burakos deck. I also figured I'd (ideally) be pitching Lands to the Discard requirement. If it under performs, It'll be one of my first swaps out.

  1. Petrified Field seems interesting. I agree that I'd want to limit the number of colorless mana producing lands I run, but could swap it for one of the others already in the deck.

  2. Lol I picked up a copy of Natural Affinity during one of my ordering batches. I'm sure that I'll give it a shot at some point.

  3. As for the Shamanic Revelation, I currently have about 6 creature token production effects in the 99. Still getting a feel for how consistently I can draw into at least one. In terms of a similarly costed draw effect, I was considering Stinging Study. 5 for always 5 seems decent.

Profet93 on Terrenos de Don Windgrace [Retired]

4 months ago

Crow_Umbra +1

I'm a bit fan of land decks since I run azusa. Lord Wingrace was always an interesting one. How has Insidious Dreams been working for you? I understand it's potential upside as you can set up a combo at instant speed at opponents EOT. How have the downsides been for you, namely... 1) Discard is additional cost to cast, 2) You need to draw into them. The first issue is mitigated by price of glory, the second by a draw source. So perhaps it works for you. Still curious.

Two unserious suggestions....

  1. Petrified Field - Works well with realms uncharted. Your commander's effect and 3 color requirement makes this not ideal but worth mentiong.
  2. For the ultimate laugh, Natural Affinity - Nice board wipe you got there, would be a shame if you lost your lands...I only mention it because you run strip mine, a crucible effect and multiple land drops per turn

Would a Shamanic Revelation be worth considering given all of your token production or is to too dependent upon your boardstate?

king-saproling on Not another Bunny

5 months ago

Cadira looks like such a fun commander. Personally I would make these swaps:

Sheltering Boughs -> Battle Mastery
Giant Growth -> Fireshrieker
Nature's Embrace -> Song of Freyalise
Escape from Orthanc -> Hope Against Hope
Massive Might -> Sigil of the Nayan Gods
Savage Surge -> Eidolon of Countless Battles
Saddle of the Cavalier -> Hunter's Prowess
Nahiri, the Lithomancer -> Shamanic Revelation
Marble Diamond -> Avacyn's Pilgrim
Witch's Oven -> Mosswort Bridge
Cloak of the Bat -> Windbrisk Heights
Sigardian Paladin -> Pollenbright Wings
Dormant Grove -> Gilded Goose
Biogenic Upgrade -> Camaraderie
Manifold Key -> Rabble Rousing
Wedding Invitation -> Shield of the Oversoul

Profet93 on Tittynia

7 months ago

royalmobster +1

Solid list, nice 3.33 avg cmc.

Question: Why run endless atlass, especially with only 15 forests? Would you not be better served with Rishkar's Expertise or Shamanic Revelation?

Profet93 on Mono Green Poison and Proliferate

7 months ago

indieinside +1

Vines of Vastwood > predator's strike.

Yavimaya Hollow - Regen

Staff of Compleation - How has this been working for you?

Also, I usually run 37-38 lands in my builds. I'm usually strictly against cutting lands but given you have such a low avg cmc, you could probably cut 1-2 lands easily and be fine.

I don't see much card draw. I understand it's primarily 1v1 so perhaps that's not needed. Should you find yourself in more multiplayer games where you need gas to maintain board presence, have you considered a Shamanic Revelation?

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