Brave the Elements

Brave the Elements


Choose a color. White creatures you control gain protection from the chosen color until end of turn.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Brave the Elements Discussion

kamarupa on Turn up your Speakers

2 weeks ago

Nice list!

Brave the Elements in the sideboard perhaps? It's so versatile and easy to cast.

Apollo_Paladin on Mono White Aura Heroic

3 months ago

Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful. Also thanks for the returned upvote haha =P

The combo is most definitely a lock, though it can be helpful to have some added protection in there as well against target destroy and spell damage. I've seen other combos with Pariah using Indestructible, but Protection from Creatures is so much more powerful given the vast # of powerful creature-activated abilities that are relevant now.

Since I realize that the Flickering Wards that I use in my Legacy build (which is just a TOTAL lock with the other 2 Enchantments) sadly aren't legal in your Modern version, at least you can pull off a one-turn protection with the suggestion above for Brave the Elements. Or perhaps you can find some other clever method that I'm unaware of.

It's a fun combo to land though, and you can usually do it pretty early if you run 4 copies of each Pariah and Spirit Mantle. Enjoy! >=D

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Dogs

3 months ago

Totally on board with a non-Modern version! Personally I was going to build mine as a casual deck.

I saw your updated description, and unfortunately, Brave the Elements doesn't protect against Wrath of God, since Wrath neither targets nor damages.

A couple options that do work: Unbreakable Formation provides instant-speed protection when you need it, but at sorcery speed, it makes for a potent offensive card, with that permanent buff and vigilance. Unfortunately, between Formation and Wrath, that's 7 mana in one turn, which is pretty steep.

Frontline Medic is similar to Selfless Spirit in that, once it's out, it's a free activation to gain indestructible. There's obviously pros and cons to each — 3 mana vs 2, repeatable vs single use, waiting a turn to attack vs available the turn you play it, keeping the creature vs sac'ing it, restricted to combat vs instant-speed — so it cones down to your personal playstyle and preferences (or I guess, your partner's).

ellie-is on "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro)

3 months ago

I think it's a decent replacement for Heroic Intervention, especially since you'll be wanting sideboard slots for other cards as you continue to build it!

And haha, yeah. They started shipping to some countries in South America, just not mine yet, lol! I was SO ready to get the Rat secret lair early on, but... Well, no shipping, so not much I could do! haha. But so far Extra Life is my favorite of the bunch, those arts are all just so perfect!

Speaking of building sideboards: a good idea is to look at mtgtop8 for decks in your colors and general archetype, see what they're running and adapt to your needs. Specifically keep in mind what those cards are supposed to beat and ask yourself if your deck struggles with it. While also including things for any specific needs your deck has. For example my Saproling deck wants lots of creatures entering the battlefield constantly, so I included Tocatli Honor Guard so I don't get shut down by any ETB hate. Brave the Elements fills a similar role here by preventing you from being shut down by a specific weakness of your deck, even though it's not a commonly seen sideboard card. But outside of these particular cards, it's fine to go for a general hate package against whatever other people are most likely to be running :)

ellie-is on "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro)

3 months ago

Glad to help!

Very fair points on Always Watching!

And that's tough, staying on a higher creature count for CoCo is totally valid. +2 Sovereign over Whitemane is not a bad idea, it costs more to cast but if you're getting them through CoCo anyway that isn't going to be an issue (and Whitemana ends up costing even more when you consider the tempo loss). I've never played with CoCo myself so it's hard to say whether it should stay or go, but it's probably a staple for a reason and keeping it in might be best in the end. Out of curiosity, do you own the Secret Lair art already? Some of those are so gorgeous, but god, I just cannot afford them right now haha. And if you don't have them yet and do take them out, you'll at least end up with a much more budget friendly deck.

Thanks for checking out my profile!! You're totally right about the chump blocking, haha. And I think I know exactly what might help! Brave the Elements gets everyone but Pride Sovereign through, and it can also double as cheap protection. You can only do it once, but often that's just what you need. For more permanent effects that affect everyone and don't cost a huge amount of mana, I sadly can't think of anything off the top of my head. As for space, right now you don't have the mainboard room for it and that could cost you some games, but if you keep it in the sideboard you'll have a safe choice for boarding in against decks that go wide or that feature a lot of removal.

Breakaway on Skyblade Fliers (Mono-White)

4 months ago

How about Sky Tether as another removal option and Brave the Elements for protection?

kamarupa on Cocaine

5 months ago

mikeb388, well, I don't play against burn much, but if I were, the things that would help me the most are Brave the Elements, True Believer, and The Ozolith. I'd probably also sideboard in Nevermore and Elixir of Immortality. If I played against burn more often, I'd have a different sideboard. There are plenty of spells available in white. Also, if you use a bolt on my t1 creature drop, that's a 1 for 1 trade - so no one is getting any real advantage. If you target me instead of my creature on T1, then I have a decent chance of pumping that creature up to 4/4, which makes it harder to burn. I can also use Brave the Elements and Abzan Falconer to avoid many blockers. It's not the greatest deck ever built, but in the $100 range, it's a pretty solid list.

Azeworai on Avacyn Reigns Supreme

6 months ago

So, Divine Sacrament doesn't quite do much for the deck, as the lack of creatures and ways to fill the graveyard cause it to add a little power to the board. I would just add Rest in Peace for disrupting the opponents.

Forenamed was the lack of creatures. Answered Prayers won't actually gain you that much life over the course of a match, thence I would cut it for Morose Machine.

Emerge Unscathed, Gods Willing, and Brave the Elements are fine spells. They are a solid one-for-one, but they act best in decks that can draw lots of cards. Mono-White cannot do that, so things that trade with the opponents don't cut it. Lightning Greaves continuously protects, Fractured Powerstone accelerates your game plan, and Enlightened Tutor is fantastic utility.

Loxodon Lifechanter probably isn't going to do that much in terms of gaining life, and six mana is a lot to get chump-blocked. Kill it for Kor Cartographer.

So, this deck is one that wishes to constantly hit land drops. You virtually have 35 lands accounting for Maze of Ith. I'd remove Mass Calcify due to its lack of utility for Seraph Sanctuary.

Anent being bereft of many lands, Temple of the False God is oft a dead card. It is only active if you are serendipitous enough to hit five lands without having much card draw. Scavenger Grounds hits the graveyards as a bonus to just being a lovely land.

Lastly, a Plains could be a Kor Haven, for it defends and produces mana.

That shall be all from me. May fortune betide!

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