Hero's Downfall

Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

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Hero's Downfall Discussion

Morthius on Rise of the Dead Horde

1 week ago

Nice to see another deck with Muldrotha, the Gravetide and zombie tribal. Im also rebuilding my deck with the new cards from Midnight Hunt. Why are you using Acererak the Archlich in this deck? Thought about it, but in every test, he was to slow to benefit from his abilities. Did you tought about less sorcery and instant spells to use Muldrotha, the Gravetide abilities? For example, you can switch Hero's Downfall with Attrition. Nearly same usecase but you can recast Attrition from your graveyard with Muldrotha, the Gravetide. Nice deck, i like it! :D

Daveslab2022 on What’s your “dick move” moment?

2 weeks ago


I disagree, slightly. GP’s while “casual” day one, is still COMP REL. Just because they are more casual players than you are (which… how would you even be able to tell who is casual and whose not? If they’re at a COMP REL event they’re automatically not casual players by definition).

Those players need to learn how to maintain a game state, and learn that you cannot change an action once you’ve reached a certain threshold. If you go to cast a spell but realize it doesn’t have legal targets, that’s fine. You can take that back, you get a warning and move on.

But if my opponent casts Hero's Downfall on my Sedgemoor Witch and forgot the Ward trigger; and they’re at 3 life… no. You can’t let that slide. They need to learn to be deliberate with their moves if they want to participate in COMP REL events.

KibaAlpha on A Death that Count(er)s

3 weeks ago

Might I suggest Esper Sentinel for cheap early card draw and replace Hero's Downfall with Murderous Rider.

+1 for the creative deck name playing on your CMDR's ability.


1 month ago

I’m at a control player at heart (I knew I’m an awful person) so when I came across the decklist I was happy! First I’ll do some suggestions (I’m assuming you know about cards such as Demonic Tutor so I’m not going to mention cards like those). The first thing I noticed was that Professor Onyx was in the list, so why not make her an infinite combo with Chain of Smog. Another suggestion would be Toxic Deluge as it works especially well in this deck because of the commander’s ability. Finally, perhaps adding Stasis to really slow things down (once again I acknowledge I am a bad person).

Now for some cuts. The first cards that stood out to me were Ghostly Prison and Propaganda. I feel that these cards are weak for the power level you’re aiming for as the higher power level, the less combat damage matters. Another card would be Hero's Downfall. I’m not a huge fan of this card as it feels clunky. Maybe replace it with Deadly Rollick.

Those are a few suggestion! Take them or leave them.

sad_2980 on Zurdur

1 month ago

Love the deck! I have a few suggestions for cards that could be cut and some suggestions for what might replace them. I tried the keep the suggested cards reasonably priced. I have a few of them in my binder that I will give you next time we play.

Suggested removal - Most of these cards I figured could be easily upgraded with cards that add more value, utility, stax, or interaction:

Suggested additions:

thom-le on Teysa Karlov’s Double D's

1 month ago

May I suggest Murderous Rider instead of Hero's Downfall?

PurePwnage on

1 month ago

zapyourtumor, thanks for the feedback. Regarding Blood Moon, we are not a true prison deck and seek to win via hand disruption, mass removal, and ultimating either Chandra or Liliana. I agree with with your statement about Hero's Downfall being much worse than Bedevil, unfortunately it's the only wide reaching removal card I have on paper (I build all my decks on paper, and play them at FNM). Once I get a chance, I will swap the two cards out of this deck.

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