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Swamp Discussion

nathanielhebert on Vizier of black goblins Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

6 days ago

Ooh, an infinite persist combo in unlikely places! I've got most of the pieces from the Goblin Suicide deck, and I'm intrigued to see what happens when the Vizier of Remedies visits the goblin armies. I made room for 4 x Shred Memory — helpful to tutor up both sides of the combo, cleric or goblin. I'm also dressing up the battlefield thematically with Swamp and Isolated Chapel to make way for the Vizier.

nbarry223 on Eldrazi - Tron Invasion

1 month ago

Yeah, 2/24 lands allow you to play 16 of your creatures when you name Eldrazi, but every other card in your deck would be dead, especially if you didn't happen to have one of those 2 lands in your opening hand.

I'm just saying it might be worth considering a basic Swamp or something. You produce colorless with basically all of your lands, so you don't really need a basic that does colorless as much (still need Wastes for Blood Moon since at least Expedition Map is another virtual 4 copies of Wastes).

For instance you could replace 1 Wastes with literally any other basic land, then you could pre-play Expedition Map and crack it with any mana to find the singular colored mana source that would allow you to play around Void Mirror with all of your artifacts etc.

The best basic land for your current decklist is probably Swamp since it lets you pay 2 less life for Dismember if desired.

Vlasiax on The Scarab God commits tax evasion

1 month ago

Liliana, Untouched By Death seems to be better planeswalker option than Liliana, the Last Hope. Also it let's you combo with new Shambling Ghast because it leaves Treasure token behind to recast it from grave. With Diregraf Captain and alike it's an auto win + if you have Rooftop Storm on field you can create infinite Treasure tokens.

Zombie Master is great if you or your playgroup run Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - your zombies become unblockable so you don't have to worry about chump blockers.

Notion Rain is a powerful draw spell, that let's you fill your graveyard thanks to Surveil. Also to be a bit quicker I'd add Night's Whisper.

From lands perspective, since you already have Field of the Dead swap 1 Swamp and Island for Snow-covered versions and add Ice Tunnel for fixing.

Nick_V on CEDH Tergrid, God of Fright

2 months ago

My Last Adjustments

Demonic Consultation over Grim Tutor ... Extraplanar Lens over Chromatic Lantern ... Cabal Stronghold over Swamp -Want to see if there is any value in this card. ... Dreadhorde Invasion over Sedgemoor Witch -Want a consistent creature per turn for when I buy Contamination over Desolation and it is the cheapest option.

Eventually I will change mana base with fetch lands as well to thin deck a bit. I will also try to get my hands on a Mana Crypt and Lake of the Dead

gmars on Gravestone, Forge of the Damned

2 months ago

Would suggest -2 Swamp, -2 Archon of Cruelty, +3 Priest of Fell Rites, +1 Massacre Wurm

Lookin good

cyeRunner on Mono-Black Zombie Graveyard Horde

2 months ago


I recommend running 2x Castle Locthwain instead of 2x Swamp , there is no real downside and can help you once you are in topdeck-mode.

legendofa on Speedy pirates

2 months ago

How reliable is Blade Historian ? It basically costs in a three-color budget deck, which I'm assuming means you're not diving into the shock lands and fetch lands. I also see a very low cost:land ratio, with only seven cards needing even one blue mana, so maybe drop two Island s for another Mountain and Swamp . Bloodline Pretender seems like it takes a while to become a worthwhile threat.

Cards I would recommend are Daring Buccaneer , Rigging Runner , and Storm Fleet Sprinter , Dire Fleet Neckbreaker , and maybe Headstrong Brute .

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