Goblin Chainwhirler

Goblin Chainwhirler

Creature — Goblin Warrior

First strike

When Goblin Chainwhirler enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to each opponent and each creature and planeswalker they control.

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Goblin Chainwhirler Discussion

BotaNickill on SmashZea Your FaceZea

3 weeks ago

zapyourtumor, Thanks for the vote of confidence! I do have some Eidolon of the Great Revel around here somewhere I think. I have always been on the fence about this card cause burn usually does enough damage on its own to the user without any help, but yes it does have its uses! Vexing Devil I feel is good because its one mana for four damage! And if it sticks on the field it's a force to be dealt with. Goblin Chainwhirler I just picked up a foil copy of and that is in the deck already, I'll add it to the list. Personally I'd really like to get the Bonecrusher Giants as its a burn spell, red devotion, and a big creature all in one card. I appreciate the comments and suggestions! Thanks!

zapyourtumor on SmashZea Your FaceZea

3 weeks ago

I like the deck, but I'm not sure how good Figure of Destiny and Vexing Devil are. The former always only gives 1 devotion even when it's been upgraded a ton while the latter is usually sacrificed so it doesn't count towards devotion.

Have you considered Eidolon of the Great Revel? It hurts you a lot too so I'm not sure of it here (it would definitely suck against faster decks like burn) but I feel like it would be a great help most of the time. Goblin Wardriver might be okay as well. If only Reckless Bushwhacker had RRR cost it would be great with burning tree. Goblin Chainwhirler may be a decent sideboard card since there are a lot of x/1 creatures nowadays.

Frostfrenzy on The hottest dance

5 months ago

3 mana suggestions would be Goblin Chainwhirler , Priest of Urabrask , Ghitu Journeymage and Storm Caller , Kessig Malcontents (if you run a decent more amount of humans next to your commander)

NorinTheWise on Norin's ETB Extravaganza

5 months ago

king-saproling: Mindclaw Shaman happens to be my pet card for this deck haha. I absolutely love it, it is even my playmat. It has also been an absolute powerhouse everytime I have cast it so far.

I was debating putting Engineer in for Goblin Chainwhirler . So far Chainwhirler has been very lack luster. 3 red is harder to cast with all my colorless lands and it is often times a dud in hand. Thoughts?

StrawBossMH on Zoblins

6 months ago

(March 2021) I am currently considering swapping:


  1. 4 Dragonskull Summit for 4 Cavern of Souls
  2. 2 Goblin Instigator for 2 Spike Jester


  1. 3 Nihil Spellbomb for 2 Rakdos Charm
  2. 2 Goblin Chainwhirler for 3 Pithing Needle

TheVectornaut on Mike's Goblinoid Attack Deck

6 months ago

Normally in a goblin deck, I'd just suggest running my lords like Goblin King , Goblin Chieftain , etc., and adding more copies of goodstuff like Goblin Grenade and Goblin Chainwhirler . However, to preserve the multiple tribe theme, I think focusing on warrior synergy would be the best idea. A good percentage of your creatures are already warriors and Blood-Chin Fanatic looks like one of the stronger cards in the deck.

Base Camp , Blood-Chin Rager , Kargan Intimidator , Boldwyr Intimidator , Lovisa Coldeyes , Obsidian Battle-Axe , and Raiders' Spoils are some warrior tribal cards in Rakdos, and Chief of the Edge , Chief of the Scale , Arashin Foremost , Herald of Dromoka , Kargan Warleader , and Mardu Woe-Reaper also apply when dipping into Mardu. I know most of these cards are just humans though, so here are some good warriors that fall under the goblinoid umbrella: Bloodmark Mentor , Goblin Bushwhacker , Goblin Cratermaker , Goblin Piledriver , Goblin Rabblemaster , Goblin Trashmaster , Krenko, Mob Boss , Pashalik Mons , Reckless Bushwhacker , Battle Brawler , Brutal Hordechief , Zurgo Bellstriker , Kazuul's Toll Collector , Ogre Battledriver , and Furystoke Giant . Which of these cards is best definitely depends on what your primary strategy is.

Anyway, good luck with your deck!

ZagrasThiefOfMums on Deadshot

7 months ago

While this may be a redundant suggestion, I was thinking about Syr Konrad, the Grim . Assuming that you half someone's life total, any creature that is put into the graveyard from you simply killing it with a pinger is going to do one damage to each opponent. I offer a theoretical example; Syr Konrad is out and you've halved an opponent's health from 30 to 15. If you attack with Ronin Cliffrider , for instance, you will deal 1 damage (with deathtouch) to each creature the defending player controls (let us say for the sake of the theoretical it was 5 creatures). They die and go to the graveyard, dealing 5 additional damage. Our opponent has lost 5 life, he or she has 10 left now. This may be more effective later in the game in a similar scenario if you played a Goblin Chainwhirler .

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