Control Magic

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal

Control Magic

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

legendofa on Drake Support (Reworked)

1 week ago

Okay, I'm checking out the new cards.

Gilded Drake is expensive for a reason--it's essentially a two-mana Control Magic, and that effect starts at five mana these days. I don't think a functional reprint would bring the price of Gilded Drake down, Gold Scale Drake would become another $300 card (if it were printed officially). A functional reprint of a card isn't a bad idea by itself, but if someone showed up with, say, two functionally identical Mana Crypts with different names, that's going to be the center of a lot of discussion. Tread very carefully here.

Silver Scale Drake feels like it could be a rare, but that's completely a gut reaction. I like the ability, but maybe make it a 2/3? It feels like it's right on the edge of great and overpowered. Pardic Arsonist - restriction + Faithless Looting + flying = a very active card.

Diamond Scale Drake runs into color pie issues again with its mana tap ability. I would drop that, push the stats up to 3/3, and call it good. The draw ability is more on-color than the "add three mana" ability, but it's an LED reference, so it can work.

Talrand's Sky Captain (nice callback with the name and flavor text) could use some clarification on when an additional token is created, similar to my question for Kazirak. Does it trigger on every token, or when one or more tokens are created? I strongly suggest the second option, since it's already got double evasion and can create tokens independently. And 5/8 is a powerful stat line, especially at five mana. This thing can basically win games by itself. I would dial the stats back quite a bit, maybe down to 4/6.

I like Tundra Drake. My one tiny quibble is the aesthetics of next to , but that can't be helped. Mechanically, I think this one is where it needs to be. I would test it with adding a "non-land" condition, but it may not be needed.

legendofa on Favorites and Bests

2 weeks ago

I like these questions. Just giving everyone a chance to talk about themselves is an underrated art form.

My favorite color pair is . I'm happiest when I can out-resource my opponents in as many ways as possible--mana, cards in hand, board presence, etc., and the combination of 's ramp and creatures, and 's removal and discard, and their overlap in graveyard recursion, draw power, and lifegain, is what drew me to this combination. I'm happiest when my opponents have run out of steam and I'm still going strong, especially after they've thrown their best at me.

I can't pick out a strongest color pair; their strengths and weaknesses can't really be compared. The strongest color combination is the one that you're most comfortable using and that brings you the most satisfaction.

I would not remove from the game. It's arguably the most technical and tactical color, and it provides checks on a lot of different formats. If you've never seen a Saskia vs. Edgar vs. Dragonlord Dromoka vs. Atla EDH match, it's a race to see who gets out the most, biggest creatures out the fastest before someone combos off or beats everyone else down. If you enjoy that, great! It can be a lot of fun. But I like a little more tactics and trickery, and provides that angle that the other colors don't have. Counterspells, unlockable creatures, and Control Magic effects may not always be fun on the receiving end, but they provide a needed depth to gameplay.

The main three ways I see creature Auras being made stronger are recursion (Rancor, Spirit Loop), replacement (Griffin Guide, Mantle of the Wolf), and protection (Diplomatic Immunity, Indestructibility). If the Aura provides a new threat when it goes away, or just refuses to go away, it makes the two-for-one problem much more manageable.

My favorite tribe is Skeletons. They're more interesting than Zombies, smell better, require less care and feeding, and Zombies are spotlight hogs, getting new powerful cards almost every set while Skeletons keep getting maybe one or two cards a year (usually worse than a Zombie option). Outside of being the forgotten cousin of Zombies (one of my least favorites--can you tell?), I like Skeletons on their own merits. The skull and bone aesthetic is always popular, going back at least to medieval Memento Mori art, and Skeleton Scavengers's Regenerate was one of the first complex abilities I learned how to use properly, so they have some nostalgia factor for me as well.

For lands, I almost always go for the 40% and adjust as needed--faster, lower-cost decks get less; slower, more controll-y decks get more. I try to err on the side of having a couple too many lands than not enough. I do have a goal of one day owning a Legacy or even Vintage Dredge deck, though, and those can have single-digit land counts (does anyone have a pile of Lion's Eye Diamonds or Bazaar of Baghdad they want to give away for free?). I don't usually use the MDFC lands myself, but I've seen them used well, and the Pathways are a great option if you can't or don't want to shell out for the shocklands, fast lands, or other big-money lands. (They're still above what I would call truly budget, though.)

wallisface If I may speak for the OP, this doesn't appear to be focused on any specific format. It's asking questions about what you enjoy, how you feel about certain cards and effects, and general chatting.

legendofa on New hubs to be added

3 weeks ago

Metalcop The Aikido hub has gone through several name changes. It's intended to cover effects that turn an opponent's cards and effects against them, including damage redirection, theft, clones, etc. They're similar enough that I think a single hub covers the full idea, but the name has had some controversy. Do you have any suggestions?

Deflecting Palm


Praetor's Grasp

Control Magic

Kret on Tatsunari, Toadster Roadster

4 months ago

There are a few budget-friendly cards that I can recommend
Commune with Spirits and Kruphix's Insight -> for extra card draw
Control Magic, The Trickster-God's Heist and Corrupted Conscience-> steal the biggest threat on the battlefield
Evolutionary Leap -> kill the frog, draw an enchantress
Druid Class -> play extra lands to make use of all the cards this deck draws
Shigeki, Jukai Visionary -> repeatable ramp on an enchantment creature
Mirrormade -> super versatile card
Ancestral Mask -> can one-shot someone with unblockable commander

JoosetheMuice on Kynaios Actual

5 months ago

For adds, I think you need some finishers as well as ways to make the abundance of resources hurt your opponents more.

Some Ideas: Black Vise Xyris, the Writhing Storm Edric, Spymaster of Trest Blatant Thievery The Locust God Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Hellkite Tyrant Praetor's Council Control Magic Generous Gift

Polaris on Twisted Image and Aegis of …

6 months ago

The short version is that you always switch power and toughness after applying all other changes. Regardless of the order these cards resolve in, the creature will get +1/+7 and then get p/t switched.

The long version is that power and toughness effects fall into four layers (and P/T effects are layer 7, the last layer, if you have tons of different things like Control Magic in effect).

Layer 7a: characteristic-defining effects, like Geist-Honored Monk

Layer 7b: power/toughness setting effects, like Square Up

Layer 7c: power/toughness modifying effects, like +1/+1 counters or Aegis of the Heavens

Layer 7d: power/toughness switching effects, like Twisted Image

This is why Twisted Reflection can be a kill spell; you reduce the power, then swap it to toughness.

griffstick on What kind of EDH deck …

6 months ago

I found it to be incredibly useful in a plainswalker build. Although plainswalkers are very sorcery speed being able to use their loyalty abilities only on your turn makes you think it's bad to play them out right before your turn starts. That's true because you miss out on one activation of their loyalty abilities, but on the other hand. Being able to flash out a plainswalker right befor your turn starts protects it from getting taken out because you are now able to hold up and for removal or cast creature spells to defend your plainswalkers. Additionally plainswaker decks have lots of sorcery spells, including wrath spells. Being able to cast Blasphemous Act at instant speed is awesome. Or being able to cast Rise of the Dark Realms right before your turn starts is a great way to win the game. Or casting Vicious Shadows right before Wrath of God resolves is another way to sneak in the win. Also other spells that are good at sorcery speed are also in plainswalker decks. And those spells are the ones that Tutor for plainswalkers or Legendary cards. Those spells are usually sorcery speed.

Another type of deck that would like Vedalken Orrery is an Enchantment deck. Lots of entertainment decks use auras for control and being able to cast auras like Flickering Ward as flash speed is strong. Or Control Magic at flash speed is strong. Also casting sagas right befor your turn starts seems good too. Cast the saga befor your turn starts and on your turn you go to stage 2 of the saga just like that.

Maybe your deck have ways of unhappiness your lands and or mana dorks on each untap step with cards like Seedborn Muse.

In other words it's good in almost every deck. The only deck I've ever removed it from is my Iroas deck. Because it's a Devotion deck. And Because Iroas, God of Victory is my commander and I want to hit with him I often cast spells befor combat to turn him on.

So basically throw it in every deck but the ones I've listed above I feel are the best ones.

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