Control Magic

Control Magic

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

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Format Legality
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal

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Control Magic Discussion

Snake_Oil on All-Form One, One-Form All [Orvar Goodstuff]

1 day ago


I wasn't aware that Stage had dropped so hard in price... Adding it seems fair enough, plus it's another to fish for off of map.

As for unblockable spells, that's certainly an option, especially with stuff like Blighted Agent but I wanted to keep it as control over going aggro.

Control Magic is nice, though only a few of my spells can actually target it, so I'll absolutely side it for now.

There are a great deal of ways to go infinite here, especially with Peregrine Drake around -- Archaeomancer itself has some nasty synergies with Release to the Wind for one and any one mana target spell for another.


The new Sakashima would be great... If it wasn't a 20 dollar card by itself. I did consider Sakashima's Protege but the cascade hitting a counterspell is a nightmare. Worth thinking about though.

Thank you both for the thumbs up!

kpres on All-Form One, One-Form All [Orvar Goodstuff]

1 day ago

I like your idea of including Twiddle type cards and Cloudpost. Making token copies of lands could get out of hand quickly. Thespian's Stage would be a good second copy of Cloudpost. Since you can only copy permanents you control, what about throwing in a few Control Magic-type cards?

Hidden Strings and Stolen Identity seem powerful. Why not include a few more spells that make a creature unblockable?

Archaeomancer is very cool. I wonder if there is a way go infinite with an instant spell. Perhaps Energy Tap? You would convert into as many times as you like, but then you would need a way to convert it into blue.

I'm excited to see where this deck goes. Orvar is a cool new legendary creature. Good luck with your build!

griffstick on Who gets control?

1 week ago

Here's a better one. You cast Control Magic and steal Tuvasa the Sunlit. Then pass turn. Your opponent plays Control Magic on Tuvasa the Sunlit to get it back. This works because of time stamp order. Even though both cards say you control it the player who put the control magic on tuvasa last will gain control of it. Since neither things can happen simultaneously the time stamp rule is applied.

That's just an example so you can understand time stamp.

If you do the same thing and your opponent uses Grab the Reins to gain control of it, you don not get it back immediately just because you have an aura on it that says you gain control of it. The opponent with gain control of it until the effect of the spell Grab the Reins wears off. Then you'll get it back. He or she can sac it before you get it back. Sacrificing creatures to the altar can be done without using the stack because it's a mana ability.

Osbert on Yasova Dragonclaw EDH

1 week ago

I would trade out Control Magic for Chamber of Manipulation which can turn any card in your hand into a control magic. It doesn't give it haste and it doesn't untap the creature so it isn't a Threaten effect but it essentially is 1 mana and a card to yank something.

Bazaar Trader is kind of a unique card that can let you keep a stolen creature after borrowing it by targetting yourself with the effect. This is cheeky just like a goblin should be :) Thassa, Deep-Dwelling performs similarly by blinking the creature and then returning it under your control.

Hexproof is going to be one of the bothers to this deck since it wants to constantly target your opponents creatures so maybe try Shadowspear to get around it.

Suggested cuts:

Rekindling Phoenix: This doesn't seem to add a lot to the deck and seems like an easy cut.

Savage Twister: maybe it's a meta call by you but this is a bad board wipe. If you need to shoot a lot of little things maybe consider a one sided wipe like Mizzium Mortars.

SpammyV on The amonkhet "last stand" cycle …

1 month ago

I've used Kefnet's Last Word in a Uyo, Silent Prophet deck since I had one lying around and it's a Control Magic I can copy repeatedly with Uyo's ability. When you can copy it four or five times it becomes a lot more worth it.

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Blue Ectoplasm

1 month ago

+1 for spirits!

Alright. So my main concern with this deck is that you have nothing to do on turn 1 and very little to do on turn 2. Conversely, you have over half of your spells vying for turn 3. So my main recommendation would be to convert some of your CMC 3 and higher spells into 1 and 2 drops. I know you purposefully stuffed the 3 CMC slot for Drift of Phantasms' transmute ability.... but honestly, you don't need a LOT of cards at 3 CMC for the transmute to matter. You just need the most important cards (notably, Drogskol Captain). Quality vs quantity. :)

So some nominations!

I'll be blunt on this topic: 20 lands (or even 21 lands counting the double-faced one) is not enough for a deck with these mana requirements. I'd recommend 23. A synergistic land to consider is Moorland Haunt. Since you're primarily blue, the colorless mana shouldn't hamper you too much, and importantly, it gives you a mid- to late-game mana sink that makes creatures out of removed spirits. (Wait.... Is that like giving a second un-life to a being that was the second life of a prior being???)

Another possibility is Celestial Colonnade. It doesn't make a spirit, but a 4/4 flyer is still formidable, and it'll get pumped by Empyrean Eagle. The land also produces both colors of mana, which is nice.

Whichever you choose, I'd only add 2x.

  • Mausoleum Wanderer is on-board countermagic. As you play your anthem effects like Supreme Phantom, the Wanderer will naturally get bigger and make it harder for the opponent to pay the cost. But also, when combined with flash spirits, its power can grow out of nowhere, making the calculations not in your opponent's favor.

    Now, the downside to an on-board counter is that the opponent knows about it.... but is that actually a complete downside? Unless you're playing against experienced players, an opponent will often durdle and hold back out of fear of your counter. Which is, in effect, allowing you to "cast" the counter for free every single turn that they DON'T play the thing they're worried about you countering. Now, a good player will "bait out" the counter so that they don't have to worry about it anymore.... but that still sometimes means they're playing suboptimally. In addition, the Wanderer will also attract their removal spells, meaning your anthem effects and other important spirits are safer. And you're fine trading a 1 mana spirit for their removal spell!

  • Not as awesome, but Spectral Sailor has the important Flash mechanic, which is especially good when it only costs 1 mana. This can be anything from a surprise blocker to a buff for the Wanderer's countermagic to a surprise tap-down with Nebelgast Herald (which is extra good against decks with hasty creatures). Finally, it gives you a mana sink if the game goes long and you need to draw some cards.

  • Speaking of drawing cards.... the weakest of the bunch is Dreamcatcher, but since you'll be casting spirit spells all game long, there'll be plenty of chances to trade in this early game blocker for a new card whenever it seems best.

  • I would replace Geist of the Archives with Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch. Yes, it has 1 less toughness, but it's 1 mana cheaper than the former, with a potentially more potent ability (gives a small amount of bounce!), and that toughness will easily rise with all the anthem effects you have.

  • Not a new recommendation, but I would run the full playset of Supreme Phantom. The anthem effects will be the key to sealing your victory. I would replace your 2x Mindshrieker with the Phantom, since you don't have enough top-deck manipulation to make Mindshrieker reliable.

  • Spell Queller is an amazing sideboard card. It can replace one of your counterspells, and notably it "counters" uncounterable spells. Yes, the opponent has a chance to get the spell back, but combine Queller with Drogskol Captain, and good luck with that!

  • Geist of Saint Traft doesn't have the acclaim he used to, but I still like him, and combined with p/t boosts, he likely won't die in battle. And he always brings a 4/4 buddy with him! (Which also gets buffed by Empyrean Eagle). The hexproof also makes him hard to remove.

  • Probably another sideboard card, but Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is a very strong tax against removal-heavy decks.

  • Callow Jushi  Flip: Probably not as good as the other counterspell options, but kinda fun! Note that you don't have to flip him with just 2 ki counters on him, so you can save up the ki counters until the more crucial turns of the game. You can also have one flipped with a couple ki counters while you build up another one, because the legend rule doesn't apply until it's flipped.

  • Anthem effects: Like with Supreme Phantom, I see no reason not to run the full playsets of Drogskol Captain and Empyrean Eagle. The hexproof provided by Drogskol Captain is particularly important, and he would be my first two things to transmute for.

I already mentioned Geist of the Archives.

I also already mentioned Mindshrieker, and for a similar reason, I don't feel Callous Deceiver is good in this deck. Without anthem effects, the best it can be is a 2/3 flyer for 3 mana.... not that great. Its abilities don't help with anything else in the deck.

Another 3 drop I'd cut is Uninvited Geist  Flip. Its skulk ability doesn't synergize well with anthem effects, as pretty soon most creatures can block it. If it started as a 1/1, skulk might be better.... but then it's 3 mana for a 1/1 that takes 2 turns to transform into an unblockable 3/3. Eh. It also doesn't have flying for the Eagle to buff.

As to higher CMCs, I'm personally not sold on Dungeon Geists. Maybe you have good luck with it, but I'd rather have 4x Nebelgast Herald and cheap flash spirits than the 4 drop.

I'm loathe to suggest cutting Celestial Messenger because I know you like your Yanling package.... but honestly, the Yanling package will work without this over-costed spirit. It's 4 mana for a 4/3 flyer, IF Yanling is out.... and that's it. The only thing it's got going for it is that gorgeous art. Too bad it doesn't have mechanics to match.

Curse of Echoes's inclusion confuses me. If you like to play multiplayer games, this card can actually be BAD (you might not want your other two opponents getting copies!). But even 1v1, it gives too much control to the opponent. First, they have to have a deck with enough instants/sorceries to matter, so at best this would be a sideboard card. But even then, they can play around it too easily by not casting any devastating spells until they've found a way to deal with it.

Also not sold on Sturmgeist. At best it's an 8/8 flyer, but that's if you can keep a full grip of cards. But aside from Mu Yanling, Sea Gate Restoration  Flip, and Sturmgeist itself (4 cards total), you have no ways of refilling your hand. More likely it'll be a 3/3 or 4/4 flyer that sometimes draws you a card. Not that great for 5 mana. Doesn't feel like the right deck for it.

Keiga, the Tide Star: While stealing a creature is fun, Control Magic-effects usually cost less (4-5 mana), and with Keiga, you don't even get the effect until Keiga dies! If you want this effect in the deck, there's other more efficient ways to achieve it.

Finally, at the top of the CMC charts is Sea Gate Restoration  Flip. And hey, if it's a pet card, keep it. But hear me out on my concern. As stated above, this deck isn't designed to draw cards, so by the time you have 7 mana (turn 8-9), how many cards do you think you'll have left in hand? I'd bet 2-3, assuming you've been playing out cards on curve. So you'll draw 3-4. Is that worth the 7 mana? That's up to you, but since the going rate on a base draw effect is 4 mana to draw 3, you should be drawing more like 5-6. (This is also comparable to Mind Spring, which would draw you 5 for 7 mana.)

P.S. I am gonna go ahead and state this for the record: Your hunch that the 3-turn idea won't pan out so well is sadly going to be correct. It involves skipping a turn and getting a planeswalker to a (scary) ultimate — the former dangerous, the latter near impossible. It would be easier to spend 1 less mana and cast a 5 CMC extra turn spell or two. That said, the idea of taking THREE turns in a row IS truly fun, so by all means, play around with it until you tire of the strategy!

I know that was a lot of words to convey a few additions and cuts, so it was probably easy to get lost in it all. Here's one possible updated decklist; use the explanations above to season to taste!


-2 Mindshrieker
-2 Geist of the Archives
-2 Uninvited Geist
-1 Callous Deceiver
-3 Celestial Messenger
-3 Dungeon Geists
-1 Curse of Echoes
-1 Sturmgeist
-1 Keiga, the Tide Star
-1 Sea Gate Restoration


+1 Prairie Stream
+2 Moorland Haunt
+4 Mausoleum Wanderer
+4 Spectral Sailor
+2 Supreme Phantom
+2 Drogskol Captain
+2 Empyrean Eagle


+2 Spell Queller
+2 Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

(Sideboard cuts up to you)

I'd personally replace some of the mainboard counters with Spell Queller and Kira, since they're also spirits. But there's obviously pros to running unconditional counters like Dissolve.

I know that was quite a lot, but the more I dug into the available spirits, the more things I came up with! LoL. I hope at least something in all that helped.

griffstick on Maximum Non-Winning Fun

5 months ago

Tuvasa the Sunlit. Build an aura enchantress deck. Lots and lots of auras. Cards from Rancor to Eldrazi Conscription and use these auras to make there creatures massive big and scary. Then when you are ready, take them with cards like Lay Claim, Take Possession, and Control Magic and use there creature to kill the other players.

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