Rabid Bite

Rabid Bite


Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.

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Rabid Bite Discussion

zapyourtumor on Modern Hydra

2 months ago

Ram Through > Rabid Bite

I don't see why you shouldn't go 4x Hardened Scales. Also I'd drop Llanowar Elves for a full playset of Utopia Sprawl.

Gyre Sage seems like another funny ramp option here. And I'd definitely move the Kalonian Hydra from maybeboard to mainboard it's just such a must-answer threat.

zemen on $5 Budget Beasts

2 months ago

Ram Through is a great card that could replace Rabid Bite depending on the price. Thanks for these awesome budget decks! I love them all.

TheMeadiator on Fynn EDH

3 months ago

Nice deck! I had a quick look through, and you seem to have a bunch of fight cards. Normally, they'd be great, but I think for deathtouch creatures, direct damage might be even better (that way your dudes survive the exchange).

Perhaps consider replacing things like Ancient Animus , Pounce , Setessan Tactics , and Inscription of Abundance with one-sided fights like Devouring Tendrils , Nature's Way , Ram Through , Aggressive Instinct , or Rabid Bite

Spell_Slam on Deathtouch Squared

4 months ago

I am not sure if your deck is slow enough for even Viridian Longbow to be effective. Wouldn't you rather have 1-of effects that are more efficient? I thinking Ram Through and Rabid Bite . Blizzard Brawl and Ancient Animus I could also get behind.

I like where you're going with Tauting Elf. Wouldn't more Lure effects be effective at pushing through more combat damage? Lure itself is playable, but there are other potential cards that do similar things that could be effective as well. I'm thinking Tempting Licid (turn it back into a creature after blocks) and Nemesis Mask .

morgud on Stompy Scales

9 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion! Similar to Mutant's Prey and Prey Upon

Although I'd probably play it safe with Nature's Way and Rabid Bite with so much deathtouch floating around. Another nice option is Ulvenwald Tracker if the opponent isn't running spot removal.

enpc on Rabid bite mechanics

1 year ago

Please remember to link all cards in your question: Rabid Bite

As a general rule, when performing the actions dictated by a card, you should follow exactly what it says in the order it's written and no more, no less. So if a card doesn't say to tap a creature as either part of the spell's cost or its effect, then you can assume that you wouldn't have to.

LunoStarlyght on Phylath, Master Gardener

1 year ago

Like the deck. Thought the deck could possibly use Rabid Bite for potential removal as the plant tokens will end up big due to all the landfall triggers. Also, Nissa, Who Shakes the World and her ultimate will bring a huge landfall mass, while her plus one could give those lands extra use (and you can clearly get them back if someone blows them up). Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip is another good card as it would be very easy to flip in your deck's case and is a really good planeswalker for land decks. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar can make you more plant tokens that can benefit from Phylath while ticking up her loyalty. The explore mechanic would benefit your deck as well in my opinion. Proliferate might be useful your decks case, however I cannot seem to think of any at the moment in your decks colors.

ExpozeD on Hydra tribal

1 year ago

The Rabid Bite keeping Polukranos healthy is nice. Primal Might works well with Ironscale Hydra

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