Angel of Grace

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Angel of Grace

Creature — Angel



When Angel of Grace enters the battlefield, until end of turn, damage that would reduce your life total to less than 1 reduces it to 1 instead.

, Exile Angel of Grace from your graveyard: Your life total becomes 10.

kouzios on Token Time

9 months ago

Going to list a bunch of cards you probably don't want in your deck for fun

Shalai, Voice of Plenty, decent protection and mana sink

Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea, you only have like 3-4 hits for the untap so meh

Akroma's Will killer card, and it's instant speed

The Weatherseed Treaty is... cute? one less land than kodama's reach, but it then makes a token, then it gives a creature like +2/+2... Ok not amazing, but it does give trample too?

Congregation at Dawn cute tutor

Angel of Grace is a lot of mana to hold up when your opponent will likely just combo for an alt win con but it's also based

Rosie Cotton of South Lane doesn't do a ton for you but it's cute. And it combos with Herd Baloth or Scurry Oak if you're into that.

Farmer Cotton not flash unfortunately, but it is an X token creator and it makes food too which is cute?

The Battle of Bywater is also cute, although you don't care about food, and your alternatives give you other benefit like having a side castable in the graveyard

Broodhatch Nantuko cute blocker, otherwise trash. Same with similar card Druid's Call

Mosswort Bridge feels decent when you know for sure your commander has that 10 power condition satisfied.

Traverse the Outlands based card, can be sad when your big creature is removed in response, but it's based so...

Strionic Resonator is honestly decent, you have a decent number of triggered abilities. I guess Lithoform Engine is also valid there

legendofa on Elspeth deck upgrades

1 year ago

Welcome to the club, Foreign359!

Looking at the deck, cards like Archon of Falling Stars and Danitha, Benalia's Hope don't really contribute that much. They eat a lot of mana, and the deck doesn't have the enchantment/aura/equipment base to support them. Those would be my first cuts.

After that, look at every card above 3 mana and ask how it contributes to you winning the game. Your 4+ mana cards should mark strong pushes to victory, not just delaying tactics like Angel of Grace.

As for what to replace them with, choose a strategy and focus around that. I see the core of a decent white weenie deck, casting a lot of synergistic small creatures and pumping them. My suggestion is to look for creature in the 1-2 mana range with efficient stats and good effects, and build around speed and numbers.

Above all, have fun!

ThroughTheBlaze on Giada, Font of Hope

1 year ago

airsoftsniper91 Coincidentally enough, I was planning to do an update on this later today. A couple of the cards in the deck were swapped this weekend. We did some more testing of the deck this weekend as well. It worked significantly better than the previous times due to getting more mana and ramp. The wins that I did manage to get were via combat with the Angel tokens and the compounding +1/+1 counters from Giada. Additionally, I do have some cards on their way from CardKingdom. My intended plan was to replace as follows (I may have already replaced some of these this weekend, and just forgot. That will be in the update I put together later today): Treasure Chest -> Bishop of Wings; Arcane Signet -> Emeria, The Sky Ruin; Marble Diamond -> Near-Death Experience; Everflowing Chalice -> Thespian's Stage; Plains -> Vesuva

The following are also on my "buy when possible" list: Authority of the Consuls, Sephara, Sky's Blade, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Emeria Angel, Guardian Seraph, and Angel of Condemnation. I am adding all of your recommendations to my "buy when possible" list, and will make updates as I go.

Considering the life gain is required for making the Angel tokens, Angel of Grace, Angel's Grace, and Near-Death Experience are counter productive. These may end up being the replaced cards instead of Treasure Chest and Plains, and then I just won't add Near-Death Experience at all. At the very least, they are on the list to be replaced.

Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, recommendations with the current plan until I can get more of the cards from my list? Thank you for the input!

LivingThing on Sexy girls with wings

3 years ago

ok, cut the following:

Noble Purpose, Defy Death, Entreat the Angels, Angel of Grace, Angel of Sanctions (for Christs sake just run Path to Exile ), Avacyn, Guardian Angel, Serra's Guardian, Segovian Angel, Daxos, Blessed by the Sun (you're not going wide when you play one expensive angel a turn), Angel of Dawn.

Add more efficient angels, and add better removal/board wipes.

multimedia on

3 years ago

Hey, nice start, mono white can be tricky to build and play in Commander. You have Avacyn, Angel of Hope, make her the Commander? This is Angel tribal, but using Elesh Norn as Commander is strange...

No matter the Commander with Angel tribal Angels take up most, if not all, the high CMC spots in the deck because the best Angels have high CMCs. My advice is cut the majority of the other nonAngel high CMC (5 CMC or higher) cards. Ramp and Angels should be priority.

Cards to consider cutting right away because they're not as good as other cards or are redundancy you don't need:

This is 20 cards that doing a quick look over are subpar compared to the rest. The next 10 cards are cut to streamline by choosing the most important cards at different CMCs and cutting the others. Cards to consider cutting:

The last four cards is where it gets difficult to make cuts, but continue to streamline:

Hopefully this info helps and I offer more advice especially if you change to Avacyn, Angel of Hope as Commander since there's several good interactions to take advantage of.

Good luck with your deck.

Monomanamaniac on My Deck is my Phylactery

3 years ago

I don't really know enough about this archetype to comment on cuts to be honest. Maybe a couple of your stax cards since there seems to be an abundant amount of them. Now for additions I'd suggest Luminous Broodmoth mainly because solemnity is one of your star cards. Maybe also Angel of Grace and/or Serra the Benevolent if you're really into that I can never die feel

SilentPlague on Does this break the Game?

3 years ago

Sorry, I'll be more specific. Yes, playing 2 Volcanic Hammers can kill a 6/6 as long as you don't let the first resolve and then play the other, correct? In that case, the 6/6 would take 6 damage once all damage on the stack resolved. They do not actually take 3 and then 3 again. Also, the spells on the stack would need to both resolve for the 6/6 to eventually take the 6 damage.

So that was more my point I suppose for getting into the scenario I created. Do the abilities and damage keep going on the stack (possibly infinitely) and resolve in a clean up step if you can get to it? Or do they resolve after each ability activates? In one case a creature or a player will die without something like Angel of Grace. In the other, we die of old age waiting for all the effects to resolve.

Regardless, you have answered my question as far as what happens in an indeterminate situation. It apparently leads to a draw.

Caerwyn on Does this break the Game?

3 years ago

First off, you can stack two Volcanic Hammers to kill a 6/6. Damage remains marked on a creature until the Cleanup Step, which is part of the Ending Phase. Your first Hammer marks 3 damage on the creature; the second marks an additional 3 for a total of 6.

If you managed to make the Tephraderm indestructible and two+ players play an Angel of Grace, then you will end up killing all players not protected by the Angel, and the remaining players will all draw because you entered a loop of mandatory actions that cannot be broken and will continue indefinitely. (R. 104.4b).

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