Tempest Djinn

Tempest Djinn

Creature — Djinn

Tempest Djinn gets +1/+0 for each basic Island you control.

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Tempest Djinn Discussion

AnonmousAxolotl on Mono-Blue Flying Counterspells

6 days ago

As a huge fan of counterspell/flying decks, this is the start of something great! I would take out Nephalia Seakite and put in Tempest Djinn. I would also maybe include one more island, and put in some Soulblade Djinns. You could also include Second Guess if you want to. If you can afford it, you should really put in some Mystical Tutors, Brainstorms, or Counterspells.

Daron6 on

5 months ago

Opt , Unsummon , Pteramander , Riddleform , Tempest Djinn , Brineborn Cutthroat , Brazen Borrower , Curious Obsession are tempo cards. I'd recommend go down to 18-20 lands xD

Kutsu on Budget Mono U Flying Control

10 months ago

Yeah my creatures are mostly 1 power and I'm trying to cover that by going wide, but I do feel like I can use some slots for powerful creatures like Tempest Djinn or Nimble Obstructionist .

As for Favorable Winds , I do like the lord effect, but I feel like I would have too few flyers to use it (and my draw engines) effectively if I made a slot for it.

Also, I checked your deck and I see that you deal with the opposing creatures pretty well (with 10 sudo-removals in the mainboard). That's a part I really struggle with, so your list was also helpful in that way!

Thanks for the advice!

Breakaway on Budget Mono U Flying Control

11 months ago

Ever think of adding Tempest Djinn and Favorable Winds? I have a similar list: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/mono-blue-counter-fliers/

LostAlgorithm on Illusory Transformation - *Advice Wanted!*

1 year ago

mlequesne I'll add Tempest Djinn to the Maybeboard as well! Thank you!

Caran_Lyg I can see the sense in using Metallic Mimic instead. I think I'll switch it in and keep Adaptive Automaton on the Maybeboard.

I also like the functionality of Drowned Secrets, just unsure what to remove to add it in. Putting it on Maybeboard for now!

Thanks for suggestions!

mlequesne on Illusory Transformation - *Advice Wanted!*

1 year ago

Hi, me again, I know its an illusion deck but it's also a creature agro deck so Tempest Djinn may work even better than some illusions. At least it's worth testing.

See ya <3

Flagellum on Siani and Eligeth *budget*

1 year ago

As mentioned above, the high cmc is a concern given the amount of ramp available. Since Siani only cares about the number of creatures with flying in order to scry I would suggest going for a swarm strategy with low cmc fliers. Add some anthem effects/Lords and then your attackers fuel themselves by netting you cards. Cheap token spells could benefit you as well. Bident of Thassa can be acquired on tcg for under a dollar :p that would reeeeeally help the swarm strat. But luckily there’s Reconnaissance Mission which does the same thing for under a buck.

Possible wincons:

Day of the Dragons: perfect wincon in swarm type deck.

Tempest Djinn just gets better and better

Budget anthems: Sprite Noble Paragon of Gathering Mists Sunken City Probably others I can’t recall

Lastly, where is Crystal Ball?? :)

Mgalangzingme on Mono Blue Spirits

1 year ago

Ditch the Tempest Djinn. It's the main beater in mono blue tempo, sure, but does not synergize with anything in your deck and the only way to protect it is Turn Aside. It works well with Siren Stormtamer, and Dive Down, but in your deck is feels lackluster and misplaced.

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