Restoration Angel

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Restoration Angel

Creature — Angel



When Restoration Angel enters the battlefield, you may exile target non-Angel creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

kamarupa on Cover Girl

1 month ago

This deck won 1 and lost 1 last night against Siege Rhino, which is not a great match up, as the Rhinos' trample goes through our Fog Banks and Guard Gomazoas and the flying Lingering Souls and Restoration Angel prevent my flying Vesuvan Colossus from hitting for lethal in a single strike. In the second match, I successfully cast Flood of Tears to cheat a Blightsteel Colossus into play for the win. Both matches were long grinds.

Master_J on Laser Beams

3 months ago

OUT: Restoration Angel, Brawn, Ion Storm, Mindless Automaton, Flamerush Rider

IN: Taurean Mauler, Renata, Called to the Hunt, Hardened Scales, Keen Sense, Doomskar Warrior

Cutting out some more chaff for some more consistent counter production and some other utility.

Between these and the changes I made yesterday, I should test this out in a group before I change too much more.

CrunchyDragon on Blinky Bunny

6 months ago

I like it. I run a very similar deck with Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines as my commander.

I'd recommend adding Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, and Ajani's Welcome. One of those with Felidar Guardian or a clone of it and/or Restoration Angel will result in an infinite lifegain combo.

Anointed Procession and/or Mondrak, Glory Dominus can make your token generation with Preston get out of hand extremely quickly, as well as increase the above lifegain combos.

Filigree Vector will let you add +1/+1 counters to permanents you control when it enters, so you could combo that with the 2/2 Samurai with double strike from The Eternal Wanderer to continually make your double strike creature bigger and bigger. Cathars' Crusade will also aid in making your creatures bigger.

x1AlphaWolf36 on Minsc, Beloved Ranger CEDH

10 months ago

Pabs4444 Thank you for taking the time to check out my deck. The main goal of my deck is to win through pod/hulk combos and I have thought about adding other combos enablers like Temur Sabertooth or Restoration Angel for Kiki. When I first built the deck I had them in it but I have found more success by running other combos like Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and Saffi Eriksdotter loops with Twinshot Sniper in my games. Thank you for the suggestion and sorry to hear Kiki has been glitching on your end. I didn’t do anything special when I made my deck list, besides selecting the version I have show in the decklist. Maybe it’s the version you choose that is glitching. Again thank you for checking out my deck.

Pabs4444 on Minsc, Beloved Ranger CEDH

10 months ago

I thought I left a comment but I guess I didn't. What are your thoughts on other combos like Temur Sabertooth for dockside or Restoration Angel for Kiki? Speaking of, Kiki has been glitching out on my end. Did you code yours a certain way to be visible?

Pabs4444 on Minsc, Beloved Ranger CEDH

10 months ago

Welcome to cEDH! Is there a reason for not having Emiel the Blessed for dockside combos. Also, is there another card that combos with Kiki instead of Felidar Guardian? I was wondering if having a Village Bell-Ringer or Restoration Angel would be helpful in the deck.

Apollo_Paladin on Screaming Goats

10 months ago

If you want to drop a little money, Mondrak, Glory Dominus would make a much better 4-drop than Restoration Angel since there are synergies for him littered all over your deck; though I fully acknowledge that with this being a paper deck purchasing multiple copies of a brand new mythic legend of his power level will definitely set you back (which is why I made it a separate comment altogether).

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