Emerge Unscathed

Emerge Unscathed


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Rebound (If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)

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Emerge Unscathed Discussion

multimedia on League Angels

5 months ago

Hey, well done on a $50 budget. You have good card sense if you're new on such a low budget.

I will try to match my suggestions with cards to consider cutting that are close to or equal in price. Some changes to consider:

Swords to Plowshares is the most expensive card here and you have many other removal spells to make up for not having it. Sol Ring is a staple mana rock in Commander and it's more ramp that can help to cast high CMC Angels. With Angels repeatable low mana cost ramp is more important then a single creature removal spell.

Good luck with your deck.

Apollo_Paladin on Mono White Riddle of Steel (75% wins 100+ matches)

9 months ago

I like this build as it uses a lot of my favorite white creatures like Kytheon and Stoneforge Mystic, but I feel like Sejiri Shelter  Flip is kind of lackluster here. I think there are much stronger options for these deck slots in Modern - For Instance:

Emerge Unscathed or Gods Willing, both of which offer a better benefit for less mana, or even Alseid of Life's Bounty if you like the creature route (bonus Lifelink is never bad either).

That, or you could drop in something like Rebuff the Wicked which is pretty much a "must-include" in all of my White builds. Very few decks see a Counterspell coming from Mono-White, so I find these to be quite dependable. The fact that it can target any permanent is especially nice, since artifact hate can be quite annoying against an early-play Aether Vial, for example...being able to save more than just Creatures can be quite a boon indeed.

I don't think that the flip side of Serjiri (the tapped Land) is really crucial here for your deck, since your current Land ratio looks fine without it, and you're not running any type of Landfall which might make playing a land a more desirable mid to late-game play.

Nevertheless, I like the build in principle so +1 for that!

Goblin_Guide on

9 months ago

First off, welcome to EDH! Love to have new people.

Secondly, I think I might have a few pieces of advice/cards to add, but take them with a grain of salt as I might be thinking as if you were playing Zada, Hedron Grinder in the zone (that's my deck that's closest to this), so I might be confused sometimes.

Alright so looking at the deck. The first thing I notice is not a criticism, but more of a caution: you have 34 lands. Your low mana curve and low CMC on your commander makes this ok, but remember that for a large number of EDH decks you'll want closer to 36-37-38ish, but again, it's up to your own discretion.

The next thing is a bit of a question you might want to ask yourself: how do you want to win? The "typical" way to win in R/W is by getting a bunch of creatures really quickly, which it looks like you are partially trying to do with cards like Monastery Mentor, but this might not be a very efficient way to win unless you find Zada at some point, as she can refract those spells onto all your creatures. The main other ways to win are a Voltron strategy (getting one creature, often a commander, really big and killing someone with commander damage) or by combo -- if you were playing Zada you could do storm, but I don't know if Feather is equipped to do that kind of deck (plus, it's really hard to pilot for even experienced players and has a lot of really really tiny interactions you have to keep in your head and you often take really long turns, so it might be something you want to avoid until later on in your EDH career).

I think going for the 21 damage with Feather might be a good idea for this deck, wherein you cast a bunch of spells that draw you cards for cheap every turn for a little while, and then starting to throw in a couple of your big damage spells like Unleash Fury every now and then and starting to attack with Feather. It'll be slow, but it'll keep you under the radar a little so you won't get immediately focused out of the game.

If you do decide to go the swarm route, you will probably want more spells that target your creatures and make tokens (for example, Make Mischief is a bad example as it makes one token at a time, but it will do the job if you really need tokens). In addition you'll probably need some protection spells like Faith's Reward and Flawless Maneuver so that you can stand against the inevitable boardwipe (although probably not Reward if you go the tokens route as tokens cease to exist as soon as they are in a zone other than play).

As far as cuts for when you focus the deck, I'm curious about Fever Charm? It doesn't seem great in the deck, but maybe there's something I'm not seeing. Emerge Unscathed seems ok but not great, you only protect a single creature so it can ... I guess make something unblockable? It doesn't really give you great card advantage though, which is a lot of what you're looking for in R/W. On the other hand, it's a repeatable way to fizzle spells that target your creatures ... up to you in whatever meta you play in. Gisela is a really good card, but if/when you play it it should instantly win you the game that turn; if not, the table will likely focus their attention on you and you'll probably die regardless of the damage prevention.

Finally, I have a quest for you: the next several times you play this deck -- maybe 10, maybe 20, I don't care on the number -- see how often these two things happen:

  1. You get a Sunforger, on purpose, because you think it will help you win the game; and

  2. While playing said Sunforger, you look in your graveyard and see a card there that you wish was in your library to be Forged out.

If the first option happens any more than 60-75% of games, you might want to look at that and figure out a different way to win; don't be that focused, people will figure it out and not allow you to keep the Sunforger out for very long.

On the other hand, if the second thing happens a lot, there's a trick you can add to the deck that I really like. Now, again, be wary of this because it might just mess up your deck and not help at all.

Add in Mistveil Plains and Tithe. Tithe specifies a "plains" card, so you can go and get Mistveil along with whatever other plains, maybe a Sacred Foundry or whatever. Now, when you play your Sunforger, you can activate it at some point when you have the mana, and you find Tithe. You cast Tithe, finding a Mistveil, and you play it for turn. Now, you can use the Mistveil to put cards you've already forged back on the bottom of your library to be forged again.

I know, Tithe has that $30 price tag, but you might find that it's worth it. If so, playtest with a proxied version first! No reason to go and buy a Tithe for nothing. But, on the other side of that, Tithe is already a fine white card in general, and is played in white decks that don't even play this combo so you might just want it anyway, and Mistveil is a $2 land so it doesn't really take a lot out of the deck either, except that it's a tapped land which can be annoying.

Alright, I'll stop talking so you can go and do whatever, let me know if this was helpful; I don't know how much magic content you consume or even if you know what the term "storm" means or what your magic playing skill level is so maybe none of this was helpful and you'll come back to it later when you understand the terms, but I would love to help out if you need/want any assistance.

Sorry for typing a novel!!!

Jackfrost23 on Budget Devotion: Now With A White Splash!

1 year ago

Arena and Thoughtseize are to expensive and i find Sign in Blood better than arena anyways. I don't see any good reason for adding Emerge Unscathed to the deck.

Valengeta on Budget Devotion: Now With A White Splash!

1 year ago

Looking good! Although I'm not sure Souls is that great on this kind of deck. I would switch it with something like Emerge Unscathed to either protect your creatures or make them unblockable or Anguished Unmaking to target pesky permanents or Thoughtseize as mentioned above. Also I would drop Liliana, the Last Hope for Phyrexian Arena .

So idealy -3 Souls and -1 Liliana for +3 Thoughtseize +1 Phyrexian Arena or split it +2 +2 each or another combination of different cards

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